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+++ The Arena III +++
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Default +++ The Arena III +++

The Arena III


Lord Archeon Lo'Rek sat on a lavishly upholstered reclining-chair with an arched back. He was stripped of his armour while a Haemonculi applied new dressings to the septic wound across his chest - Where a Tyranid creature had wounded him, months ago. The wound still refused to heal.

The last arena has ended badly... the minions of the Great Beast had proved to be difficult to contain, and many lives ... and his old ship ... had been lost.
The mere thought of the humiliation he had suffered caused him to clench his pointed jaw in rage.

The Haemonculi hurriedly continued to apply the new dressing to it's masters chest, it sensed its master's anger.
The more advanced Dark Eldar methods of healing had proved ineffective against such an infected wound.
The Haemonculi slipped slightly, causing the Lord Archeon to wince.
Without any hesitation, Archeon Lo'Rek slammed a dagger through the Haemonculi's neck and it weakly collapsed bleeding onto the floor.
Another hurriedly ran into the chamber to continue with the wound dressing.

It was all so unfair. Just when things were starting to go well, some unforeseeable event ruins it all.
The new haemonculi finished its work, bowed nervously, and left.
Lo’Rek stood up and slipped on a light flowing robe.

At least new playthings had finally been captured, enough spectators had been gathered and another Archeon had lent him the use of their ship (at a cost…).
The third Arena was set, and now, this time, nothing could go wrong …
He grinned maliciously and started to pour himself another drink from a crystal decanter.


Deep within the bowls of the ship lay the brig; the darkened horseshoe shaped chamber was lit only by glowing green orbs and was patrolled by faceless Incubi guards.
It was constructed from hardened metallic nitroseene - a grey metallic compound, and around the edges were eight cylindrical glowing cells, four meters diameter. They were ionic force field barriers- nearly impregnable to most weaponry.

Inside each cell was a warrior, each one different to the others.

A hideous Daemon and its towering mount hissed at an Incubi guard as it passed on its patrol. Steam swirled form the fiend's red-hot daemonic skin. The guard shuddered.
The Incubi then passed an Eldar; a Farseer. A light parody of the Incubi’s evil. The Farseer's skin gave off a faint blue glow, hinting at its incredible psychic might.
A trio of heavily armoured warriors were next. The largest of the three had wicked claws attached to its gauntlets which buzzed with awesome energy, eager to rend flesh. Their bulky armour was scarred and adorned with many trophies from thousands of great battles.
Next was a tall figure, whose thin metallic body glinted in the dull light. The Necron stood motionless, in the dead centre of its cell. Its scythe held ready, and an ominous green glow pulsing inside its sunken eye sockets.
In the next cell were two Marines, clad in grey armour and adorned with wolf pelts and other trinkets. They stood proud, yet their armour showed they had sustained grievous wounds in their time of captivity. But the fiery determination - not to die here, burned bright in them still.
The next cell was filled with two hideous Daemonhosts, twisted and contorted by powerful warp energy, they cackled daemonically in the back of the Incubi's mind and pressed against his sanity. It hurried past.
Second from the end, stood two towering angular battlesuits, motionless now, but still intimidating. The two blue-skinned tau pilots slept on the cold floor now, outside their protective armour, which the could operate as skillfully as if it were an extension of their own bodies, in order to bring swift death to their foes.
And lastly, in a specially constructed cell, was an colossal Ork with an even more colossal bike. It smiled brutishly at the guard who passed. It fed an abnormally large squig with some indistinguishable meat, the squig gobbled it up eagerly. Unlike the others; The Warboss was allowed out of its cell for 6 hours a day and made no attempt to escape...

The Incubi guard ended its patrol, content all was well, it opened the pressure door and exited from the brig.
It smiled wickedly now; with such a diverse array of deadly warriors, this arena promised plenty of carnage.
And the Dark Eldar really did love carnage.


Your character is held inside a nigh-impregnable ionic cage, the room has many ion walls that the Dark eldar can activate to heard warriors into the adjoining arena or section off parts of the room. The characters have all their armour and weaponry, the arrogant eldar are confident that nothing can penetrate their force-field barrier cages, and so far nothing has. (...)
The chamber is dimly lit, incubi guards are present. A giant door opens into the arena and multiple smaller corridors lead off to other areas of the ship. There is a grated metal floor and ceiling and many ventilation ducts and odd alien devices.

Characters can communicate easily, plan alliances (although if two characters get face each other in the main arena, they have to fight each other, we roll the fight as normal), and can attempt to escape. (no character can actually escape the Dark Eldar ship as it would kinda ruin the leader board, and characters will conveniently get caught again just before their chance to fight in the main arena, but that doesn't stop them from trying eh ).

The Dark Eldar handlers do, from time to time, organise their own 'illegal' fights among the characters when their overseers are away, feel free to RP these as well. The handlers also sometimes test themselves (often stupidly) against characters in these fights, feel free to RP them too. Fights are always broken up before they become fatal for the characters. These fights are held in the holding chamber where ionic walls are activated to section the room, but the room is not designed for this and the Dark eldar and nowhere near flawless in their management of these fights.

A few key things -
• Characters can not escape the ship.
• Characters can not be killed, the way characters will die is when I roll the main arena fights between them. >
• Dont RP the main arena fights, I roll the fights based on your characters wargear and stats in 40k style, according also to the rules in the other thread.

Oh and just a side note; if your character does escape ... please don't crawl through the air vents and detonate the ships shadowfeild reactor in a massive cataclysmic explosion that kills everyone.. :-X

Will aim to roll one main arena fight a day. Forgive me if I fall a bit behind due to work and other commitments.

Good luck warriors
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

Marcus Raeknor sat in his cell, observing the other prisoners. He silently gauged each of the others, the extensively modified autosenses in his helmet providing him with detailed information on them and their equipment. Each received a place in his list, from those deemed most dangerous to least dangerous.

"Brothers in battle and blood, In oath and honor, In life and death, In faith and in truth. Brothers in the sight of the Emperor. So be it ever, as He-on-Terra wills. Amen." - Prayer of Initiation, Knights Revenant attr. Captain Lucius Faust, 597.M41

"'Death before dishonor.' This is our creed, our way of life and death. Bolstered by the faith of the immortal God-Emperor, we may go into battle without fear for self. We know that whatever sacrifice is made in the name of He-on-Terra is not made in vain. Our honor rests in our service to Him, and we could ask no greater reward than to rest at His side, having given our utmost in His name." -Captain Anborn Tohr, after the Siege of Hydrax III

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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

Skrag snarled at the Incubi as he passed, but grew bored of cursing the guard and focused on the current affairs. He absentmindedly dragged his class across his brass chariot, talons clacking on the skulls of vanquished foes from millenia long past. His Juggernaut, Bloodhowl, snorted in contempt at the pitiful display of food the Dark Eldar had offered the daemons. They needed no food, only the fresh blood of their enemies.

This blood sure was plentiful. The daemonhosts did not worry Skrag at all, they were tortured shells, pathetic semblances of a great daemonic monster like he. There was no worry from them. The grizzled Ork champion looked impressive, and Skrag would cherish the battle between them. He hoped it was good. The blue xenos were pathetic, not worth the time of such a devotee to the Blood God. A skeletal Necron lurked in a corner cell, but Skrag barely payed it notice. It could not bleed, therefore it was of no importance to him. Loyalist Space Marines remained in another cell, weary from battle. They would prove interesting prey. And to Skarg's surprise, other warriors of Khorne were in these dark halls. Renegade terminators, devoted to Khorne and adorned with skulls, sat quietly talking to themselves. Perhaps they would prove valuable allies. Or worthy prey. Skrag made sure to remember to contact them later. However, onto the matters at hand.

According to Muninn, the cursed Tzeentch sorcerer, Skrag's first step to victory would be to eliminate the enemy psykers. He eyed the Eldar farseer with contempt. That one would be the first to die. In a terrible rasp, the bloodletter champion issued a challenge to the Eldar in it's own strange tongue.

"Foolish elder, once the champion of the universe, now the pawn of Chaos. You and your kind fell millenia ago, to your own selfish devises and horrific flaws. We tore you open, ripped you asunder and bathed your race in blood. Now the pathetic few that remain claw desperately at the galaxy, hoping to hold on to their glories long-gone. Prove to me, scum, that the Eldar are a force to be reckoned with. Prove to me, that your kind is to be feared. Prove to me, that you are not a worthless coward. PROVE TO ME, YOUR SO CALLED POWER! IN THE NAME OF KHORNE, I CHALLENGE YOU, ELDAR WITCH!"
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

Lsh'kaill strode over to the cell to glare at the passing Incubi. She enjoyed thier minds, intimately connected to that of Slaanesh, full of emotions. She extended a barbed tendril out to try and touch the Eldar. The Incubi brought up his scythe and severed it without a moments hesitation. Lsh'kaill merely brought into being her erratic psychic powers, and the tendril grew back. The Incubi looked on in wonder, and then swiftly moved on.
Lsh'kaill's brother, Reamorai, slid over. They were both bound by Inquisitor Qetro Kellian at the same time, and before that, created by Slaanesh at the same time. Both were Keepers of Secrets before thier imprisonment, and still maintained Slaanesh-like traits. Lsh'kaill had two scythed arms, and then two slender barbed tendrils. She walked on two human-like legs. Her head, however, was like a Daemonettes, thin and horned.
Reamorai, however, was different. He was long and serpentine, having a human body and a serpents tail in place of legs. He had a two muscled arms, one ending in a hand with which he wielded his sword, and the other a long barbed whip, like his sisters.
Just a quick intro. The reason they're so daemonlike is due to the fact that they were both bound recently by my previous character.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

OOC: I am just writing about how my guy survived his fight and why he is still alive.

Bjorn opened his eyes in a startle and saw the face of the arenas archeon, He was diffrent to the last one and looked strait into Bjorns eyes. " You are destined for great things young one as you are one of the few surviveers of the last arena that was infested by the tyranids." whispered the Lord Archeon Lo'Rek

The hitting of the floor made Bjorn wake up with a massive head ache. Feelin his face he felt a massive scar across his face and one of his eyeballs were missing from the last fight he had done. He saw his wolf brother deep in meditation while letting out the occasional growl from his mouth. Since his last fight Bjorn felt that he was becomeing more animal than marine and looked at his hands. Long claws extended from them and his teeth had grown from his mouth to start to look more wolf than man.

Bjorn then sat down and saw his enemy Wazgrog, how could he of survived he thought as he stared at the large ork.
PLease fight my guy please as he is
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

After hearing the foul words from the Daemon across from the Eldar's cell Messina jumped up, her anger flowing strong.

"You'll have me to answer to far before you even lay one of your filthy claws upon my master, Daemon", she replied, contempt easily showing her voice.

The Warlock was about to continue but a voice entered her head:

Calm yourself child. Save your hatred for the battle that is to ensue against this Daemon, he will be easily slain.
Messina turned to look at Lyathen and saw the knowledge in his eyes. She gracefully set herself down in the shadowy corner of their cell.
Then to both the Daemon and his accomplice Lyathen said:
Tomorrow we shall duel. And you, Daemon will meet your end.

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

OOC: This is rather comical because I have absolutely no idea what your Eldar are, Broken :P I thought there was just one Farseer, but hey! I'm game for whatever you Space Elves got for me...

Skrag grinned, rows of sharp teeth glinting in the low light. He was more than confident in his abilities to deal with these Eldar wretches.

"So be it, witch. We will fight, and before long your skulls shall hang beside all the rest on my brass chariot. I only hope that I don't break you too quickly..."

Skrag cackled lightly, as Bloodhowl stomped the ground with impatience. It had been far too long since Skrag had killed something. It would feel good, to have hot blood running down his blade. He checked to make sure his Hellblade was polished, the metal burning hot. He twisted a long whip up and tucked it onto the chariot, it's barbed end stained red from all Skrag's previous victims.

It would be a good fight. Skrag noticed the Daemonhosts in the corner and snarled. Perhaps he had missed their latent Slaaneshi abilities the first time... he would have to deal with them next. Skrag would not stand to be in such close proximity to such filthy creatures. However, go now he bided his time, awaiting his fight.
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

Messina was getting annoyed with the Daemon's mount; it's constant grumbling and stomping was preventing her from concentrating her thoughts. With a cunning smile on her lips she entered the mind of this Bloodhowl, facing little opposition she gained control of it's actions; this could be fun, she mused.
Startling the other captives nearby, Bloodhowl began to rise up into the air. The Daemon started howling but it couldn't control tself anymore, Messina was far too capable for it. With one swift movement the frightened beast was lunged into the protected gate. The beast slammed an invisible barrier, sending a green ripple across it. At the sound and force of the contact the Incubi gards jumped and looked into the cell to see the Juggernaught lying there, silent. No permanent damage had been done to the mount but it was enough to receive a glare from the more dominant Daemon, which entertained Messina, who also witnessed several other captives staring at her and at the lying Daemon.


Just having a bit of fun . Hope you don't mind.

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

OOC: Of course not, that's why we're hear, right?

Skrag simply glared at the Warlock. His juggernaut was made of far more than flesh and bone, and certainly wouldn't be wounded by a simple ionic barrier these xenos scum had crafted. He would not stoop to the level of these witches. One did not need magic tricks to beat the foe, only strength. And that was something the Eldar clearly lacked.

Skrag absent-mindedly rubbed his brass collar, shaking his head...

"Enjoy hiding behind your magicks and psychic abilities now, Witch. For in the ring of battle, combat prowess is all that matter."
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Default Re: +++ The Arena III +++

Watching all the other captives in utter silence, Superior Lord leveled his warscythe into the ion field and traced intricate patterns. One of the Dark Eldar guards who had been watching collapsed in the throes of an epileptic seizure, his feeble mind overloaded from the complex movements. Finishing the design, the Necron Lord withdrew his warscythe and started to carve Necrontyr
symbols into the floor with the tip....
You are The Cap'n!

Some men and women are born great, some achieve greatness and some slit the throats of any scalawag who stands between them and unlimited power. You never met a man - or woman - you couldn't eviscerate. You are the definitive Man of Action, the CEO of the Seven Seas, Lee Iacocca in a blousy shirt and drawstring-fly pants. You're mission-oriented, and if anyone gets in the way, that's his problem, now isn't? Your buckle was swashed long ago and you have never been so sure of anything as your ability to bend everyone to your will. You will call anyone out and cut off his head if he shows any sign of taking you on or backing down. If one of your lieutenants shows an overly developed sense of ambition he may find more suitable accommodations in Davy Jones' locker. That is, of course, IF you notice him. You tend to be self absorbed - a weakness that may keep you from seeing enemies where they are and imagining them where they are not.

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Originally Posted by ParadoxRifts
Fancy a little Khorne on the kob? ;D
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