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Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

Captain Dexter surveyed the scene. Armed men were hauling sailors from the tiny craft, dragging them aboard the galleon whilst Marines scoured the hold. Dexter smiled a thin, leery smile as the commander of the merchant ship was brought before him.
"Well well, a smuggler. It is always a pleasure to punish men such as you."
"We are not smugglers!" the man spat.
"Pirates then. Your hold appears to be full of contraband."
The sailor watched as Marines emerged from his hold, carrying barrels of ale. "That's for my men!" he growled. "We're hauling timber and stone; the drink is to keep their spirits up."
"A likely story," Dexter replied dismissively. "You men are criminals and will be punished as such. Take them below!"
"You can't do this!" the sailor roared, but his words were ignored.
"I'll make you pay! I swear to the gods I will make you pay if it's the last thing I do!"

There was a short drop, and a sudden stop. That didn't kill him. The plunge into the abyss should have, but something else awaited in the darkness...

The storm engulfed the vessel two weeks out of port. Captain Dexter clung to his hat to stop it blowing away, and watched as his men battled the elements to maintain order.
"Mr. Carter!" he yelled amidst the howling tempest. "Get those sails down!"
Lightning flashed. Carter hesitated in his duty, looking to port.
"Carter, what is wrong with you man?"
"I thought I saw a ship..."
Dexter was about to scold his aide, but the lightning came again and he saw it. A mighty galleon, ancient and blighted as if dredged from hell itself, was closing off the port bow. The glow of the lightning faded, and so did the ship.

Dexter blinked, rubbing his eyes. It couldn't be real. He muttered a prayer to the gods.
The Gods can't help you now...

Lightning burned his eyes. The voice had come from everywhere and nowhere, but through the white fury he could see the hellship again. A man clung to the rigging, staring right at him.
Wood splintered. A sailor was torn clean off the ship by a cannonball whose roar was lost to the maelstrom. A moment later, the aftcastle exploded into a blizzard of splinters as solid rounds found their mark. A mast came down, long-guns broke free of their moorings and crushed men beneath their bulk. The cannon shot was ripping straight through them.
"Hard to starboard!" Carter yelled, watching the unholy vessel. It was still. The monstrous vessel was dead level, as if sat upon a millpond, yet the waves were almost touching her deck.

The figure jumped. He soared across the gap, landing upon Dexter's ship so fiercely the timbers splintered. He reached the captain in three quick strides, and locked a meaty hand around his neck.
"Captain Carter..." the figure growled.
"W-what are you?" Carter whimpered, to terrified to struggle.
"You had me dance the hempen jig. Then, not satisfied, you clamped ball and chain to my legs and tossed me from the cliffs, to drown forever in the abyss... and all for a few barrels of ale..."
The giant drew out a large tankard, and took a deep swig.
"Condemned for a crime that I did not commit, now back from hell for vengeance! I am the Huntmaster, and I will drag this ship to Davy Jones for your crimes!"

Lightning struck the midship. The masts still standing burst into flame, and the vessel cracked down its spine. The Huntmaster's grip on Carter never faltered as he strode across the deck. Men screamed and cried and begged for their lives, but the Huntmaster merely laughed at them. "You'll all be damned with him!"

That, it turned out, was not entirely true. A few survived, less than one man in ten, scattered upon the shores of the world. Each man staggered into a tavern, bar or gathering place, and when a glass was pushed into their pale, trembling hands they'd mumble their account of the sinking of the Calling Bell. They spoke of the giant, back from Hell for vengeance, and enfused with the power of ale.

They spoke of the Huntmaster, and so the legends began...
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

From the begining Sravien was there. From the first human cowering in a cave, he was there. It had been he that drove man to make fire, not cold or hunger, but the fear of the dark.

Sravien was there, when Madoros calmed the storm.

Sravien was there, when Duat took all the beings on that world.

Sravien was there, in the shadows when Erikon recruited his first follower.

Sravien was there, on the deck of the ship when the Huntmaster took his revenge.

Sravien flitted among the houses of a human settlement-a floorboard creak, an eerie shadow was all that indicated his presence. He paused above the bed of one of the humans, and reached out into her dream. He twisted and warped it, filling it with terror until the woman awoke, screaming. Then Sravien spoke saying: Pray to me ye mortals. Pray to me when ye fear death. Pray to me when ye fear pain. Pray to me when ye fear any such thing. For I am the Lord of Fear, and can remove any fear from you. I am Sravien. Tell all who will listen. The woman understood and fell back asleep. Sravien departed then, for he had a favor to ask of Death, and of Shadow
You are The Cap'n!

Some men and women are born great, some achieve greatness and some slit the throats of any scalawag who stands between them and unlimited power. You never met a man - or woman - you couldn't eviscerate. You are the definitive Man of Action, the CEO of the Seven Seas, Lee Iacocca in a blousy shirt and drawstring-fly pants. You're mission-oriented, and if anyone gets in the way, that's his problem, now isn't? Your buckle was swashed long ago and you have never been so sure of anything as your ability to bend everyone to your will. You will call anyone out and cut off his head if he shows any sign of taking you on or backing down. If one of your lieutenants shows an overly developed sense of ambition he may find more suitable accommodations in Davy Jones' locker. That is, of course, IF you notice him. You tend to be self absorbed - a weakness that may keep you from seeing enemies where they are and imagining them where they are not.

The quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach. That way you don't have to deal with the ribcage.


Originally Posted by ParadoxRifts
Fancy a little Khorne on the kob? ;D
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

What shall I bestow upon the mortals...Something magnificent. Something that can change their very lives and eventually bow before my own genius! Of course, I have to be careful. These mortals can be very self-centered. That's why I created my own minions. Still... Venek mused. I need something that will put me on top above the other Gods. So, what I shall I bestow... Venek look around his workshop. A mess; little gadgets and gizmos are laying on the floors and tables. Books and scrolls buried in more books and scrolls. Venek dig through the mess to find something. Something simple and revolutionary... Venek thought. Eventually, he came across one of his earlier creations. A steam-powered locomotive. Genius. I am such a genius. he thought to himself.

Now, the problem lies in finding a worthy mortal to bestow the idea. Venek said to himself and hurried to his telescope to find this mortal. Search and search as hard as any God would but he still couldn't find a suitable mortal to be gifted until...

He found an enterprising young fellow. Interesting... Venek whispered and he continued to observe the boy for some time. Curiosity seems to be his best companion. He's also quite itchy with his fingers; always tinkering with objects. Always making various things out of junk and garbage. An interesting fellow...Yes, he is the One. Now...to steer his fate.

For the next few days, Venek manipulated the objects discovered by the boy. He would teach him the basics of Physics though practical and everyday routine. Slowly but surely the boy understood just enough for him to discover the concept of Steam Power. On a full moon, Venek decided to make himself known to the boy and commanded him to build in his name. Knowledge run through the mind of the boy and he immediately set to work. Throughout the night, banging of hammer and clanking of metal can be heard. He work feverishly to satisfy his own ambition and to appease his new Lord and Master. By morning, he created the mortal realm's very first steam engine. To demonstrate the new machine to his people, he hooked it up to a mill where the engine would power the mill and grind the grains. The people were quite amazed though they had to think hard for the wider application of the steam engine.
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

The sorcerer laughed like the maniac he was as he cast his spell. The fire danced and crackled, turning purple, then green. He spat out angrily as he threw another magical substance on the fire.
"I'll show them! They cant cast me out like that and not expect the vengeance of the gods! I'll end them, I'll kill them all!"
He continued with his spell, calling down the vengeance of the gods on the town that had cast him out with stones.
The spell from the book would not fail. She had given the book to him. With this book, he could gain a measure of control over even the gods themselves.


The essence of Duat was normally split into by time and space. He could be almost anywhere, at any time, includeing in more than one palace at once, and in fact, he usually had to be in several places at once.
Suddenly, and quite violently, the essence of Duat was forced together, in one place, in one time.

It was a town. Duat's confusion as he looked down upon the town from the night sky was turned to horror.
His essence was forced down upon the mortals of the town, killing them one at a tme.
"What!? No no no! Stop, stop!"
he yelled in vain to himself as, his powers out of his control, he smothered them with death. All of them. More than a thousand.

And just as suddenly as his powers where taken out of his control, they stopped. As he killed the last person living in the town, he gained control of himself once more.

Duat physically manifested himself on the world. He held the dead in his hands he had been forced somehow to slay.

Duat looked up at the heavens, and screamed his frustration, his despair, and his agony at the night. The scream rippled across the world and through all realities, the pain ripping its way through the boundaries of reality.

"Why, powers that be? Why has this happened...
he said, cradling a dead baby.


Well, that went well, don't you think?
Certainly, now we know the rest of the book will work.
What about the mortal you gave the book to?
I'll take care of him latter and get the book back. No need to rush right now. we have waited this long, we can wait a little longer...
And yet, unless my senses deceive me, the old centuries had, and have, powers of their own which mere "modernity" cannot kill ~ Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

The Huntmaster's ship, unholy vessel that it was, drifted unseen across the oceans of the world. The Huntmaster followed the flow of the seas, followed the paths of the crews as they returned to land, followed the sounds of drinking...

A voice called to him, albeit indirectly. An old sea dog recounting tales of how a cheating merchant had conned him out of his gold. The man had sought to flee the city with his wares by stowing away on a boat... the boat of the man he'd just stolen from. The bloody details of what followed were met with much approval, and the old man raised a tankard in toast.
"Hail the Huntmaster!" he laughed. Others did too, the horrors of tales from previous nights largely forgtoeen in the warm wash of ale.

The Huntmaster approved. Yes, he hadn't actually helped the man in any way, but he liked to be praised regardless. It seemed fitting, then, that some small gesture be made.

When the old man returned to his vessel, he found the crew gathered in the hold. A single barrel of ale was stood in their midst, the origins of which were a mystery. The emblem of a sword and tankard were burned into the barrel, which itself seemed to be ancient beyond reckoning.

Slowly, gingerly, a pint was drawn. The captain sniffed it, then put it to his lips carefully. He rolled the brew in his mouth, smacking his lips, and placed the tankard down very carefully.
"Bloody hell..." he mumbled. "That... that is a bloody good pint..."

So it was that the barrel was promptly emptied, and a good night was had on board ship.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

Pregnor bathed in his own pure flame.
His being slowly died out by the intense heat, and his essence rejooiced. He was one with the flame, as he once had been. And as he once will be again.

He could only spare a few moments before he had to recreate his body. There were things to do, fires to start and a world to burn.
Of all the fires in the world, he choosed one. It was a town that had been burnt to the ground by a army of marauders. It was still burning, and the marauders was finishing off the last survivors.

He materialised himself in the biggest of the fires.

"Ahh.. A new flame... Let me share my warmth" With a grim smile, the flame grew to new heights and made the city so hot that it was near impossible to stand near it, yet alone in the city.

He laughed and walked around in the city, spreading his warmth wherever he liked. It was not long before the very stones of the wall begun to melt.

The army of Marauders stood by, outside the city, and watched. They were amazed by the sheer destruction this deity caused.

"Get me a priest!" the leader shouted out. "I want to know which God it is that cause this marvelous destruction."
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

The cave thundered with the crash of the mighty waterfall and once more Madoros' found himself crouched over his pool. Watching the mortal world go by. It had become a pet project of a sort. Twice since he had saved the captain from the storm, had Madoros appeared before his prophet. Guiding on the next stage of his path. The foundation of the Church of Madoros was still in it's infancy, only a single temple was raised in his honor. It lay in the city of Arkosh, 300 miles north of Fortas Derro on the continent of Scapolia. Madoros had made his mark on the temple bestowing a number of gifts upon it, chief among them being "The Current Fountain", dedicated to one of Madoros' servants, it was a mighty fountain that circumvented the temple, like a curtain wall of churning water. How exactly the walls of water kept it's pressure and did not spill out onto the streets was both a mystery and a marvel. One that brought many pilgrims and worshipers to the temple. With the arrival of pilgrims the city of Arkosh grew, and it's people flourished with trade and tourism. However success and wealth brought more than just pilgrims...


As Madoros' four servants, Wave, Current, Rain and Flood, passed through the roaring waterfall they gathered in the cave's atrium. From a distance they gazed upon their master who was crouched beside his pool. This had become a normal occurrence, but today was different. Madoros' young face, usually so passive, was crossed by a frown. At once they became aware of small voices, whispering in the caves. The prayers of Madoros' followers. The voices seemed fearful, panicked and pleading. a thousand voices cried out in terror and in fear, the screaming filled the cave, drowning the waterfall out in horror.

Arkosh was burning.


The city had been unprepared. The marauders had come without warning and without mercy. Into the chaos that was the sacking of Arkosh, the fire god had descended, he blew up a mighty flame and consumed the town in apocalyptic fire. Only the Temple of Madoros stood safe, the "The Current Fountain" acted like a living wall, protecting those who sought sanctity in her holy ground. A great battle was fought, as the flames of hell assaulted time after time the swirling walls of water. Again the flames burst forward and again they were repulsed in a blast of steam. The flames seemed to burn brighter in frustration, while the walls of water stood firm. The citizens of Arkosh huddled in the temple grounds as the battle waged, and the powers of the very gods themselves vowed for dominance.

Such an attack upon his temple could not go unchallenged, and Madoros appeared upon the mortal plane. Right in the very heart of the raging inferno of Arkosh. the heat was powerful even to the god, and though he kept a shield of water around him the heat was intense. Here at the heart of the destruction stood Pregnor, the god of fire and flame. the two gods face each other, the very opposite of the natural cycle, the very oldest of enemies. Madoros' voice boomed, his full power unveiled.

"Pregnor, lord of Fire and Flame. I have no heart for this city, nor do I care for it's fate. Burn what you wish and what you must, but desist the assaults upon my temple and my followers. Your flame has no place in my temple."
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

"And your temple has no place in my flame.

Seems like we understand each other quite well."
Pregnor smirked at his own witiness. (sp?)

"I feel joy in fire. Everything I set my gaze on, ignites a firey will to burn it inside me. Even you, start one of these fires. "
Pregnor quenched one of the water currents that tried to defend the temple just to prove his point.
"Only reason your temple still holds, is because I haven't seen it yet.
But, I'm not a fool. Angering another God is the last thing that I want... I'll ignore your temple this time. But I like this arid place. Or at least, this arid place that will become when I'm done with this verdant grassland. If I where you, I would move this Temple of Water to a more suiting place.

Say, like not in the middle of my eternal flame. Now begun, before I get impatient. You interrupted me in the best part"

Pregnor then ignored the other God, fully and completely taken up in what he was doing.
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

"To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour"
[sub]William Blake[/sub]

This is what it is to be a god of power. To be the minister of fate over mortals, to watch them live and die, to succeed and fail. And their history has no shortage of both. The Northern part of Scapolia, where the mighty Iron tower has been built, has reported a great advancement in the technology of the world. Steam, the science of boiling water until it begins evaporating, and then harnessing this has been discovered by the northern people. However, such success is not without failure, and the great Empire of Scapolia, frightened by this seemingly magical development, called the Royal army in to destroy those responsible. The attack was repelled, but in this act, the people of the north cut themselves off from the Empire, claiming independence, so that they might research further developments, without the prying eyes of the Empire. Such an attack also led to tragedy for the Empire elsewhere. The city of Arkosh, having surrended some of its garrison to fight in the north, has been overwhelmed by marauders. The Empire must now stabilise it's power base, should it hope to remain as it once was.

Elsewhere, in continent, there has been another strange discovery, but this one, is not human. As of yet, the discovery is an enigma, even to you, and all you can do for now, it's observe this discovery, and see whether any of the mortals make progress with it.

( IMG clickable thumbnails ftw! Click and you get the full size. If you cannot read the letter, PM me and I will give you the Transcript. Nothing like a bit of immersion though. )

The Map has also been updated.

Beggars, lepers, whores, drug dealers, the outcast, the lame, the blind, the cursed. All who would be shunned in civilised society. They are the dregs of society, and they are despised. In this cursed world, they have little hope but what they make. But in this world, one must be careful what they wish for. The constant longing of something to hope for, someone to watch over them, some hope, that there may be for them, a better life, has grown in each of them. In this, the collective thought becomes less a thought, more a fact. In the darkness, in the void from which the 10 were originally created, comes another. He will call himself Odirbas, and to them, he is their king.

In addition, there have been a few questions regarding setting up story arcs and things in private. You are permitted to talk to whomever you want via PM, or plan whatever you want. However, it would be courteous if you PM me in advance telling me what you want to do. That way, not only might I be able to help you set it up/ advise you against it on the grounds of it being unfair and no fun, but it also allows me to see what direction things are going to head. You can of course choose not to tell me. But if you don't, then when I decide your plans for complete domination of all life go FUBAR you have no basis to complain. :P
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Omnipotent 2 (Chapter I) Main Game thread.

'Those foolish Imperials!' Venek raged and those making offerings at the base of his Iron Tower can feel the electricity of his anger. 'How dare they attack MY servants?! It is obvious that this "Empire" is not worthy of my patronage. FINE! I shall curse them; curse them so they might live in eternal darkness and that no amount of knowledge or technology can save them!'

'Still...' Venek mused. 'This Empire is still mighty force to be reckon with...I need to give my followers an advantage. Yes, just within my plans to shape this world into what I desire...'


Over the next few days, any offerings, veneration or homage made to Venek were rewarded with a gem; a white gem which seems almost weightless. Many who are rewarded with the gem are not sure of it's purpose and for awhile, it is kept as memento from their favored God. Until a prospecting shipbuilder accidentally dropped his gem into the holds of the ship and from that, the ship started to float. Soon, the shipbuilder realized that the gem is more than a mere stone. Soon after, experiments were made and all the servants of Venek was able to understand what kind of gift their God has bestowed on them. It was not long before ships are able to fly through the sky though still guided by the winds.

OOC: Here's a pic so you guys know what I'm trying to introduce:
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