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St. Ataraxia
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Default St. Ataraxia

Hey there... I've got no illusion that I'm a good writer or anything.... I'm pretty bad one really. Though I do like to make up stories for my models and armies. What I've got here is some fluff I wrote for my army before and after battles in a local campaign I was participating in. I'd like to apologize for my bad grammar and my spelling mistakes in advance.... but I hope you can enjoy it anyway :x

Campaign XLII ”The Orange Bowl Campaign”

St. Ataraxia was sitting on top of the roof, gazing at the lands around her, her hair waving in the wind. The scenery was idyllic, grassy hills and green forests, awe inspiring waterfalls all around her. Had it not been for the battles experienced and the task ahead of her, Ataraxia would truly have found serenity in the beauty of the landscape around her. She then gazed at the ground below her. Over 100 stone skulls marked the graves of her fellow sisters that had fallen in the name of the Orange Bowl and the Emperor. She knew each and every one o f them and were sadden by their loss. Another 100 of her sisters were lying in the Field Hospital, the fate of half of them were still unknown.

The order had been caught by surprise when the same hoard of tyranids they had just defeated, returned to their lands, crushing the Battle sisters who guarded the area aside. Ataraxia had herself lead the counter attack and she slaughtered countless of the bugs with her own holy sword, but they kept coming and she had to admit defeat against her will. Her sisters dead and she herself gravely wounded. She swore revenge and already the next day she took up pursuit, taking another contingent of sisters into bug infested forests of Poseidon IV. It did not take long before she encountered her foe. But this time she knew what she was fighting. She had noticed that without the larger creatures around, the smaller hoards could not react properly and she made up a plan. Ataraxia ordered her seraphim’s to advance up the flank while the rest of her army held up the main battle line, their goal was to hunt down the larger creatures controlling the smaller ones, spreading confusion amongst the enemy which she would take advantage of. The Seraphim’s executed their orders well and they spread havoc among the lines of the enemy and all of the synapse creatures fell before them. Ataraxia again slew several by her own hands. But yet again she lost too many of her Battle sisters. She succeeded in slaying and scattering the hoard. But in so doing she had lost the lives of every single one of her companions, and she emerged from the forests alone and again gravely wounded.

Ataraxia picked up her bunny, Laika and sat him down in her lap, playing with his ears. She put a carrot top on his head and grinned. You punk she said and started snuggling her bunny. It was her courage, and her ability to find peace of mind, through the direst of circumstances that had gotten canonized as living saint. Because everyone knew that no one mourned the loss of their sisters more than St. Ataraxia. Yet, she managed to stay herself. It was something that everyone who knew her deeply admired her for.

Her 2nd in command, Canoness Helene came on to the roof; she blushed a bit when she saw her leader sitting there naked with her rabbit in her lap. But her face quickly returned to a grim cold expression and she said. Milady, we have finished interrogating the blue men….. Ataraxia looked at her with a blank stare. Helene spoke again. They told us that the rest of the Tau army will return, they have their eyes on our lands and they will not stop before they have chased us out. Ataraxia tilted her head and smiled. I hope you didn’t hurt them too badly. She said. Helene looked at the living saint, somewhat surprised by her concern for their captured foes, even though she should have known Ataraxia by know. 2 of them died after the interviews, Milady. But the other two are still relatively unharmed.

“Excellent!” Ataraxia blushed a bit and rose up and started walking to towards the door. Take them to my quarters. I could use some cheering up. Helene bowed, Very well, milady! We’ll have them cleaned up and sent to your chambers immediately. Ataraxia turned around slightly and grinned.

Helene's Last Charge

Helene Gazed upon her leader, St Ataraxia.
Milady, the Tyranid hoard has approached our borders again, They've slaughtered our border
patrols and the survivors tells us that the Tyranids were molesting our wounded sisters who are unlucky enough
to be caught up by them.

St. Ataraxia took her hands up from under her robes, and placed them on Helene's shoulder.
She looked into Helene's face, her eyes clearly saddened by the news about the faith of her sisters.
Helene looked into Ataraxia's eyes and nodded. She didn't say word.
They both knew what they had to do and neither of them cherished the thought of it.
The alien invasion must be stopped at all costs and their sisters must be avengend.

Helene kissed Ataraxia on the lips softly, took a step back and made the sign of the Aquilla.
She then turned around and determinately walked out of the room.
Helene activated her com-bead just as she left the room.
Sister Cyrene, rally our girls. Take 2nd cohort. Sister Iona prepare our transports, and tells those
seraphim whores to stop playing with themselves and get into their armours.
10 minutes later she and her troops were flying out of the base in Valkyries, reluctantly borrowed to them by
the Imperial Guard.

It didn't take them long before they could see the Tyranid hoard approaching.
Emperor in heaven! they're close, and so many. Helene looked around and saw to her
surprise the fear in the eyes of her fellow sisters. They had fought the worst
chaos has to offer, faced daemons. Fought against the technosorcery of the Tau and prevailed and without ever showing fear.
And yet, now they were terrified. She was about to get her sister to say prayer with her to cheer them up but they didn't
have the time as the ships came to a halt and started to decent.

Alright sisters, This is it, remember why we're here and fight with honour.
Helene said, a moment later she jumped of the landing pad of the drop ship, leaving it before it hit the ground.
Helene gazed out over the battlefield and she could see hundreds, no thousands of small creatures quickly moving across the field.
She almost panicked for a moment, not knowing what do to halt the tide. She ordered her forces to spread, hoping that the hoard would disperse to more manageable
groups. But the Alien creatures were too quick and Helene saw there were no way her forces would be able to get into position quick enough
before the hoard would be at their lines. Something had to be done.
Helene activated her com-bead. "Seraphim rakel, come in. I need you to follow me. If you do now, we're all dead"
Sister Rakel, the leader of one of the two seraphim squads looked at Helene in doubt as Helene engaged her jump pack and flew alone towards the
hoard. But a moment later she waved her arm, ordering her squad to follow their noble leader, knowing that they would follow her into death.

Helene nodded and smiled at Rakel as she approached side, then looked to her front again, going directly towards the largest tyranid she could see.
The creature before them, leading the horde was a beast know as a fly-tyrant. one of the most feared things a soldier could face in battle
and she knew that bogging it down would afford her troops the time and the moral boost they needed to mount an effective defence against the invasion.
She landed in front of it and aimed her pistol at the creature, and fired, only to have her shot fall short, she became disappointed, but quickly got her hopes back up as she
witnessed her sisters opening fire with their pistols and flamer, drowning the creature in fire out of this world.
and to their surprise it went down in a moment. The young sister who had fired the killing shot looked onto the rest of the squad and grinned-
"well that was easy" she laughed out. 3 seconds later her head fell towards the ground as a scythed tail sliced through her neck.
Helene drew her blade and started hacking away at the creatures in front of her, slaying them by the dozens.
She looked to her sides and saw her sisters locked into combat, slaying the creatures in great numbers.
But alas, they were just too many and for every tyranid they killed, 3 would pop up and take it's place. she watched her companions fall one by one until it was just herself and Rakel lef alive.
Rakel removed her helmet, and smiled at Helene. "It's been an honour to fight with you" a second later she knelt down in prayer and she was instantly swept away in the great tide that was the tyranids.
Helene cried out in rage, but kept swinging her blade, killing half a dozen aliens with every stroke.
She was bleeding from an untold number of small gashes in her armour and she knew it was only a matter of time before she too would fall.
And then she gave up. all her muscles failed her. She looked up onto the stars above her, and for what seemed like an eternity, she was alone.
back on the fields of her parent's farm on Ultramar, before she had been taken to the schola. She could feel the morning breeze hit face and she could smell her mother's cooking.
She smiled and closed he eyes and everything went black.

St. Ataraxia had now arrived at the battlefield, she had followed the tanks to the battlefield, and she had gotten there just in time to watch her
friend Helene drown in the tide of nidz. She ordered the tanks to open fire at the larger aliens, known as zoanthropes, or brain bugs as they were popularly called.
The tanks made short work of them and Ataraxia then charged in into the tyranid warriors. Now that the zoanthropes and fly tyrant was gone.
And the fury of the living saint slaughtered every Tyranid Warrior she could get into contact with, without their larger kin to guide them the horde quickly dispersed, fleeing back from where they came.
But to Ataraxia, this was no Victory. She had lost her closest friend and she wept as she recovered her body. Something no one had witnessed her doing before.

When what was left of Helene's cohort returned to the base, they buried her in front of the town gates.
And for the rest of the campaign, Ataraxia would sit naked upon her balcony every night, staring at Helene's grave and sing
to her memory.
And it is rumoured that to this day, If you're standing next to Helene's grave, which is still there, and listen carefully you can hear a beautiful voice sing in a language now long forgotten.

The Kiss

"wake up, wake up!"
Ataraxia looked around, confused.
"Please milady, you must wake up"
"who's saying that?" she asked.
Rebecca, Her new Executive Cannones looked at her, equally confused.
"No one are, milady. Are you al right?"
St. Ataraxia frowned a little, upset that she couldn't find out where the voice had come from.
She shook her head, letting her long wavy hair fall down, covering up half of her face.
"I'm fine" she said
Ataraxia turned around, facing a T'au prisoner firmly held secure by two Battle Sisters.
Ataraxia looked into The young T'au prisoner's face. Although alien, she could see that he had an expression that was in a mixture of awe and terror.
She drew her blade and asked, "is this the one?"
Rebecca stepped forward, looked at the Living saint and nodded. "This is the one who tried to kill you milady"

Ataraxia stepped forward and put her one free hand around the T'au's neck, looked him in the eyes and smiled,
The alien then open his mouth and with a heavy accent he said "I''m sorry, please for...." he was interrupted as Ataraxia leaned forward and kissed him.
The T'au made an expression of utter surprise, even more so when 10 seconds later she withdrew from him, raised her sword and struck his head of with one swift movement of her sword. Spraying herself with his purple blood.
The headless corpse fell onto it's knees and then onto the floor, landing next to it's head. Which still had a smile around it's mouth.

"You must wake up"

Ataraxia quickly turned around, looking for the source of the voice.
"Are you sure you're al right?", Rebecca said
Ataraxia calmed herself down, sheathed her sword and smiled, Telling her Subordinate not to worry.
Rebecca should have known by now that she wouldn't get any other answer from her.
"what of the other prisoners, there's 3 of them" Rebbeca asked her.

"Release them"

The sisters around her dropped their jaws, not expecting this from their leader, who'd just beheaded one of these prisoners just a moment before.
The prisoners we're just as surprised themselves, they themselves having expected to meet the same fate as their leader.
One of them stepped forward and said, with an accent as heavy as the one their former commander.
"Thank you!" Just seconds after his words had left his lips, the young warrior leaped forward towards Ataraxia, producing a small knife that had gone unnoticed by their captors. The knife would have struck Ataraxia in the neck, probably killing her outright, but instead, the knife and the T'au warrior himself just stepped right through her as if she wasn't even there. The warrior looked up at Ataraxia in complete confusion and Ataraxia looked back, equally confused.

Ataraxia then looked around as she could see her fellow sisters starting to fade away, and then everything went black.

"Milady, please wake up"

Ataraxia open her eyes and found herself lying in a hospital bed. 2 nurses of the Sister Hospitalers and Rebacca stood over her.
"where am I, what happened?

"you were gone for quite a while, You were shot in the battle against the T'au in Tartarus, we nearly thought we'd lost you. And after you were wounded the rest of our forces were quickly slaughtered. we barely managed to recover you before we had to abandon the area."

Ataraxia sat up, and got out of the bed.
The nurses were about to protest, but Rebecca raised her hand, signaling the Hospitalers to settle down.
Protesting against the will of The Living Saint would be of little use.

"That isn't all" Rebecca said
"After we returned to the base, I ordered out a scouting party to keep track of the T'au forces. They caught up with them.... or what was left of them at Emperor's Summit. There were signs that they had been destroyed by an army of our own Adeptus Sororitas, Yet we had no army in the vicinity.
We also found 3 T'au survivors nearby, but we haven't had the opportunity to interrogate them yet."

Ataraxia had first be surprised by what she had just be told, but she quickly shrugged it of and laughed.
"Bring them to me"

Rebecca snapped her fingers, and a few minutes later the 3 T'au prisoners were brought to the infirmary.
Ataraxia moved over to them and she could see that they all had fear in their eyes.
She recognised the one warrior that had tried to stab her in her dream and she looked into his eyes.
She leaned in and put her head next to his, the Tau warrior quickly changing his expression from fear to outright terror.
Ataraxia whispered into his ear;
"Would you like a kiss?"


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Default Re: St. Ataraxia

I know this hasn't been replied to in awhile, but that was an excellent read.
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Default Re: St. Ataraxia

Yay, someone finally replied
And thanks.

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Default Re: St. Ataraxia

This should be in the Fluff/Stories board.

I know the title of this board is misleading, but the thing is that this is for Member Articles about the Campaign we ran last year that is now totally finished. Nobody checks here anymore.

Good work though.
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: St. Ataraxia

No threadomany intended but just had to say - Good Read
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Default Re: St. Ataraxia

Thank you... and I was wondering, if maybe a mod could move this to where it should be? :x plz?

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