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The Mighty Irkan Empire
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Default The Mighty Irkan Empire

Kor'Da was once a T'au of the Earth Caste, who elevated him somewhat humble position to that of might and power. Born on Bork'An, Kor'Da was immensly intelligent and rose quickly through the ranks of scientists, specialising in signals analysis and frequencies. He also dabbled with electronics, robotics, physics and was better in his dabbling than those who has studied and researched for years. Most considered Kor'Da to be extremely gifted, if not the best scientist of the pre-human era. In fact, it was Kor'Da who first discovered human exsistance, although this fact is hushed up by the ethereal caste. Working on a deep space research station, Kor'Da spend litterally days infront of a vid screen sifting through the billions of signals coming from deep space. Some began to question the effect the countless hours alone in his lab was having on Kor'Da, but non questioned his work, which seemed to get more and more advanced by the day. Finally, he had a major break through when he invented a signal booster that would allow for the tiniest of signals to recieved by the relay on the station.... Only two days after, did Kor'Da recieve a signal from outside of T'au known space...

The signal was of a strange creature, displayed in primitive black and white after rerouting the radio signal to a vid screen. He spoke in a strange tongue and was clearly the first sign of intelligent life across the vast gulf. Who ever this alien was, he was angry, and the burning desire to find out why became Kor'Da's downfall. Hec searched deeper and deeper into the signal and found more and more of the radio broadcasts. After sitting for days with a translator drone, he eventually decifired the language of the human race, and began scrouring the early television signals for information. News of his discovery was sent to T'au and soon explorer ships were sent abroad. Meanwhile, Kor'Da began to catelog the sum of human knowledge from that very first transmission at the Nuremburg games till the imperial ban on radio signals. Television was not Kor'Da's main interest, as in the following year he locked onto an old forgotten computer server, know as google. This contained an even ,more vast amount of information that soon filled up many hard drives and had drones working on it constantly. This is where the true obsession began. The drive for human knowledge drove Kor'Da insane, and his extire exsistance became centered around early human life before deep space travel. Finally his madness took over him, and he began to change. His favourite TV show was called Invader Zim, the comical interpretation of alien life by early humans really tickled his fancy. But the show was cancelled early in the second series, and Kor'Da wanted to know more... His life became hell bent on it, and he took on his obsession physically. He injected green dye into his skin and purple into his eyes to make himself look like Zim. Small antennae were implanted into his head and it wasn't long after that the first SiR unit was produced from the standard drone pattern. Kor'Da's co-workers finally reported his madness when he took on the name Invader Squidar. The Earth Caste fired him and took all rights to his research. Squidar cared not, for he had a mighty plan to get the final episodes.... by invading terra and accessing the Imperial Archives...

Squidar left Bork'An and moved out to the far rim near the Farsight Enclaves. There on a deserted Tau moon base, he set up his operations. He first began by cloning himself into 4 generically modified Tau, that looked like the Irkan in everyway. The 4 forms fitted within the 4 Tau castes, and Kor'Da elevated himself to Ethereal Caste by undergoing a brain transplant. He then began to make credits by selling weapons of mass destruction to the Farsight enclaves, all the while building his army of genetically modified warriors. Soon he had enough to set foundries and began making his own ships, tanks and crisis suits. Squidar prlonged his own life through creating a series of genetically modified bodies, into which his brain could be continuosly transferred when the body got old or battle damaged. Soon his army was completed, and in the second sphere expansion, he returned to known Tau space. The ethereals were shocked at his workings, and declared him an outcast and never recognised his self proclaimed ethereal status. Squidar gathered to himself all those of undesireable nature; thieves, pirates, convicts, and hacked into a research station to get the location of Human occupied space.... So began Squidar's long war against all that stood in his way...
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Default Re: The Mighty Irkan Empire

This is a great read of "First Contact" with a twist. Looking forward to more
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fight for." I agree with the second part.

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