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Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)
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Default Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)

Well, I'm helping my GC create some gaming Tabkes, due to said GC being kicked out of the GW for not running when the store is open.

I've already started this with 1,5 buildins. I say 1.5 because the second isn't quite finished ("well duh" I hear you moan)

I'm going to keep a Log of what I'm working on, what funny little tricks I may use, or what non-GW kits I have used.

Here are two sparkly (but not Vampire-Sparkly) pictures of the first building I have built. It still needs Sand, but I didn't have any :P

The weird shaped flooring panels and the ramps you see are from a (Russian?) Wargame not too disimilar to WH40k. The kits are extremely module, perhaps more sone then GWs, and are dirt cheap to boot.

The second building will be up tomorow, and posibly another should I find the finds for another glorious GW product [size=1pt](*points out heavy sarcasm*)[/size]
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Default Re: Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)

What Russian wargame are those kits from?
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Default Re: Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)

looking pretty cool. I like it! :funny:
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Default Re: Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)

Looks nice.

- Will
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