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The Arena of Karlak IV [Signup & Discussion]
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Default The Arena of Karlak IV [Signup & Discussion]

In a galaxy of war, there is one haven where races unite and humans, mutants, and xenos of every kind gather for a common purpose - to wager on the war-waging of others. In the great arena upon the world of Karlac IV, human renegades throw their prisoners to fight to the death against bizarre creatures captured by excomunicated Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos. Renegade Space Marines throw themselves into battle either to bring glory to their dark gods or for a chance to end their lives that can no longer be spent for the glory of the Emperor. Reports of Tyranid organisms, severed from the Hive Mind by extensive surgery, have even been heard. Orks come to do what they do best, and Dark Eldar frequent the scene to feast on the bloodshed and take part for their own vile satisfaction.

The Setting:
A massive arena stands in the middle of a prospering city, much like the Colloseum of Rome. Unlike that doomed circus, this one has survived the eons and has been modernized since then. At the press of a lever of flip of a switch, the ruthless games masters can flood areas of the stage, raise buildings, alter the temperature and generally force the actors to improvise their lethal production, the crowds and the blasting winds in the grey sky tormenting them to fight till the end.

The Rules - Characters:
Overview: This is a straightforward arena battle, and a great opportunity to hone your skills at roleplaying against other human characters.

Characters: Any member is welcome to submit a single character to the carnage - entries are posted here, including the following information:
  • Race
  • Statistics (Height, age, distinguishing features)
  • Equipment (Weapons, armour, etc.)
  • History
Equipment: A character may belong to any established race, and may have any equipment that exists and the effect of which we know. This is not a cookie-cutter 40k battle, players must specify what types of armour protect different parts of their body, how many weapons and how much ammunition they carry. Depending on the number and type of entries, I may split the entries into 'standard' and 'superheavy' catagories - as it stands, a character may be on foot or may be a pilot/driver of a small vehicle. I'd like to keep things player-focused, so nothing bigger than a Bike/Jetbike, Warbuggie, Crisis Suit, or Sentinel may be entered, although light 'vehicles' such as the above may be selected.

Fluff: This is the most important of the rules, by far and wide. I will allow anyone or anything to be entered as long as it conforms to the fluff that exists - a character using a Hrud Fusil is acceptable, as we know it's firepower from Inquisitor - however, the lack of true information on the physicall characteristics of the Hrud themselves voids them as playable characters.

The Rules - Playing the Game:
Once enough entries have been submitted, I'll kick off the game. The first rounds will be one-on-one deathmatch, or maybie up to four characters in free-for all. Competitors will be selected at random, and after a few posts back and forth I will act as the Master of Ceremonies - if a character is camping in a building, it may colapse, or I may simply feel that we need bomblets of halucinogenic gas to keep things interesting. Once enough time has elapsed, I will finish the battle and declare a victor - the winner is decided by roleplaying skill, so play well, play fair, and do not godmod!

After the first rounds weed out contenders, we'll go into some more interesting competitions... that is to say, whatever my wicked brain can dream up. The objective is simple - climb atom the pile of broken bodies, drink your last foe's blood from a cup made from his skull, and bask in the glory - for you are the champion, and the Arena of Karlak IV is but the testiment that you are the master of the world, with no fear of man or beast!
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

Name: Shank
Race: Ogryn
Statistics: 9'2", 187Kg, typical muscly Ogryn shape, Bionic left arm, many scars
Equipment:2x Ripper guns with attached blades, Carapace armour (Torso, upper leg and crotch), dark purple trousers (ripped at knees), can use bionic arm as a weapon.
History: Shank was your Typical Ogryn, brain dead and stupid. He was found by a Squad of Tanith ghosts and sent back to the lines. Shaken and near dead he was augmented in such a way his intelligence was increased even if only slightly and his independance and fightprowess were boosted.

His strength was also increased to a level where he could easily pick up 6 men at once, and still be able to carry more.

He was enterted into the arena fights as no Regiments would take him , even ones with Ogryns in them! due to his boosted intelligence he may revolt.

So here the big Ogryn was... at the gates to the arena... where he had the time of his life in the 3 previous years fighting his way to victory.

That okay?
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

That's an awesome start to submissions - I can already visualize a musclebound brute duel-weilding Rippers and swinging the bionic arm menacingly ;D.
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

En Taro Adun!

[u]Name: Brother-Sargeant Lellc Vakrr

[u]Race: Space Marine

[u]Statistics: 8' 3", 257 lb, all of the weight is muscle, long sliver hair, red eyes, pale white skin color, four goldien service studs above right eye brow, some scars, one is from a bio-acid wound, left eye is bionic.

[u]Equipment: 2x ornately carved Bolters, one bolter is a combi-flamer, and the other is a combi-melta, with twenty clips of different kinds ammo for each, a mono-edged combat knife, has Mk8 Errant Pattern Power Armour thatís is still fully covering his body, several clips of Frag Grenades, and 3x Melta Bombs.


Lellc Vakrr is a sergeant of Squad Ultima in the 3rd Company of the Dragon Guard chapter, the why that the chapter rises in rank is that they take a epic quest, like the ones you see in a RPG game, hunting chaos lords, or Ork Warbosses leading WAAAGHHS!! And other such things. Lellc was on his quest to become a Chaplain when he was captured by Chaos Marines and sent to this arena so he might full their enjoyment before he is killed by them. Lellc is a zealous follower of the Emperor and will trust his safety to him. He was also a Deathwatch Space Marine for several years, so his armour is the normal black of a Deathwatch marine, but with his right solder pad the light grey of his chapterís colors. So he fights to kill all enemies of the Emperor before his time comes to die, which might be very, very soon.

Best Regards,


"... and if machine spirit is not roused, the Lithany of Profanity should be spoken, followed by ritual striking of machine with one's fist. After which, depress the red rune again."

[taken from Adeptus Mechanicus manual]
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

name: Tam'an

race: eldar, guardian

statistics: black hair, has Been branded on his fore head, with an X.

Equipment: shuriken catapult & pistol, three grenades, twenty five clips of ammo. a knife, and the normal armour of a guardian, helmet not included.

Tam'an was captured by a band of chaos marines, after his squad was killed when they were holding a station from the chaos marines. He was sent down here to be killed, and would be killed by his captours even if he did survive.

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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

Three so far... hopefully we can get more, I like what I'm seeing so far though.

Azr9, what kind of grenades are you packing by the way?
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

Name: Khor'hreq
Race: Dark Eldar
Stats: 6' 8", Waist-length white hair, covered with intricate tattoos, vicious scar on his back.
Equipment: Full Dark Eldar armour, Splinter rifle with 20x Ammunition Crystals, 2x Soulseeker Ammo Crystals, 5x Plasma Grenades, Poisoned blade.

Background: Khor'hreq was once a member of a secret coven of Mandrakes in the heart of Commorragh. He performed many an assassination for the Archon that was their employer. However when the Archon was overthrown, as often happens in the Dark City, the coven was disbanded, and the Mandrakes were left on their own.
Khor'hreq made his way up from the streets of Commorragh to eventually lead his own band of Warriors in the service of Archon Jaerkalis of the Piercing Talon Kabal. On a raid in Imperial space, his squad unexpectedly came up against a small unit of Space Marines from the Revilers Chapter. The sergeant, Brother Aporthos, confronted Khor'hreq in hand to hand, gifting him with a brutal wound down his back.
Khor'hreq escaped with his life, and healed thanks to the Haemonculi, but he still bears the scars on his pride.

His need to prove his own worth as a combatant drives him to enter...
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

I didn't kill this RPG did I...
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

Nah, sometimes these things take off and sometimes they don't, it's just how it is... I certainly loved your character!
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Default Re: The Arena of Karlak IV

All right, my turn:

Name: Krystal Venificus
Height: 5' 6"
Age: 25
Distinguishing features: Large Black tattoo on left arm in a swirl pattern, Eyes are purple, Light Caucasian female, light brown hair that reaches down the back of her neck, nervous twitch whenever loud noises go off, a strange metal attachment to her neck- it's about 3"x1" (Stimm injector- it sends in a fear destroying drug whenever she starts cowering)
Weapons: Arbites Shotgun, Long las, Naval pistol, 5x Flashbangs, 3x frag grenades, 3x krak grenades, Combat knife
Armour: Flak Armor: left arm. Carapace Armor: rest except head.
Other: 5x flares, 50ft of rope, grappling hook (Attached) and cowboy hat (flat gold color)
Krystal is by far one of the most feared and misunderstood people in the entire hive of Genalt 3. She has worked as a bounty hunter for the last 13 years of her life, her first kill being a killer known only as 'Butcher' from the way that he murdered his victims. She killed him with her naval pistol- a lucky shot saving herself from becoming his next victim. After killing him, she found herself being drawn into a bounty guild where she stayed for two years after leaving to strike out on her own although, not on the best of circumstances. She left the Guild with her naval pistol, the Augmetics she had, and stole a shotgun and hundreds of rounds for each weapon she had. Gaining a reputation of being a fiercely loyal 'hunter (as long as she still was employed to her client), she quickly rose to be the #8 killer in the area- impressive moreso that she has only the small Stimm as her only implant.
She has no battle cry, and works sliently. There is no record of her ever buying a long las, so she must have aquired it somewhere. It has a strange characteristic- it seems to pierce any Chaos armor (save Terminator armor and Greater Daemon flesh) without any effort whatsoever. She has also been seen working with a person who closely resembles the heretic known as Walker, but all records indicate that Walker died over 2 years ago. Needless to say, the person is masquerading, and has apparently hired Krystal to serve as a bodyguard. She lost sight of him three days ago and ran out of money. She placed a large bet on herself and prepared herself for the arena. She stands as ready as ever to do battle with the same ruthless efficency that she hunts her targets.
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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