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Forum: Other Games 15 Jun 2010, 17:41
Replies: 62
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: Best Games Purchase EVER

Oh I got too break this down by genre I think.

shooter - Aliens vs. predator At my high school we had the run of the computer lab and 16 man lan games were the norm 2 pred 6 marine 8 alien games I...
Forum: General 40K 12 Apr 2010, 06:30
Replies: 36
Views: 4,586
Posted By Cogsley
Re: viability of real power armor?

A book that is pretty interesting about power armored warfare is Armor by John Steakley.
It goes through a few different things about the armor like its power supply, weight, what happens when the...
Forum: House Rules 12 Apr 2010, 06:16
Replies: 2
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: Necromunda Campaign thoughts.

I would try and work out some hired guns. since it is 40k/necromunda merging then Things like rogue psykers, ogryns, kroot, death cult assassins would all fit in well. My game store never had the...
Forum: Tau 31 Mar 2010, 16:28
Replies: 6
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Posted By Cogsley
I think predators (from the movie series) use kroot hounds and this is my proof.


Look for the monster about half way down and tell me if he reminds you a bit of a certain...
Forum: Enclave Talk 16 Feb 2010, 17:56
Replies: 61
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: What Do You Do When You're Bored On The Internetz? :3

Play games there are a ton of good free games online and not just little tetris/peggle style games either. Look at dumb photos 4 chan and the chive are great for that. Read up on things I want too...
Forum: Other Games 10 Feb 2010, 16:37
Replies: 28
Poll: Wargaming
Views: 1,320
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Wargaming

My armies would be Lizardmen, Tau, Space Marines, Dwarves, six Necromunda gangs Redemptionists, Cawdor, Esher, Orlocks, Scavvies and Goliaths and a few lances of Battletech mechs mostly the unseens I...
Forum: Serious Debate and Discussion 22 Jan 2010, 17:27
Replies: 71
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: Shoot 'Em Ups: Where's the fun?

I'd say most of the fun from a fps for people is the rush your down then your up that guy shot you and now you must avenge yourself by killing him with either the largest gun there is or the smallest...
Forum: Space Marines Army Lists 18 Jan 2010, 03:31
Replies: 12
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: My first army list needs a looking over please.

Yea it would be for a combat squad and the librarian. Well it would be for a captain and his squad but until I get enough points too run a big enough army too use them then it would be the librarians.
Forum: Painting 17 Jan 2010, 17:55
Replies: 5
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: How do I paint wood?

For a dark wood black with a dark brown over it would work. Or if you start with gray and a bit lighter brown you would get something a bit different. Also if you did a very light red in there some...
Forum: Space Marines Army Lists 17 Jan 2010, 16:11
Replies: 12
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: My first army list needs a looking over please.

The grenades just come on the guys no way to take them off that I see.
I removed the second flamer from the squad. What if I gave the librarian the gate of infinity and the avenger powers. then he...
Forum: Space Marines Army Lists 17 Jan 2010, 04:27
Replies: 12
Views: 1,248
Posted By Cogsley
Re: My first army list needs a looking over please.

Yea it is amazing when you put the topic in the right place and actually link to the army list people respond with more than blank stares.

The power sword is in that unit because people always...
Forum: Tyranids 16 Jan 2010, 04:06
Replies: 148
Views: 6,521
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Tyranid codex: Impressions.

I have always loved zoanthropes so I am glad they got boosted too the point where I might get too see one used by some one other than myself. Also happy too hear warriors and guards got made better...
Forum: Space Marines Army Lists 15 Jan 2010, 20:58
Replies: 12
Views: 1,248
Posted By Cogsley
Re: My first army list needs a looking over please.

Yea it is a space marine codex. Thought I wrote that on the notes for it some where I'll go check again. Anyway it is supposed too be a all comers type of list.

Edit. marked my self for move over...
Forum: Space Marines Army Lists 15 Jan 2010, 19:18
Replies: 12
Views: 1,248
Posted By Cogsley
My first army list needs a looking over please.

The Bringers of Death to the Enemies of the False Emperor are my first attempt at a space marine army list. I put them up in the army list bit of the website would enjoy any ideas on how too make it...
Forum: General 40K 07 Jan 2010, 18:01
Replies: 39
Views: 4,945
Posted By Cogsley
Re: The Angry/Pretty Marines.

To be proper angry marines you need a cigar on the biker. Angry marine leaders have been known to use dreadnought ccw and if you gave one terminator legs he could have power boots. Also you would...
Forum: Tau 24 Dec 2009, 16:25
Replies: 18
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: Daemonhunter Cadre

If you are making a daemonhunter tau army you could use some redemptionists models as human aux. It would kind of make sense if some humans started growing tentacles and others started catching them...
Forum: Hobby 17 Dec 2009, 17:21
Replies: 46
Views: 3,916
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Motivation

My girlfriend is my motivation for painting. She watches films more times apiece than I can stand so after about the 3-4 playing of the newest romantic comedy I find myself in a different room...
Forum: General 40K 13 Dec 2009, 19:34
Replies: 16
Views: 1,584
Posted By Cogsley
Re: best army couples for a two person tourny

My favorite 2v2 was my tau with my friends world eaters army. We thrashed our way through more than a few days at our game shop with that combo. That was the old chaos codex though now I doubt it...
Forum: Tau 12 Dec 2009, 04:08
Replies: 8
Views: 1,028
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Where to get shield Drones...

I think I got my shield drones in the blisters for stealth team leaders the old xv15 ones.
Forum: Tau 11 Dec 2009, 01:13
Replies: 19
Views: 3,130
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Gue'vesa rules

I found the witch hunter adversaries rules too be a good way too add human aux. to a tau army. Or if you had the imperial army book they were in you could add a few mining teams they were pretty much...
Forum: 40K Universe 05 Dec 2009, 14:17
Replies: 24
Views: 2,582
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Bad Ideas Part III: Statement of Purpose

I hope you don't dissuade too many people from bad ideas. Because I love bad ideas for two reasons. One I fear I tend to fight for the underdog in a debate and two just like a really corny joke they...
Forum: Conversion 21 Nov 2009, 07:58
Replies: 1
Views: 1,259
Posted By Cogsley
Need ideas for marine to traitor marine conversion.

Recently I bought a box of random figures off a guy for cheap. In the box was
1 rhino with a hunter killer missile
1 predator with lascannons all around and a hunter killer missile
1 chaplain
Forum: General 40K 09 Nov 2009, 01:58
Replies: 55
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: When did you start Warhammer?

I started warhammer first with lizardmen in 96-97 when a friend gave me some figures The lizardman half of a set that came with them and some knights. Not a single one of my friends cared a bit about...
Forum: Games Workshop News and Rumours 30 Oct 2009, 06:08
Replies: 23
Views: 2,088
Posted By Cogsley
Re: Plastic Pathfinders

I thought there already ready was plastic pathfinders it was miss labeled as a tank commander. That has to be the case because I am sure if I am not allowed to shoot out of my tank because it is...
Forum: Tau 26 Oct 2009, 06:35
Replies: 71
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Posted By Cogsley
Re: Bad Ideas Part I: Chaos Tau

I don't know about the tau taking on chaos mutated humans but subtler types like psykers or cultists could mix in with the human aux. That is actually one of the reasons it gives in the daemon...
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