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The Speartip has landed!
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Default The Speartip has landed!

A sudden lance of ethereal energy blasted from a tear in space, the void seemed to fold in itself before shapes burst back into reality. Hundreds of warships broke from their Warp jumps, into the Cha'Mont'yr system. Onboard each of the largest Cruisers, the many Chaos lords of the Speartip Alliance barked out orders to the crews and Navigators, cultists and spawn scurried here and there to escape their master's wrath. The female warriors of the Slaaneshi Princess Quintessence brooded with their mistress over the fights to come.
Over the fleet's vox channel came the announcement they were all waiting for. Their pict-viewers filled with the image of Lucius the Eternal, Warmaster of the Speartip Alliance.
''My Lords, and Princesses, warriors of days gone by and new faces that have recently joined the glorious crusade of the Speartip Alliance. Our foes wait for their ends, the carrion beasts circle the skies in waiting. Let us fulfill their wishes.
For the Glory of the Speartip!"
With that said, the vox-lines filled with various blood curling cries and shouts, and the Speartip fleet descended upon the world of Cha'mont'yr as one.

Upon the surface of Cha'mont'yr, the Dark Apostle Jhylan Khranti looked upon the Tau's fortress worlds' sky. Already blackened with smoke and the fires of war, the horizon began to feel a little more familiar, though the stench of the Xenos would not be lifted until the very core of this world cracked under the power of his Dark Masters.
Lifting his Crozius to the sky, he assembled his Host around him and marched to the first objectives. The armies of the Speartip descending across a wide area, establishing drop zones and forward bases of operations.
War had come to Cha'mont'yr.

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Default Re: The Speartip has landed!

Dribble sat in his chamber in the heart of his flagship, the Black Cry, the warp enthralling him. He always demanded when in warp transit they left the gellar field down, he would protect his legion from any upstart daemons, if it meant he could commune with his brothers in the warp. The whispers of the coming war growing ever louder, but there was one thing that was lacking.

He could not sense the Tau, no taste of fear, no panic, nothing.

His threw off his annoyance, they may allude his warp senses but they could;d not avoid his axe.
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Default Re: The Speartip has landed!

The flagship of The Last Sons broke out from its Warp jump, into the Cha'Mont'yr system. Already hundreds of Chaos ships had assailed Cha`mont`yr each one answering the call to the Speartip alliance.

Kill for the Living! Kill for the Dead!
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Default Re: The Speartip has landed!

criltron spat onto the corpse of a tau fire warrior as he glanced at his ornate sword, the blood on the sword was dissapearing slowly as the daemon within fed.
"its foul i know, but dont worry, youl have a god meal soon enough" he whispered softly to the blade even as a deafening crash told him of the arrival of his lord.
"well, we better get over their..." he said to himself as he bounded over a wrecked vehicle and towards the inevitable pathetic defence that these tau would have ready for the rest of the speartip...
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