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M's Inq 28/40k - Inquisitiorial forces
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Default M's Inq 28/40k - Inquisitiorial forces

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum.
After seeing the blanchitsu section in WD I really wanted to give Inq28 a go.
Just as a test I have been working on some servitors. Mainly as an experiment in using a tentacle/tube maker and weathering with oils. I wanted to make a really grimy model, something that looks as though its been in the battlefield or a factory working in dirty conditions for years.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to make an inquisitor with a retinue for Inq28 and for an allies detachment.

I thought this model could be some sort of information hub that the inquisitor could bring to the battlefield.

I have finished making my second servitor. Unlike the first this is designed to have an active role on the battlefield. I imagine it flying around repairing vehicles with it's two long arms. One arm tipped with a strong clamp to hold the material and the second with a welding tool to fix the damaged metal. On its back there are fuel canisters for the machine to function, connect by large tubing. The size of which dwarf the small legs of the servitor which are bound behind it to protect them from dangling limply and getting in the way.

I've posted a minitutorial on the first if anyone's interested: Servitor 1

Hope you enjoy
Blog: http://inq40k.blogspot.co.uk
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