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Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]
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Default Re: Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]


but at least in the better writen 40k books(first and only, and Space Wolf, the original at least) The guardsmen and their weapons were a threat. So I'm taking it like that.

but I agree. The only way it would really be fair is to make all players marines(or chaos marines) or give those REALLY underpowered(really only guard me thinks) some extra points.

I do agree with you however

Originally Posted by Dancing Bush
"Get a codex. Read it. Read it again."
-Better advise has never been spoken. It answers most rules questions we are forced to answer.
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Default Re: Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]

Hum, I might be intrested in this.

But I shall warn you: Every Rp that I've been in have mysterily stopped or dissapeared :shifty:
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Default Re: Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]

I've made some other changes concerning the army lists so anyone who's already entered their's is going to have to edit it.

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]

I'm in. Exorcists 13th company on the way!
And yet, unless my senses deceive me, the old centuries had, and have, powers of their own which mere "modernity" cannot kill ~ Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Default Re: Endless Encounters [Sign Up & Discussion]

I know I sent you my revised list; you replied to the PM.
"Brothers in battle and blood, In oath and honor, In life and death, In faith and in truth. Brothers in the sight of the Emperor. So be it ever, as He-on-Terra wills. Amen." - Prayer of Initiation, Knights Revenant attr. Captain Lucius Faust, 597.M41

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