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Rant threads, and why they're locked.
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Default Rant threads, and why they're locked.

Because people are using the term "rant" in an effort to once again pull freedumb of speech, thinking that just because it's a rant they can say what they want and circumnavigate our forum and section rules. And because locking one will see accusations of Mods missing a rant that they deemed just as worse, so I'll just slam the door shut.

Well, it's not on. From now on, here's a reminder: READ THE SECTION RULES. The rules, which are explained below, are as follows:

All arguments must be backed up with clever, well thought out points
Note the bolded text: that is the crux of that rule. If you can say it, be ready to back it up or back it up first. No figures from thin air saying a hundred gajilion Afghaniraqis have been killed by Depleted Bolonium rounds leaving Quixon particles.

No flaming of others member's opinions. If they differ from your own, we ask that you please respect them all the same.
I'm going to name a name here: Synergy. But not in the way some of you will expect. He's a prime example of someone, who has views that don't fit with the majority here. This still does not make it acceptable for you (or for that matter, he, or for that matter moderators) to skip the rules and start insulting people.

The thread starter must give a balanced question, and not try to impose his/her views on people.
This is to prevent anyone preaching, and to prevent you saying "this is what I say you can't argue". It's also to try and reduce more extreme views to reduce arguements.

It may seem unfair, but all this arguing isn't getting anywhere. It might be lifted at any time, but for now, I'm saying that you can't call it a rant to escape the rules.

But if you must rant, then go to the enclave, just make sure you're able to justify why you're ranting under the rules there.

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