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My First attempt at writting fluff for the Screaming Eagles
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Kroot Shaper
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Default My First attempt at writting fluff for the Screaming Eagles

I have been wanting to share what I have as my Chapter history and the first two battle reports for a while now. However I have been concerined with how I write. I really not that good at it but it is a part of the hobby I enjoy.

I have already posted this on my local forums and had some good responses for my efforts at least. Many of the local players where happy to see someone try to incorparate the battles we play into the fluff of a chapter.

So I cross my fingers and hope that I get some pointers on how to inprove my format, timeline and the believablity of my Fluff. I know that the writing skills need to inprove and it will with time.

I look forward to any responses I get.

Here goes a leap of faith.....

The Screaming Eagles - 5th Company - First response company if you will…

A Blood Angles successor Chapter

The Hero's

Captain - Reznor

Chaplin - Holo

Liberian - Winters

Dreadnought - Warmish


The birth of the Screaming Eagles


In the years 41,142- 41,160 Abaddon uses the Planet Killer to lead a Black Crusade that ravages the Gothic Sector. The Imperium of man has decided that this is one of the biggest threats to holy Terra since the "Horus Heresy" and decides to makes a new chapter to battle this threat around the 26th founding. Using the Blood Angles gene seed and the Screaming Eagles are christened. Chaplin Razor from the Blood Angles was sent to over see the start of this chapter.

However this threat was dealt with, but the start of construction of the chapter has already begun. 100 years later there was over 1000 gene seeds in the pool for this new chapter with 800 scouts in training and 200 marines with full implants including the black Carapace. This in its self was a great success for the new chapter. However there were suspicions by the inquisition and so started a "review" of the new chapter. This lasted for 100 years and in this time started there was much suspicions in the way the implants where given to new neophyte's this slowed the growth of the chapter in many ways. However there are no defects that could be detected and with the Ork world of BALUR invasion started in 41,367.


The Ultramarines called on there follow battle bothers for their aid and the Inquisition called an end to there "review", so began the first blood letting of the Screaming Eagles. Eagles played a large part in the success of the battle. They where able to stop the right flank of the Imperial Guard from being over run by committing there entire forces in the way of the 6000 strong wave of "Boy's" due to the large number of jump packs in the Screaming Eagles armament. Master Warmish was mortally wounded and the Screaming Eagles apothecaries where unable to save the brave leader due to the lack of Dreadnoughts. However the Ultramarines gifted the new chapter 2 of their Dreadnoughts, 1 to save Warmish so that he will be able to fight on in the name of the emperor and another to save the next great warrior. To this day the Screaming Eagles pay honor to the Ultramarines for their unheard of gift.


In 41,698 CORINTHIAN CRUSADE began. The Screaming eagles where again called on to honor their battle bothers in this great call and so Ultramarines, Lamenters, Marines Errant, Angels of Absolution, and Silver Skulls went on a 7-year crusade. Ork Empire of Charadon suffers series of heavy defeats, delaying the invasion of Waaagh Argluk by 30 years. Again the aggressive tactics of the Screaming Eagles against over whelming odds played many key roles in the success of this crusade and this is where their Assault troops under the command of Dreadnought Warmish and he became famous for there battle cry. "Come on you apes, you wanna live forever!"


Ultramarines retaliation against the Tau Empire cut short by invasion of hive fleet Behemoth. However the Screaming Eagles stayed behind to keep presser on the Xenos. Firewarrior's learned to fear these "Eagles of death" many of them where worried about there Liberian Winters. He was known for unrelenting screams of fear that would break line after line of Tau units in battle. It was during this time that Chaplin Holo and Captain Winters came to be the figures that they are today. Both Leaded single-handedly charges at the largest line of Tau during the Battle of Gettysburg that won the fear from all septs in the Tau Empire.


At this time many Marine Chapters where needed to suppress the new Xeno Threat from the TYRANIDS and the Screaming Eagles having left there mark on the Tau they moved in system to the ULTRA sector where the Ultramarines and BLOOD ANGLES where attacking the nids/cults and rebellions left from the Hive Fleet BEHEMOTH. Here again the Screaming Eagles excelled in the art of "flying Death" and cough the eye's of the Blood Angles. This was the first time that the some of the Screaming Eagles experienced the BLACK RAGE. Some believe that the Chaplin's of the Blood Angles explained some of their chapter secrets and would show the Eagles how to make most of the "secretes" of the Gene - Seed. This has never been proved, however this was the time where all the Chaplains of the Screaming Eagles would share their blood with there battle brothers before battles. The battle prayers even changed a great deal and the first Death Squads appeared in the Chapter. Also for the first "Baal Predators" showed in the field of war with the screaming eagles.

41,750 - 41,810

Many battles where fought side by side with the Screaming Eagles and the Blood Angles. 60 years of fighting between them and the Word Bearers bought these two Chapters very close. There were further changes in the Screaming Eagles Tactical Indoctrination was made with the help of the Blood Angles Chaplin's. The Eagles still always retained a large troop based theory of deployment. The Devastators squads still even to this day infiltrate into position while Assault and Tactical squads rapidly move to close with their enemies. Either by drop pod, the super charged Rhinos or Jump packs while being covered by the mighty Dreadnoughts. The Screaming Eagles also during this time started to employ there Terminators into battle with much Success.


The Badab War began. The Astral Claws under the command of Huron Blackheart initiated the rebellion. The Mantis Warriors, the Executioners and the Lamenters. The Screaming Eagles heard of the betrayal by an astropath of the Space Sharks and headed toward the system. There then turned to wards the Mantis Warriors home world and Helped with the siege of that Planet.

41,941 Second War of Armageddon was on so the Screaming Eagles headed to the planet. Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka leads his first assault on the planet. The Orks manage to beat the Imperium at every turn until Commissar Yarrick leadership is able to push the battle in the Imperium favor. The Blood Angels, Ultramarines Salamanders and the Screaming Eagles helped defeat the Orks.


While in root to one of the recruiting worlds of the Screaming Eagles the Entire Chapter was hit by a Orc Wahaaaa! This is where many of the ships of the Screaming Eagles where destroyed. Only the Battle Barge Aceldama and the 4 cursors Giger, Red Dragon, Pale horse and the Wolf Pack made it out of the holy slaughter...

Around 90% of the Heavy Equipment tanks, bikes, land raiders and the entire detachment of Terminators where lost with the other ships that never stood a chance against the tide of Ork ships. However there was a small saving grace. Also all of the Support staff of the screaming eagles was saved but this lose is still felt with the Screaming Eagles to this day.

Currently the Screaming Eagles are at 50% strength. Total equipment at this time is as follows 5 suits of Terminators armor, 5 Dreadnoughts, 2 predator tasks, 4 Baal predator proto types, 30 Rhinos and 1 Land Raider. It is very rare these days to See the Screaming Eagles deploy any of there heavy Tanks in battle. The Dreadnought refuse to be "Handled Carefully" They are in all but the small battles of the Eagles, this has speared a high reverence in the remaining Battle Bothers to the there Ancients.

There is only 2 fully equip company in the Screaming Eagles besides the 5th. The rest of the Chapter has found a new home on the second moon (Boomer) of the world Greaves. This world has recently been "rediscovered" by the Screaming Eagles due to a lift in the warp in this area of space.

They conquered the world from the Techno Barbarians in only 8 months with the Chapters small numbers, there also seems to be no taint of chaos in this system. The remarkable thing about this planet is it rich resources and has run down factors over half the planet there is fully constructed Space dock in orbit however the dockyard is in decay along with most of the infrastructure of the planet. It looks as if system and it's planets where starting to become a forge world of sorts before they were lost in the warp.

The Screaming Eagles have sent word back to Holy Terra about this great discovery. Many sections of the imperum showed up to look at this planet and the Screaming Eagles began to build their fortress Monastery on the Second Moon of Boomer. There are rumors of a partially intact SCT deep with the planet but nothing has been official confirmed.

Other points:

Recent battle reports of the Screaming Eagles:


IG & Screaming Eagles vs. Chaos & Ork’s - 6000 points Total

The Forces of evil where able to hit the imperial lines with in minutes of the start of combat and mixed the inability of the Eagles to deploy there forces effectively helped with the poor start in this Battle. The Imperials were able to hold the lines for several hours. After the left flank finally fell the only thing left standing of the enemy was 5 shoota boyz and in the center after Abaddon cut through the Eagles devastators and consolidated into the IG's auto cannon teams Abaddon ended up spitting himself on his own demon sword!! A final push led by Reznor and his command squad, some well placed ordinance and some bad armor roles secured the minor victory for the Imperium.

The Eagles are now engaged with heavy training exercises in rapid deployed and counter attack on smaller scale mock scenarios. Captain Reznor and Dreadnought Warmish are concerned with the 5th company and their battle tactics. All the sergeants involved in this latest battle have warned that they could be replaced with more promising marines.


The Screaming Eagles vs. The Sisters of Battle

After 2 weeks of hard training on the world Boomer the Screaming Eagles where meet with an emissaries from the Sisters of Battle. They stated that there are reports of taint within the 5th Company of the Eagles and they where here to investigate. (Reznor had neither the time nor the patience for this.) The order had many threats to give to Warmish and Captain Reznor.

Reznor who was already upset with some of the outcomes with the performance of his company demanded that the “emissaries” leave the planet at once. Winters & Holo went to the men after what they heard from their Captain and stated that we will remove this threat from the planet. Hours later there was a force from the Sisters of Battle landing on the planet, the Screaming Eagles meet this force in earnest.

The battle lasted just an hour and started poorly for the Sisters. In the opening moments of the battle they lost half of their heavy support. Minutes later the Assault Troops of the Eagles took a huge beating by several part of the enemy forces at once. Soon after this the entire right flank of the Screaming Eagles was exposed. Both Dreadnought Warmish and Captain Reznor’s Command Squad managed pulled the enemy force back to the Middle of the Battle field, the devastators where able to beat back the rest of the Sisters Forces at this point. In the end the Sister of Battle had to retreat off the field.

If you read this I thank you
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fight for." I agree with the second part.

No Aun'shi, we will not be naming our new Sept the "Masters of Disaster" in honor of the Space Marines!

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
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Default Re: My First attempt at writting fluff

This is perfectly good fluff dude! Keep it up!

I especially love the name of your Dreadnought. It makes me want to make a Dreadnought for a renegade chapter called "A Little Bit Chilly."
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Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: My First attempt at writting fluff for the Screaming Eagles

By the way, Thanks for the encouragement on the my fluff as I was a little worried about it.

I will continue to work on it to improve the quality of it.
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fight for." I agree with the second part.

No Aun'shi, we will not be naming our new Sept the "Masters of Disaster" in honor of the Space Marines!

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
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Default Re: My First attempt at writting fluff for the Screaming Eagles

Very nice, however:

Using the Blood Angles gene seed...

...and BLOOD ANGLES where attacking...

...eye's of the Blood Angles.

...the Chaplin's of the Blood Angles explained...

...Screaming Eagles and the Blood Angles...

...help of the Blood Angles Chaplin's.
I'm sure there are many more but i can't be bothered to go through it all, copying and pasting, copying and pasting, copying and pasting... :P
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