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Grey Knights and Imp guard
Old 27 Sep 2009, 21:30   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Grey Knights and Imp guard

After over two years, in which there was only 7 weeks of painting my Deamonhunters army is finally in a state that it could leave the house. No details or bases yet, but I want to play the army before I do squad markings etc.
Its a mongrel horde; a mixture of pre 2006 discount ebay and amazon BNIB bargins to get the metal figures (I still have one power armour squad unpainted, and 15 or so Grey Knight Terminators ranging from unglued to base colours). The Tanks and dred are ebay rescues (base coated to oblivion and badly assembled), now battled damaged to hide the further damage I did in repairing them.

enough prattle, onto the guys
Grand Master Flash
And Inquisitor Santos Clausius and his helper elves (with heavy bolters and X-mas plasma cannon

the boys in shiny ceramite (two squads of 9 waiting for incinerators

and a mini Psycannon pugitation sqaud for those special moments

And GK family photo

There is also an inducted guard unit - with a commissar and Al'rahem counts as
They are Gutter runner bodies, cadian bits and pig iron heads

Cheers for looking
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Default Re: Grey Knights and Imp guard

you didn't mention the assassin thingy. or is he the inquisitor? everything looks really good, except that dreadnaught he looks kinda wonky.
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Default Re: Grey Knights and Imp guard

Im not sure if you are an awesome painter or a flop painter.

So detail shots would be really nice here.

Love the Guard unit idea! Evil Squats!
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Old 28 Sep 2009, 13:28   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Grey Knights and Imp guard

I'm gonna have to steal the Terminator librarian-as-grand master idea, and the gutter runner Guardsmen. Any way we can get better pics of the land raiders?
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Old 28 Sep 2009, 18:54   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Europe
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Default Re: Grey Knights and Imp guard

Mr Panda.
The assassin, the skinny dude clad in black lycra, is an old rouge trader era assassin. I'll play him as an Eversor as he has a neural gauntlet and combi pistol. You're smart -the Drednaught is indeed wonky as he is not glued, his metastable body became stable (it fell off) bout 15 seconds after that photo was taken.

Mr Prophet
My painting is distinctly average. No Close ups for a while - at least until they are finished. Evil squats, hmm I think you know the words that I didn't. I've been listening to lots of post-appocalyptic-zombie podcasts/audio dramas recently. So that is probably the look I wanted. Either Tallarn dogs just after the scouring of their planet or the last days of the squat Homeworld . Evil, distorted, hair-less and raggady, but still loyal.

Mr Alpharius
IMHO that librarian terminator is 1) the only ungoofy terminator llibrarian ever made 2) the only dynamically posed terminator. He also has a Psychic hood and looks like he's battling a Deamon. A nuts sculpt.
I would love to see hordes of gutter runner guardsmen. I've a skaven army and I noticed the plastic gutter runners back when Mordenheim was first out. They have so much cool stuff on those sprues, and most of the models are clothed. Where there is fur, because its an old sprue the detail is easily covered by GW foundation paint. They are also correctly scaled for the pig iron heads.

Better pics of the Landraider, when they look better

Thanks for looking
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