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White Fang Discussion
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Default White Fang Discussion

Ok, I am making a Spacewolves succesor chapter. They will be called the White Fangs and there will be ten companies. I already have two company commanders which is me and mr. jingles. So i need eight more company commanders so if you want to join just pm me. Also you dont have to make any fluff unless you want to that is because me and mr. jingles will be making alot of it. But you do have to make battle reports.

Here is the main fluff about how they came to be:

They were an expidition team sent to eradicate the new and unnoticed tau race, but were caught in a freak warp storm and have come out thousands of years later in the 41st century.
Now they are in the middle of tau airspace and retreat to a small planet just out of the tau's reach. This is not enough for the tau to just "forget" about them so they send one of their commander's to intercept the White Fangs before they can escape.

So just Pm me on any other fluff we should add and if you want to join and stuff like that.
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