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Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus Withdraws From Cha'Mont'Yr
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Default Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus Withdraws From Cha'Mont'Yr

-- Report Outgoing
# Golgotha Sub-Sector #

# Nex Foedus
# Captain of Plague-Vessel Vulnus
# Acting Battle Commander of Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus

# Scribe-daemon Filltch

Lord Nex Foedus reporting the arrival of Plague Ship Vulnus in sub-sector Golgotha. Hail Lord Syphilis! Hail the Wind of Plague and the Lesser Winds!

Upon entering the Golgotha sub-sector our data daemons and tech-mutants initiated surface scans of the Xenos Stronghold Cha’Mont’Yr. A drop site was chosen based on these initial scans.
The site chosen was an ancient and ruined imperial outpost consisting of a razed temple complex and a small, damaged bunker set in a clearing surrounded by light woods. The bunker offered good line of sight in all directions, scans showed no evidence of Tau settlement or activity and resistance was judged to be negligible.
Had we the capability to properly consult with the warp, we may have been alerted to the real threat our forces were to encounter. However our ship has one standing sorcerer - Musca Magnus. Our Great Rotten Father has seen fit to bless Lieutenant Musca many times over and although Musca has been in almost constant communication with hidden warp entities for the last 280 years, he has remained completely unintelligible to all but the spawn he keeps.

-- Preparation for Drop
Command of the drop mission was given to 1st Lt. Turpis and his unholy oaths were sworn. A fresh corpse was fixed to his banner pole, rites of infection were intoned and his lightning claws anointed with unguents most foul. He addressed the drop-force and the malice of his speech was as infectious as the filth which dripped from his Terminator Armour. Falx Company of the Death Guard was most eager to make planet-fall as Turpis briefed them on the operation.
Turpis assigned an advance force to secure the site while he remained aboard the Vulnus with a heavy support contingent which was to deploy in the event of enemy contact. The advance party consisted of four Tactical Plague Marine Squads equipped with cursed plasma guns – and a unit of our elder brother Terminators culled from my personal guard and tasked with securing the bunker proper. The reserve force comprised two Predators a Defiler Daemon Engine and a further six of my Terminator guard equipped with tainted flamers which served as 1st Lt. Turpis’ retinue.

-- First Contact
Planet-fall was uneventful and the advance party went undetected by all known Tau forces. Control of the site was quickly established and a perimeter of sentries was established along the tree-line surrounding the bunker. Terminator support squad Fatum Gravis took up a position in the bunker and Grandfather Nurgle blessed the field with a pack of his favoured children the Nurglings. << REFFERENCE ORBITAL PIC #02827>>
Aboard the Vulnus, Turpis reported the success of the drop and personally assured me that the site had been secured. Even as he did so, the ship comm-daemons relayed reports of surface contact on multiple fronts. Every sentry on the field had fallen simultaneously and without warning. The enemy was confirmed to be Tyranid of Hive Fleet Tarasque and identified as brood strain Krotchus . << REFFERENCE ORBITAL PIC #02844>>.

This splinter of Hive Fleet Tarasque contained an unusually high percentage of Genestealers which had erupted from the forests on three fronts led by their Broodlord and a cadre of Carnifex beasts. Our failure to detect the presence of this additional Xenos force was probably due to interference caused by three Zaonthropes working in unison to mask the bugs bio-signs.
The Nurglings were the first to act and with great humour and gusto, they launched their own doomed assault on the Tyranid frontline – only to be decimated in a great spume of sickly daemon flesh as they were repeatedly engulfed in streams of bio-acid and explosions of barbed tendrils from the Tyranid bio-weapons.
Plague Marine Squads Primus and Secundus delayed the Nid assault on the western flank, unleashing dark plasma and unholy bolter death into the enemy lines, painting the field with the rainbow colours of alien gore. Supported by the Terminator Reaper Cannons in the bunker, all Plague Marine Squads defended the bunker successfully, delaying the Xenos horde in anticipation of Turpis’ arrival on field.

-- First Lieutenant Turpis’ Legacy
Upon receiving the situation report from a dripping, smirking tech-mutant Turpis - realizing his failure to properly evaluate the drop zone - became enraged and deployed the secondary contingent immediately, teleporting with his retinue to within flamer range of the Broodlord and its pups as they tore through the foliage on the Eastern battlefront. << REFFERENCE ORBITAL PIC #02846,#02847>> Beneath flailing alien claws, the entire Command Squad fell - spilling their putrid guts from pulsing cavities gouged out of their Terminator Armour. Turpis impaled two Genestealers on his lightning claws and the aliens devoured his stinking flesh as he gurgled forgotten curses into his vox.
As Turpis fell in discrace, the western flank was overrun by the Tyranid assault. A Winged-Tyrant reducing squad Secundus to a pulp of rotten flesh and decaying armour under a shower of alien bio-weapon fire. Squad Primus was overrun by more accursed Genestealers and a rampaging Carnifex.
A Predator was dropped to aid the western flank between the bunker and the closing Tyranid front-line. A second Predator was Dropped to provide Heavy Bolter cover on the Eastern flank along side the Defiler. One tank was destroyed by the Carnifex on the Western flank << REFFERENCE ORBITAL PIC #02862>>. The other was severely damaged by the Broodlord’s guard on the Eastern flank.
Without field command, the battle was soon to fall into a disgraceful disarray and I gave the order to withdraw all forces.

-- The Stink of Defeat
Plague Marine Unit Primus # Lost #
Plague Marine Unit Secundus # Lost #
Plague Marine Unit Tertius # Withdrawn #
Plague Marine Unit Quartus # Withdrawn #
Chosen Terminator Squad Fatum Gravis # Withdrawn #
Chosen Terminator Retinue Fatum Flammeus # Withdrawn #
Heavy Support Contingent # Sustained Heavy Damage #
1st Lieutenant Decurio Turpis # Fallen #

Six Planetary Hours after the withdrawal of our drop-force from Cha’Mont’Yr, I raised Spawn-keeper Musca Magnus to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and ordered him to retrieve all Chaos Wargear from the battle scene. The dark and shameful soul of Decurio Turpis was drawn from the warp aura of his wargear and contained within the twisted form of a Spawn. As Musca’s new pet, Turpis speaks with the tongue of the fly and the maggot as well as the dark tongue. He will have ample time to atone for the dishonour he has caused his company as he serves as interpretor to his gibbering master.
1st Lt. Musca reports that the bunker area was once again deserted and although wargear littered the field, every trace of bio-matter had been harvested by the absent Tyranid force save the native vegetation - at this stage we have no data on why this site has not yet been harvested by the Hive in it's entirety.
This report caused me no little amusement and raised my spirits greatly as it came from the mouth of our new interpretor who's actions led his own stinking carcass to be so recently recycled as alien pulp.

So Lord, Brothers, it is with a roiling darkness in what remains of my hearts that I announce the forced withdrawal of company Falx Foetidus from the Xenos Stronghold Cha’Mont’Yr.
Great is our shame.
Terrible will be our vengeance.

-- Report Ends


User Name: Atrocitas
Race: Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus
Opponent: Hive Fleet Tarasque Brood Krotchus
Battle Size/Points: 2000
Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Results: Solid Win to Tyranids
Campaign Special Characters Used: None
Campaign Special Rules Used: None
Planet (if applicable): Cha’Mont’Yr



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Default Re: Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus Withdraws From Cha'Mont'Yr

This is good. Loved it! This is how you get the Committee to notice your actions. Chaos seems to be doing well. Even in defeat.

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Default Re: Death Guard Company Falx Foetidus Withdraws From Cha'Mont'Yr

Quality stuff. Amazing detail and a nice background. Love the pics too.
May you're Plague Master grant you the strength to crush those who defy you!

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