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Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay
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Default Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

okay... lately i've been noticing really sloppy roleplaying and absolute crap actions and descriptions.

I don't know about you but i don't like reading/participating in a roleplay where every second post is.

I shoot at him
40 shots blast off into his chest

This is boring and called 'One line Roleplay'. A proper post should consist of at least 2 sentences and be somewhat descriptive.
eg. for the two above i would find these acceptable minimum posts.

Carfully aiming my weapon at his chest, I pulled the trigger. I hoped to god the shot had done the trick
I reloaded a new clip into the gun. Squaring off my barrel at his chest i let fly the whole 40 rounds inside. It would have to do somthing.

Okay then.... now onto Godmoding.

You can not control other players. The odd NPC is fine to beat up and kill in a post if they are not significant.

Things like this...
I launched 5 rounds into his chest, killing him almost instantly
is god moding.

You allow the player to dictate what happens to them, you cannot say they punched you, you cannot say they ran away... you can't kill them unless the member using that character does in their next post or you have direct permission to do it from them.

A great example of this next part happened in 'operation: Wraith'
You can't destory somthing 500,000 times bigger then you with a grenade,

a single basic bullet isn't enough to kill a Carnifex even if you hit the right spot.

The example i referr to is the destruction of a Tau Manta transport with 2 melta bombs. A single melta bomb is enough to take out say a russ or a landraider. a Manta is hundreds times bigger then a landraider, therefore form outside i don't think 2 melta bombs are going to cut it.

Another from the same topic sprung to mind.
A tau is around 1/3 of the size of a space marine. A space marine will not fit inside a seat designed for a Tau warrior!
10 fully armed space marines will not fit in a transport built for 10 Tau warriors!

If you have a pistol, and your surrounded by an army, you won't live through it...

If a coordinater of a RP says your character is dead... thats final, he/she can't come back!

I don't expect your post to be an essay but come on... surly you can think for yourselves and bring a little reality to it. If your character dies... who cares, make another one!

Just my two cents on this little problem. And it's not everyone thats doing it... but those that are it's getting quite annoying.

Lastly, following a story line and keeping track of others actions.
Basically, you must follow the story line to anything you RP in. It's kinda dodgy going into a set 12th century RP with laser technology.

Also following other actions. Once someone has killed somthing it can't be killed again!

Once something has happened you can't go back and change that!

Hopfully you all understand these simple guide lines! if you don't... then dont RP full stop!
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

I would also like to add a suggestion to people running games, particularly "story" campaigns (eg: ones where players write their actions, rather than rolling dice, or similar).

Have objectives, and when an objective is complete, give time for people to take stock of what has happened so far. When a lot happens quickly, it is easy to lose track of the plot, and that in turn makes it hard to contribute.

Finally, a note to the players: If you sign up, participate. We all sign up for RPGs that we then do not run in for long, if at all. However, it's best to avoid this were possible; it holds up play for others, and leaves people wondering where Player X or Character Y went... particularly if they're important to the plot!
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

One thing I thought was worth adding...

[size=15pt]Know the fluff![/size]

The two biggest examples I've found are related to Space Marines and Lasguns. They're both much, much more powerful than people think.

Lasguns can amputate limbs or blow giant chunks out of a human body with ease. Please, seeing stuff like "I got hit with a lasgun in the chest and it singed my skin" is utterly unrealistic.

On Space Marines... as a general rule, unless you're playing as Marines, and playing against Chaos, or vice verse, don't introduce Marines. I've seen it happen twice; once we had to either ignore the poster and carry on, the other we had hold up the gameplay to hide as they passed by, since engaging them would have been suicide. Keep in mind that a squad of Marines can change the course of battle, and a Company can change the course of a war. They are gods among fighting men. They also happen to be bulletproof, lasproof, fragproof, rad-proof, and pretty much anything short of anti-tank weaponry proof.
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

Everyone - Grammar is your friend. :P

As in, capitalize your sentences. If you have a long string of actions, separate them into paragraphs so it's not a block of text.
I'm sad that I have to tell people this, but use periods. Don't make your entire RP one big run-on.
If your character is actually speaking, make it clear by having "said X" with quotation marks around it.
Describe, too. If your character examines something, say what he's thinking. If he or she enters a room, say what the room looks like.

Your RPing ability is not graded on speed, so please, please, people, take more than thirty seconds on a post.
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

On other sites i've seen rpg problem's like this it can be really annoying when someone say's:
"I pull out a laser fragmentator or .....whatever." they keep building up on who is the strongest.
javelin pull's his rail rifle and blasts (just say this person is another character)the necron lord from head to toes.


and if you don't share DON'T POST IN RPG'S!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

Oh the irony...

You make a decent point, cj dj, but please try to enunciate it better. Also, the "sharing" problem is has already been covered under "god modding".
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Default Re: Please read before posting anything in a Roleplay

One thing on the sharing is to let people show what their characters are like. Don't try and build up some-one elses character unless you know what they want the character to be.
E.g The guy struggled to pick up the weight.

Thats it

Originally Posted by Piedmon
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