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Campagin Fluff+Wolrd Fluff
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Campagin Fluff+Wolrd Fluff

Campaign Fluff
By: The Wolf Pup

Planet: Vero II

Story:Vero II is a small cold planet, similar to the climate of Fenris, but it had one key feature. Resources. It contained ore mines, fuel plants and oil reserves. Another factor was that it was near the planet Armageddon, were great wars have been fought. Anyone who controlled Vero II would have a advantage if they ever wanted to take Armageddon.
On the southern side of the planet, there were lush forests and thick jungles. This could work either way for Imperium and non-Imperium. It could harbor life or train men to fight. While the enemies of the Imperium could use it to fuel there industries and build fortresses and weapons of massive destruction. If you are Imperium or not Imperium, Vero II was a vital asset that must be held.

Campaign Story: Once Alien and Human forces arrived on Vero II, they set up Makeshift Bases. The only way to win was to control all of the planets vital assets; its Oil Infrastructure, Its Natural Fuel Sources, It's Jungles, and its ore mines. With this all they could push any and all Opostion of the planet.

================================================== ================================================== ====


Oil Platform: +1 Fast Attack Choice

Jungles/Forest: +1 Elite Choice

Ore Mines: +1 Troop Choice

Fuel Dumps +1 Heavy Support Choice

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Default Re: Campagin Fluff+Wolrd Fluff

Dude... you're more than a little bit late.

The Golgothan Insurgency was done and dusted ages ago (hence "Now Archived"). If you want to join the fluff writing for the next campaign (which we're keeping relatively secretive but I'm on the committee) ask one of the admins if you can be involved and we'll put you right =)
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