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Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy
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Default Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy

-- Report Outgoing
# Lord Foedus #
# Golgotha Sub-Sector #

# Ventus Funestus
# Special Operations Commander of Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus

# Scribe-daemon Filltch

According to your instructions, we have assembled Anti-Xeno Tactical units and conducted field testing – results are mixed.
Presence of Tarasque brood Krotchus was confirmed on Daeton Nox - the bugs had made their nest in a ruined city-block and as in previous reports, remained apparently inactive until we entered their nest site.
We made planet-fall some distance from the city and under Deatons blanket of perpetual night, approached the nest in two divisions. Four Plague Marine squads made up the first division, entering the city through its decrepit sewer system to fortify a bunker position and delay the inevitable Tyranid advance.
Our special tactics units made up the second division and were tasked with assaulting the Tyranid command directly while I would personally engage the Carnifex strain << REF ORBITAL PIC # 01188 >>. Havoc squads Vastatio and Exitium were issued with plasma weapons and deployed in Rhinos. I rode with squad Exitium and we were escorted by our freshly mutated Predator. The tank has healed well since receiving a battering on Cha’Mont’Yr and a thick scaly hide now covers much of her hull. We have named her Oculus Igneus in reference to her three unholy Las Cannons – the burning eyes of Nurgle.

By the time our test units reached the broken terrain of the city boarders, the advance team in the bunker had reported contact on three fronts. << REF ORBITAL PIC # 04143 >> A steady stream of Plague Marines shuffled out of the stinking sewers to reinforce the bunker position and provide covering fire from the second floor balcony. Before we were done here, two squads would fall in defense of the bunker.
The Tyranid advance was swift and before our rhinos could make any headway across the rubble of the city, we were assaulted by the Broodlord and its genestealer guard. Squad Vastatio intercepted, spitting plasma fire from its roof hatches as the Broodlord carved into the rhinos flank, igniting its fuel reserves. Vastatio abandoned their doomed transport, answering the alien charge with a strobing light-show of rapid-fire plasma. . << REF ORBITAL PICS # 04150, 56, 58, 61 >>
As the havocs clambered up onto the burning wreckage of their rhino to better engage the enemy, one of their plasma guns overheated, belching a white-hot bubble through the warped power of its wielder who toppled off the wreck with a steaming hiss. Plasma-fire penetrated the alien carapaces with ease, liquefying organs and superheating fluids which burst from the bugs’ shells in hot fountains of gore. Under this deluge of fire the guard was decimated and the Broodlord faltered. . << REF ORBITAL PIC # 04144 >>

Our Predator harassed the enemy front with Las Cannon fire, coaxing the largest beasts from the shadows of their nest. Alien giants lumbered toward the front while a winged Tyrant peppered the bunker with a spray of tiny alien organisms launched from its limbs which ate into the walls, dripping bio-acid. Zoanthropes left their defensive positions and joined the assault, throbbing with warp energies.
A second brood of genestealers scuttled across the field to support the Broodlord and in doing so, opened a path to my primary target - the Carnifex. As squad vastatio fell under the reinforced genestealer attack, I ordered Exitium to engage and they disembarked amidst the rubble to a whining of power cells and flashes of plasma. Sensing my purpose, the Nurglings that infested our rhino’s hull dislodged themselves from and dived into the surrounding detritus. They returned directly - carrying a ruined hatch door - and it was aboard this makeshift palanquin that the Nurglings bore me with daemonic speed towards the hulking bio-engineered beast.
I was upon the giant before it had the time to raise a claw and had pierced its exoskeleton with the Sword of Plagues. The wound was not deep but the Plague sword is most unforgiving and the carnifex immediately began to swell and weep blood. Raising its great tusked face to the night sky, a bellow became a gurgle as it thudded to the ground at my feet, spilling its putrid guts around the ecstatic Nurglings.
Supported by Plague Marines on the balcony of the bunker, squad Exitium reduced the Broodlords guard to a couple of singed genestealers and severely wounded their leader. The Broodlord took shelter in the shadows of a nearby building but with the bunker on the verge of being overwhelmed and all field tests having been successfully concluded, the field belonged to the Tyranids.


Subject: Hive Fleet Tarasque / Brood Krotchus /

Known Strengths: High rate of movement augments ranged and melee combat effectiveness. Multiple presences of Zoanthrope and Carnifex strains pose high threat to amour and vehicles. Vast numbers and high rate of synapse creatures.

Known Vulnerabilities: Vulnerability to Energy weapons – confirmed. Vulnerability to Flame / Heat-based weapons – confirmed. Advanced melee capabilities negated when assaulting into cover.

Observed Behaviors: Krotchus will typically attempt to divide the enemy front, attacking across multiple fronts with overwhelming numbers. Genestealers are often used to break enemy lines, occupying troops until the larger warrior strains join the assault. The Broodlord will sometimes attempt to infiltrate enemy lines with a small force of highly evolved genestealers to create further disorder.

Advised Action: Compensate for lack of numbers by minimizing area of frontline engagement and reducing flank size. Capitalize on defensive positions and establish fire-lines from cover. Utilize concentrated, massed energy weapon fire supported by conventional arms. Take further advantage of # # # # # # # # # # # DATA SUPRESSED # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # DATA SUPRESSED # # # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # # DATA SUPRESSED # # # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # # DATA SUPRESSED # # # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # # DATA SUPRESSED # # # # # # # # # # #ORDER# #LORDNEXFOEDUS# # # # # # # # #

User Name: Atrocitas
Race: Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus
Opponent: Hive Fleet Tarasque Brood Krotchus
Battle Size/Points: 1500
Mission: Domination (Night Fight)
Results: Solid Victory to Tyranids
Campaign Special Characters Used: None
Campaign Special Rules Used: None
Planet (if applicable): Daeton Nox

-- Report Ends



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Default Re: Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy

Damm thats a good report well done and congrats let me know when you are ready to face Krotchus brood again.
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Default Re: Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy

Wow. Great battle report. I am throughly impressed. ;D
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Default Re: Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy

Very nice battle report +1 karma given.
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Default Re: Falx Foetidus - Third Batrep PIC Heavy

aaawww thanks folks

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