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Wamp Gataz story
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Default Wamp Gataz story

“Dat da planet wez suppose ta nvade?” The so called pilot said as he pointed out the cockpit of the Ork ship. The Wamp Gataz heard from a Kroot merc that a huge battle was brewing in the Golgothan Sector, and like any Ork, the chance to fight could not be passed up. Zagsnikk had gathered all his forces, and his cult of speed which was mad of greenskins from every clan, and headed to the stars. They had traveled for what seemed like forever, and hadn’t scene anything of the rest of the WAAAGH, that was to rendezvous on Amnoth.

“Shiite, I dun’t know. Could be. Fly closa n take a look” As he did red lights started to flash all over the console. “Dats bad right?”

“I tink so. Go get Zagsnikk and tel im dat everytin is lighted up.”

“No way…..he’s playing poka, he’ll rip off my ead!”

The sirens were getting louder now and the two boyz had no idea what to do. Their chance to save the day would never come. Bursts from a Tau vessel pierced the cockpit and sucked the occupants into space; a surprised look on both their faces forever frozen. The scratch built space flyer slowly started to dip toward the planet below. Pieces of the ship started to flake off with the friction of the atmosphere.

Down the hall, playing “poka”, Zagsnikk sat with his Nobz. He felt the ship change course and wondered what the Gork was going on. He stood up and headed for the door, only to be tossed against the wall by a sudden violent bit of turbulence. He peeked his head out into the hallway and a puzzled looked took shape on his wrinkled and scared face. What he saw astounded him. The front of the ship was gone and all he could see was the ground, and the weaker gits getting sucked out of the ship.

“Grab somfin strong boyz, wez gunna crash.!”

The ship smashed into the ground and gouged a path a half a mile long before it finally came to a stop. Zagsnikk had no idea how many of his boyz he lost, but it didn’t matter. All that matter was getting everyone ready and finding the fight.

It took about six hours to get everyone and everything of use off the ship. He’d lost about half his boyz in the crash, but only the weak ones he thought. A real boy would have been strong enough to survive the crash. Good he thought, he got rid of some weedy gits.

His Big Mek, Nobdreg Durarg, showed him the maps that were transmitted from Munkey. “Boss I don’t tink we at da right place. Dis don’t look like Amnoff, and I don’t see no boyz. Dem idiot pilots got us on do rong rock.”

“ARRRGH” Zagsnikk took his frustration out on a grot standing too close to him. His hand covered in gore, and a little more relaxed Zagsnikk said, “Well da copta boyz said dey seen some pointed buildins ova dat way. Lets see what wez can find. Ok boyz time ta split up. Nobz take ya boyz out and find somefin ta fight, den come back and let us know. Durarg, have yor meks start rippin da ship apart for scraps, and get a proppa fort built. I also want do grots to start plantin spores, wez gonna need some more boyz.”

All the boyz jumped into their vehicles are prepared to start them up. One of the truck boyz leaned over to his buddy, “Iz dez fanboats gonna work on da ground, I tought they waz made to drive on wata like do swamps back home?”

“Da meks said dey’d work, so dey will”

Hundreds of engines came to life and thousands of boyz skimmed across the planets surface on their swamp vehicles.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz story

heh heh.. nice one. ;D

Orkzes are the Keystone Kops of the galaxy. Hy-larious.

Come get some pirate lovin >> http://s2.darkpirates.com/c.php?uid=54637
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz story

The first of the patrol Zagsnikk sent out were starting to return, some with noticeably fewer numbers than when they left. Zagsnikk sat atop a throne made of debris from his crashed ship, looking out over his horde while they constructed his new fort. This planet was nothing like his homeworld, he thought it was too hot and dry. He liked the swamps.

One of his Big Meks approached, a big grin stretching from pointed ear to ear, and a fresh helmet strapped to his waist. “Hey boss. Drez Finkaboy portin in.” a sloppy salute followed the very non-Orky behavior.

“So what did ya find out dere?”’

“Wez went near dat pointy building. Looked like a pieramid from da swamps cept dis one weren’t all covered in poo and wamp vines. Dere was a bunch’a smashed up buildins around it. I took da burnaz to da right wiff my empty trukk in front. I sent da Trukk Boyz down the left side….I tink it was left.” The Mek held up his hands and stared at them intently. Roughly a half minute later, and after receiving many annoyed stares from Zagsnikk Drez said, “Yep it were da left.”

“We saw dem gyptian looking beakies. Da bad kind. Dere were only two squads and some kind o Harry Potter on a spinnin’s toy. Da guy on da spinny ting moved fast at da Trukk Boyz and blewed up dere trukk. Coupld of dem got smashed up in da crash. Dat spinny guy charged our boyz in da rubble, stupid guy. Da Nob ripped is ead clean off.”

“Da empty trukk got blowed up too, but we was ok. We made vassive newvers and missed da trukk. Den we jumped out da trukk and did a proppa WAAAAGH and chopped up those Gyptian beakies good. Day had anofer wizad, but I lit him up good wiff my burna. Afta dat we ran at da last squad. Only da Nob and da rokkit boy were left from da Trukk squad, but wiff dem and da burnaz we ripped dem beakies apart. None were left,” said Drez as he happily tapped the Thousand Sons helmet on his side.

“So is dis a Chaos world den?”

“I don’t tink so. I saw a dere ship in da distance. Looks like it crashed just like us. Someone wiff big gunz owns dis planet. We’ll find’um Boss, and take da gunz for us. Den get our butts ta Amnoff.”
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz story

Originally Posted by Zagsnikk
"I sent da Trukk Boyz down the left side….I tink it was left.” The Mek held up his hands and stared at them intently. Roughly a half minute later, and after receiving many annoyed stares from Zagsnikk Drez said, “Yep it were da left.”
I laughed for quite a while at that one! Excellent little story and an amazing way to give a BatRep. I look forward to seeing more from the Wamp Gataz!

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Wamp Gataz story

The fog clung to the ground like a dying soldier to his last breath. One would swear that the Ork blood was absorbed into the moisture and hovered for a few seconds before falling to the plains below. Zagsnikk let his thoughts be known with a slug through the brain pan of a former Nob. “Listen up boyz. Come back on yer trukk, or don’t come back at all!” Said the Warboss while he holstered the still smoking slugga.

Earlier, the Nob Grimmtooth, had lead a small combat patrol into the surrounding countryside, to look for scrap and to get into a scrap. Grimmtooth came upon a Necron patrol consisting of a Tomb Sypder, a few Destroyers, and a unit of Warriors. The Orks attacked without abandon and almost managed to phase out the metallic enemies. Grimmtooth and the few remaining boyz had surrounded the Tomb Sypder and watched as the few intact Warriors started to flee the battlefield. For some reason Grimmtooth lost his courage and fled before the phase out. He came crawling back to Zagsnikk to report the battle. His failure added another body to the tally lost on this planet so far.

Zagsnikk’s warband had crashed here a couple weeks ago on their way to Amnoth. Since then they had crushed a few tinheads and spikey humies. Reports had also just come in that another Ork space hulk had crashed in the distance. Zagsnikk wondered if this was a good thing or a bad thing. If they wouldn’t follow him, he’d have to krump the new comers. This world was going to be his, and no one was going to stand in his way; not even another Ork.
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