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Crimson (Game Thread) [Triad Solo]
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Default Re: Crimson (Game Thread) [Triad Solo]

Jack glanced at his watch, the elevator sure was taking its sweet time. He watched as the medic was approached by another crew member more compassionate than himself, who proceeded to assist her. He wondered briefly where Callaghan had got to.
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Default Re: Crimson (Game Thread) [Triad Solo]

OOC: I'll pretend that Thunder said "his way from the briefing room" and continue. Just want to move things along a bit; sorry if I'm glossing over things.


The heavy transit lifts from E deck down to F were not nearly as well-furnished as those of the upper decks; designed to move reactor components, light vehicles, or heavy water fuel tanks, these lifts were loud contraptions of bare metal and exposed machinery.

The landing bays themselves were a similar story; fuel lines snaked across the floor, welding torches flickered, and the endless streams of announcements echoed through the pipes and vents on the unfinished ceiling. As another lander departed, one of the massive hatches in the floor slammed shut and atmosphere vented into the room deafeningly. Forcefields could have done the job more efficiently than the mammoth airlocks, but a field failure would have been fatal for hundreds of Regency personnel.

The roll call and equipment check went as ever before. The sounds of the outside were muffled when the hull pressurized, and then there was a brief stomach-wrenching lurch before zero gravity took hold.
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Default Re: Crimson (Game Thread) [Triad Solo]

Callaghan ran towards the lift, just reaching it before it closed. Panting from his brief sprint, Callaghan looked around at the occupants of the lift. With a smile, he noticed Jack.

"Sorry, had to follow nature's call. Well, if this lump of metal has anything of nature left on it." He said with a grin, eliciting a chuckle from some of the other occupants of the lift.

OCC: Take that as a apology of sorts. For some reason, I didn't notice the last 4 or 5 posts last time I checked...


As Callaghan moved out of the lift, and into the mind numbingly loud Hanger, his face split into a great big grin. The sight of disorganised workers, yelled at by agitated supervisors, all surrounded by the chaos of the hanger, tickled some sense of superiority. It was a direct contrast to his workplace. Callaghan inwardly laughed at the conditions of the poor sods working down here, that is until he heard one of the airlocks close. Then, he was holding his ears, and definitely not smiling.

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Default Re: Crimson (Game Thread) [Triad Solo]

Jack couldn't help but notice Callaghans obvious discomfort. "A BIT LOUD FOR YA MATE?!" He bellowed cheerily at the younger crewman.
Jack spent a lot of his time down on the flight decks working as a loader and team supervisor, and was perfectly at home in the thunderous noise and barely controlled chaos. He glanced over at the other two members of the team, wondering how they were coping with the noise.
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