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Death Guard Falx Foetidus - Second Report
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Default Death Guard Falx Foetidus - Second Report

-- Report Outgoing
# Golgotha Sub-Sector #

# Nex Foedus
# Captain of Plague-Vessel Vulnus
# Acting Battle Commander of Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus

# Scribe-daemon Filltch

Hail the Plague Wind and lesser winds. Hail Letmus.
Hail the Dark Lords, the Speartip, the Nine Pointed Star.

Following our withdrawal from Cha’Mont’Yr I ordered a hold on planned battle operations in favour of further assessment of the Tyranid threat. Former Lt. Turpis’ failure to properly recognize this threat has left us temporarily without tank support and stalled our actions in this system. Company Falx is rendered ineffectual even as my fellow Lords bring the bloody boot of chaos down upon these alien worlds.

-- Dark Tongues
Almost three centuries ago Sorcerer Musca Magnus assumed the visage of the blessed fly and cast aside his human tongue. His has remained quite vocal since his transformation – buzzing, spitting, twitching and gibbering through his many years under my command – and I have never understood a word, not a single cursed syllable of the foul torrent that has fallen from his quivering mouthparts over the centuries.
This curse has been lifted. Nurgle has delivered unto us an interpreter in the twisted form of disgraced brother Turpis. Musca has dressed the naked fallen spirit of Turpis in a stinking suit of warp-flesh so that he may act as the sorcerer’s mouthpiece. I have kept our new interpreter busy and have warmed to his presence as I have to the fascinating odours he regularly emits.

-- Flies
Brother Sorcerer Musca’s ways are weird and his rites of divination most absorbing. In the belly of the Vulnus, in a converted cargo hold, Musca keeps his alter to the Great Unclean One. Amidst the corrupted corpses of a thousand battles lay a blessed tri-gram – gouged into the floor, immersed in the lake of fetid fluids which wept from the piles of dead.
I watched as Musca dragged the eviscerated carcass of a Zoanthrope – spoils of the Cha’Mont’Yr incident into the center of the bubbling pool. Laying the carcass across the mark of Nurgle, he began chittering and dribbling some arcane chant, growing more agitated by the moment. As his convulsive prayers reached a crescendo he vomited a cascade of steaming black bile across the remains of the Tyranid and a great cloud of fattened flies broke from their homes in the surrounding islands of rotten flesh.
The corroded walls of the cargo bay vibrated in sympathy with the tremendous thrumming drone of the swarm until, as one spiraling mass it settled on the alien remains and the sorcerer. The swarm rested there a while - a humming, seething mound carpeting the surface of the pool and the figures at its center. When another thunderous vibration marked the swarms retreat, the Zoanthrope carcass had been reduced to a few misshaped fragments of exoskeleton in the pool of muck at the Sorcerers feet. Musca strode unharmed from the circle and as a Plague-bearer entered to clear the tri-gram of alien remains, the Sorcerer summoned his interpreter so that I might receive his council.

--Wisdom of the Warp
The Sorcerer has learned much of the hidden enemy. He advises me that the Hive Mind presence within the warp waxes strong and that the bugs are greater in number than first anticipated. The behavior exhibited by brood Krotchus remains enigmatic but suggestive of some sort of advance-guard roll, ambushing interlopers while making no apparent ground.
Sorcerer Musca has confirmed the presence of brood Krotchus on a nearby Tau mining world. Ordering the Vulnus into high orbit above Guran, I commanded a raid into the Tarasque territory – I would proper and personal assessment of this enemy’s battle prowess and tactics.
Commanding a drop-force significantly lighter than the force routed from Cha’Mont’Yr, I engaged the enemy on Guran and although our Company took further casualties, I have made detailed study of the brood force composition and behavioral habits. I am presently compiling this data and shall in due course submit the completed Tactica Krotchus to the council.

User Name: Atrocitas
Race: Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus
Opponent: Hive Fleet Tarasque Brood Krotchus
Battle Size/Points: 1500
Mission: Cleanse
Results: Crushing Victory to Tyranids
Campaign Special Characters Used: None
Campaign Special Rules Used: None
Planet (if applicable): Guran

-- Report Ends


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