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Vare Campaign/Project - comments, opinions and tips apreciated
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Default Vare Campaign/Project - comments, opinions and tips apreciated

So guys, I've finaly decided to start getting all my info together. Basicaly a narrated campaign is going on but I plan to have a full blown story involved with battle reports to decide on those all important times. I'm in a bit of a rush and this is all I have so far. I don't have to much in way of backgroud resources yet but I plan to get as much as possible, books/codex's etc. I would realy apreciate any comments people can offer and advice on where I can gain the best information for Tau, Chaos, Space Marines and Tyranids. Now must run..



Vare remained a frozen fossil in space for times passing memories. To all who came across it the planet showed signs of life once flourishing but now all remained was snap frozen petrified remains of forests, fields, deserts. Even the flow of water had halted in motion, every ripple still there to see.
The first believed inhabitants were the Tau. A simply facility used to spy on their enemies. This changed with time. The planet, although frozen, was a beautiful sight that no race could deny. The occupants refused to leave and the listening station grew, the population slowly building. Once more, time was aloud to prevail and the small base camp expanded into a mighty colony. This colony was soon named after its leading Shas’O and from there the planet was christened Vare.
Although the colony no longer serviced the listening post, its automatic systems still projected faint signals. These were eventually detected by the Human race known as the Imperium. However the planet was never deemed an immediate threat to them as other xeno races encroached on their borders. It was by pure coincidence that the Astartes Chapter called the Arcane Lights picked up on talks of this frozen tundra planet. The Arcane Lights were a chapter long left adrift in space. After a war in a time forgotten to the past, they had lost their way. Not through their beliefs but literally. With the loss of their chapter master, librarians, chaplains and fleets, they also lost the data of their home world. Upon hearing of this planet now dubbed Vare, they cross referenced the planets date with what historical data they had. To know if Vare is their home world or not cannot be told for sure, but the Arcane Lights believed it and that’s all they needed. With a fresh legion, manufactured in space, the Arcane Lights set their targets on reclaiming Lotala IV.
As with many chapters of the Astartes, there are dark parts which are erased from the annals of history books. The Arcane Lights had once left to fight a war that ended before they got there. Where the enemy had won and they came out of warp space in the thick of enemy vessels. However, this section is to mention those that remained behind on Lotala IV. A corruption was given the freedom to spread, no longer having to hide from the Arcane Lights blinding glares. This was Chaos. The populace was sucked from Lotala IV, are were hopefuls for the Arcane Lights chapter. Taken under the wing of a chaos legion, the hopefuls were clap in heavily armoured suits, their minds forced full of training and memories stolen from weak willed Astartes members and other Chaos Marines whose flesh had not taken to the gifts of Chaos. The Chaos had more of an effect. The love for the Arcane Lights was twisted and bent, torn and shredded. The Scorched Seraphs were formed and with them an unfounded resentment for the Arcane Lights. The rancour was so great that they hunted the Arcane Lights and ignored the will of their gods. They soon left the warp and scoured the expanses of space to find the Arcane Lights. Many a time the fleets clashed and always both survived to restore their numbers. Now the Scorched Seraphs have found the Arcane Lights on the planet of Vare/Lotala IV and they plan to wipe them out once and for all, to take the planet and sacrifice the souls upon it to the chaos gods in order to regain favour and entry back into the warp.
Tau Vs. Space Marines 4-W 1-D 1-L
Tau Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 1-D 0-L
Tau Vs. Tyranids 0-W 0-D 1-L

Tyranids Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Space Marines 2-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Tau 1-W 0-D 0-L

Va're'x Campaign Battle #1 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #2 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #3 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #4 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #5 --- Va're'x Campaign Battle #6
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