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Iron Realms, Chapter I [RPG thread]
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Default Iron Realms, Chapter I [RPG thread]

A storm raged, dropping an ocean from the sky to meat the writhing sea below.

In the midst of the storm, a Baronic vessel fought to escape the fury of the storm. Her name was the Maritan, an old Ship of The Line long past her best. The storm was tearing the little ship to pieces, but the Captain knew he had to make it through.

He had maps, maps and charts to the damned Pirate Port. With these, the full fury of Baron could come down on the Noscar, and finally rid these waters of their curse.

Lightning flashed, the crackling accompanied by screams of panic as one of the long-guns tore loose, and rolled backwards across the deck. Captain Megallan fought with the wheel, muscles straining just to keep her steady.

Another flash.
"-ng the sails!" cried Gibson, the First Mate.

"We have to keep going!" Megallan bellowed, "We can't affor-"

Another crash, but this wasn't lightning. The First Mate fanished, a cannonball pulping him instantly. Another hit the stern, smashing the cabin to pieces. Megallan turned in horror, and saw a closing trio of Noscar ships. Each one had a duo of chasers on the prow, with no other weapons visible... except when they crested a wave, and then their mighty Rams appeared.

"Battle stations!" Megallan bellowed," Load port guns, ready muskets, prepare to repel boarders!"

A few hours later, the storm died down, and the sound of burning timbers could be heard as the pirates fled once more. Megallan crawled across the blazing deck, right arm missing at the elbow, three arrows piercing his back. He smiled to himself, knowing there was one last map in his pocket...

He fell overboard, hoping someone would find his corpse, and the prize that had cost him his ship, crew and life. He died before he hit the water.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Iron Realms, Chapter I [RPG thread]

Thanks, Wargamer. I take it we can just... start?

Several hundred miles away, in the Baronic port of Lentia, Commodore Thaeus Larzen waited in a dimly lit corridor in the Ministry of the Royal Baronic Navy with tension that steadily increased every few minutes. The room he was sitting in had only one grimy window, which looked directly down upon the bustling port. He could hear dim shouts of the fishermen hawking their wares, and the sounds of the many ships be loaded and un-loaded that day.

On the opposite wall, a small engraving of a ship wreathed in smoke, cannons blazing, was mounted. Thaeus got up to examine it closer, and on the guilt frame he read: Captain Magallan at Headwater Bay, yr 1735.

The commodore smirked. Ah yes, Magallan. Headwater Bay had been his finest hour, before a series of scandals and affairs had brought his career down to commanding small patrols against the Noscar. He wondered where the good captain was now.

With an abrupt sound, the door out of the room opened and a pale faced orderly, probably an ensign, Larzen decided walked into the room, then turned to face him.

"The Admiral will see you now, sir." he said, and bowed slightly. Larzen nodded, picked up his tri-cornered hat off the stool, and followed the young officer out of the room.
After a quick march down a corridor flanked with oil paintings and engraving showing ships, battles, or famous commanders standing over the body of their vanquished foe, the orderly opened the double doors to the reception hall and gestured elegantly for the commodore to proceed through them.
Before Thaeus passed him, the young man whispered discreetly: "Best of luck, sir, the Admiral's quite unhappy today." Larzen grunted, then walked through the doors into the large room. The doors shut silently behind him.

The room was furnished with opulent gilt trimmings, expensive chandeliers, and thick velvet window shades. At the end of the room sat the Honorable Admiral Wilson Heinlein, surrounded by other flag rank officers. The Admiral wore several weighty, ungainly, ribbons and merits clipped to a red sash around his blue uniform. Commodore Larzen had none such awards, he beleived that a man's merit in the service was shown not by medals, but by theuobiquitous stories and legends that followed a distinguished man around.

Wilson Heinlein was far past his prime, as his pasty face and pudgy body showed. But the service was the service, and Larzen was forced to take orders from a man he respected very little.

"Ah, sir, always such a pleasure to see you again," Thaeus said bowed slightly. "I trust you call me not again about those detestable Noscar pirates?"

Heinlein's face showed pleasure at the comments being showered by the Commodore. "I wish it 'twasn't so, Larzen, but the Noscar are indeed what brings us hardy gentleman to battle again. You have your orders, correct?"

Thaeus nodded. They had arrived two days ago, and he had read and re-read them again and again since they had arrived, most recently in the last half hour.

"And you have moved your supplies to the Thereus?" Again Larzen nodded. "Excellent. Then to business. There has been a change of plans. You are still in command of the squadron, but you must leave far earlier than was originally expected. That shipment of the charts you need has been ambushed, and reports of all pirates becoming far more active have flown in from all around the sector. Luckily, a merchant ship found the body of the captain commanding the chart shipment, and found the charts on his body. They were rushed to us with haste, and what we have learned is not good. At best, with a good wind, it'll take you at least 3 weeks to arrive at the island, and bear in mind your ship is slower than the norm. Thus we have decided you will leave tommorow, at 8:00 in the morning. Supplies have already been stowed upon the Thereus, and she's ready to go.
In addition, couriers have been dispatched to tell the ships already on the prowl in the sea their new destination. You should have quite a bit of support for the upcoming month. I don't think I'm forgetting anything... any questions?"

The news came as something of a joy to Larzen, who hated being cooped up in the city with nothing to do. He smiled and said: "No, sir."
* * *

The next day, at the expected time, the Thereus left port followed by her attendant frigates. Larzen knew he was going to have some trouble in the next phase of the operation...
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Default Re: Iron Realms, Chapter I [RPG thread]

"We must turn back! The Hammer will surely suffer if the seas-"

The human's protests were cut short as Barock batted the man to the deck with one furry palm. He issued a growl that transcended into a roar, sending the man back to his station at the base of a mast. The Hammer of Torwelgh bucked and rolled in the tossing seas, but the armoured prow was actually an aid, keeping the deck fairly level. The Mu had hoped to skirt around the brewing storm completely, but it now seemed he would be forced to outrun it.

Charts had shown small islands in the path of the tempest, and even a sandbar would be welcome shelter.
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Default Re: Iron Realms, Chapter I [RPG thread]

The Thereus moved at a slow pace over the bright blue sea, it's massive prow slicing through the water among the creaks and clanks of wood held together with dowels and a prayer settled together.

On the fore-castle, Thaeus Larzen rested against the railings as the officer of the watch scanned the horizon as if he would see anything before the lookouts. The crew was a good one, and this was a blessing for it was a common saying in the Baronic Navy that an officer would rather have a trained crew than the finest ship in the world.

Too true, thought Larzen. The First Leftenant, Harrisburg, was obviously well educated at the academy. A rank like this on such a large ship meant that the man was probably brushing up for Captain-hood, and Larzen decided he would probably put in a good word for Harrisburg once they went back to port. After the pirates were vanquished, that is.

Just thinking of the battles to come made Thaeus shiver in anticipation of the coming engagements. His fingers slipped down and felt the rough piece of waterproof case that held the charts. They had already been copied onto finer charts, ones that were easier to read.

The Thereus's navigator and officers had decided to make a decisive hammer-blow straight for the island base, which, although the fastest and easiest, would mean encountering just about every pirate corsair fleet in the ocean. But that hardly fazed Larzen. Though he never tried to take too many chances, he was a man who went with averages, and knew that the Thereus could handle just about anything except another ship her size.

"So steer clear, pirates..." Larzen whispered, and grinned.
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