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Trying to rev the creative juices (Rems dogs, a human auxiliary tale)
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Default Trying to rev the creative juices (Rems dogs, a human auxiliary tale)

Title change pending:

Trying to rev my other writing I decided to write something about a human auxiliary squad. As I figure out the main plot please enjoy the beginning.

The funeral pyres burned, with the scent of diesal fuel. An all too familiar smell to the eight who came to give their words.

"Rem used to say to me...kid, Ill lend you fifty...Just do me a favor.
What? Id say.

"I know you`d kill a hundred tonight, but I need you to buy the drinks...you can do that for me right?

"I didnt question it, but I wouldnt mind doing that for Rem."

A scruffy looking man with a bandage on his arm interrupted.

"Wouldnt mind doing it? Rem knew you stacked the deck, hell we would have kicked your D'yi if you hadent bought the drinks Cardshark.

Each of the men held their tounges, but finally laughed at once; Cardshark shook his head at his "brothers", until the laughter subsided.

"So Patch, how did you meet up with Rem?"

Patch sat down, his knees locked into his chest.

"Must have been a year now."
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