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Internet Kill Switch
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Default Re: Internet Kill Switch

Originally Posted by Chapter Master Seth
So it's a dumb motion made by Lieberman and doesn't have Obama's support. And it's probably not going anywhere. You guys are a little quick to accuse the man there.
That's because no "Real American Patriot"[sup]TM[/sup] lets silly things like facts get in the way of a good ol' rant against Communism, Socialism, Terrorism, or Heathenism.
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Default Re: Internet Kill Switch

Originally Posted by Khanaris
That said, I think this is a bad idea. If a system has the ability to cut off internet access for massive sectors of the population, it is itself going to be an ideal target for attack.
This ^.

An internet 'kill switch' is just asking for the digital version of 9/11, and with the Pentagon finding Chinese programs on it's systems in the past I don't think that any country wants to leave their entire country open to a foreign DOS style attack.

Spiritbw the term you were after was a 'fire sale'.

The best solution is decentralisation of services. If networks can be semi-isolated from one another it prevents the need for an internet kill switch as you have time to react to any cyber attack and most of the most vulnerable systems are not connected to the grid. Therefore physical access being required to shut 'the system' down.

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mua cao ban long ở đâu
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