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The Pirate Scourge
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Default The Pirate Scourge

+++Log of Captain R. Yavvott, I.M.V. Rosenrot.+++

Day 47:
Trading has become difficult as of late. Cha'mont'yr was never the best world to navigate to, but recently things have gone from bad to worse. The so-called "Commerce Protection Fleet" of the Tau are a joke; I haven't seen hide nor hair of them for a fortnight. The Tau promised me protection if I continued to trade, so where is it?

Having exited the Warp into cold, empty space, I feel more vulnerable than ever...

Day 49:
Nothing's here. No Fleet, no Escorts, No marker bouy, nothing. I've ordered my crew to check, double-check and triple-check our systems, and six hours later they assure me we came out almost bang on target. Have the Tau have abandoned us? Will they turn their guns upon my ship as we seek to enter port? I can't afford to turn back, I have to press on.

Day 50:
We found the Commerce Protection Fleet, or what was left of them.

They were gone. A mighty battle had waged here; I cannot say who it was, but the Tau had clearly lost. Again my men insisted on retreat, but we pushed on regardless.

Date Unknown:
My vessel is lost...

We were attacked by Eldar Pirates. They came so suddenly, and with such force... by the time we were aware of them it was too late; they crippled our engines, boarded us in force, and stripped the vessel of everything they wanted. I was left trapped beneath the wreak of my bridge, listening to distant screams of the dying.

They have left us adrift, having taken all they want. Emperor help us, help me... I do not want to die alone in space...

Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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