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Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)
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Default Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)


HISTORICON 2007: The First Battle for Remi Marinus

The story thus far:
The battle was centered around “The Altar of the World King”, the central site on an Eldar Maiden World where it’s infinity circuit breaks the surface. (Sort of like “The Dome of Crystal Seers” on a Craftworld)
In the case of Remi Marinus, the World Spirit had gone into torpor, and awaited reactivation by it’s reclaimers. The first to rediscover this were the tech priests of the imperium, who had no idea what a valuable find they had unearthed. Others realized however. The Eldar of the Elethiad and Paragon craftworlds, and the chaotic forces of House Bellemuerte both quickly moved to strike: The Eldar from the Webway, and the Damned via the world’s strange breach in spacetime.
The two began a quiet war, observed only tangentally by the detatchment Imperial Fists space marines that were already on-planet. The reports of Xenos and Heretical activity quickly reached the ears of the Inquisition…
Sensing a need for reinforcements the Eldar of Paragon forged an alliance with the imperial defenders of the Remi Marinus Garrison against the forces of Disorder.
After a combined strikegroup made up of Eldar and Imperial forces left the Garrison, a new danger loomed for the Imperium: The Eldar had doublecrossed them! A force made up from Craftworlds’ Elethiad and Paragon, had joined forces with a Tau expeditionary force calling itself “The Guardian Wind”. They moved to destroy the imperial outpost while Brother-Captain Walker and Inquisitor Kytonus were in the field.

Battlefield: The Altar of the World King
Forces of Order:
-Brother-Captain Walker’s Grey Knights (Garrett)
-Hive Fleet Arctic (TyranidPlushie)
-The Kytonus Inquisition (Inquisitor Sian Kytonus (Ged))
-The Battle Sisters of the Noble Order of the Unicorn (Inquisitor Sian Kytonus (Ged))
-Craftworld Paragon (Inquisitor Sian Kytonus (Ged) and Dark Kaiser)

Forces of Disorder:
-Lord Poxicola’s Death Guard (Mack)
- Lieutenant Redshirt’s Traitor Guard (Borrowed by: TopBanana)
-The House Bellemuerte (Borrowed by: “The Kid”)
-The Vampire Knights of Slannesh (Inquisitor Sian Kytonus (Ged))

Hello all! This is one half the story of the first battle for Remi Marinus. Several members of this site got together with attendees for Historicon to have a mammoth rolling battle to help kick off the Golgothan Insurgency.
This battle would help decide the state of Remi Marinus at the outset of the campaign, and three factions were vying: The Eldar, The Inquisition, and Chaos. If the Eldar won, the Imperials and the forces of Chaos would be driven off of Remi Marinus, and the maiden world be restored. If the Inquisition had their way, the forces of Chaos and the Eldar would be removed allowing Remi Marinus to be used as a strike-base against Golgotha proper. If Chaos won, the maiden-wold would become completely corrupted by it’s power, and with fell energies coursing through it’s infinity circuit, become a full-on Daemon-world; opening a rift into warp-space near Golgotha.

Size: 3000p/side

Duration: Continuous Battle from open to close of event.

Setup: The terrain will be preset as per the above diagram.

Force Selection: Each side will break it’s 3000p down into 500p blocks. Each blocks must include 1 cumpulsory troops choice, and may include 1 (and only 1) HQ choice. Other than that the blocks may conform to a standard FOC. (Similar to Combat Patrol)
Rules Set: Custom – Modified Escalation*, Modified Reserves*, Modified Infiltrate*, Deepstrike, Dawn Attack, Rolling Battle*, Corruption*, Boats*, I can’t Swim!*, Tactical Withdrawal*.

Initial Deployment: In this modified form of escalation no forces start on the board. All forces move onto the board during their first (and subsequent) turns.
I will have a pair of 3000p forces drawn up in 500p blocks. Whenever a player wishes to join one of our blocks will be dropped (or in the case of a player that doesn’t have an army with him/her one may be chosen) in favor of the new player’s forces. (See “Rolling Battle” below for more information) This way the forces on the table will always be balanced, and players can come and go as they please.

Explination of *:
Modified Escalation – As deployment above, but rather than rolling for on turn 1, all of a player’s units may move onto the board from their long table edge. Units with the “scouts” universal rule may take their scouts movement in addition to their normal first turn movement; units with infiltrate may use the Modified Infiltrate rules on the same turn that they enter the board. This is done to allow players that join mid-game to still use the advantages of their equipment. A unit may be held in reserve (See Modified Reserves) to take advantage of deepstrike. A unit must be held in reserve if it is Summoned. (See Modified Reserves)

Modified Infiltrate – Infiltration in the first turn will happen as normal. Rather than leave players that join late out in the cold, and unable to use this fun ability, I have a modified rule for it’s use later in the game.
On turn 2+ a unit may use the infiltrate rules at the beginning of their side’s movement phase, before any other units have moved. Because it’s much harder to infiltrate during a battle than before it starts: After the unit has been placed, roll 2d6” + scatter. If the unit ends up under 8” and in LOS of the enemy, each squad in range and within LOS gets a free shot at that unit; and any unit with an Auspex gets a free shot as normal. On a roll of 2 or 12, something “unfortunate” happened to the unit as it tried to infiltrate enemy lines, and the squad is lost.

Modified Reserves – Reserves are tracked not by side, but by 500p block. A particular 500p block’s reserve rolls start the turn after it starts play. EXAMPLE: So if a player has his forces join on turn 3, they get their reserves at 4+ on turn 4, 3+ on turn 5, etc. This keeps the balance so that a Daemon Bomb Army doesn’t join in turn 4, and immediately get 2+ reserves rolls…

Rolling Battle – This battle goes on until the close of the event, and even if your forces are wiped off of the table you can come right back on in the following turn. A player may join the battle at the beginning of their side’s turn, making use of the rules set above. A player may leave at any time, disengaging his forces. (Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go) Said player’s return to play will be at the discretion of the event organizers. (To keep people from popping out and back in every time something bad happens to one of their units for example).

This is the most successful way I have found to run a timed event. It keeps you from having that guy show up at the last minute and delay the launch, it prevents hard feelings for folks that get wiped out early, and it allows people to come and go as they please.

Tactical Withdrawal: At the end of either sides turn, a 500p block may be retired from the field so long as none of it’s members are locked in combat. The block may then be replaced at the beginning of the player’s next subsequent turn as per the modified escalation rules. (This is to prevent a person from having one or two broken units wondering around the board when they should be having fun and kicking Tail!)

Corruption – This is how the battle will be won and lost. The exposed wraithbone core of the World Spirit is highly psychoreseptive. It will respond and try to synchronize with the minds and spirits of those who tread upon it. For the Eldar, this was how they could talk to the world spirit, and get it to help make climatic changes and claim the souls of their dead. (The world spirit = a giant infinity circuit.) The FOD can use this to corrupt the World Spirit.
In each Turn that a FOD IC, or scoring unit ends it’s turn standing on the objective, one “Corruption Counter” is added to the scoreboard. In each Turn that a FOO IC, or scoring unit ends it’s turn standing on the objective, one “Purity Counter” is added to the scoreboard. If at the end of the day, there are more Corruption counters than Purity counters, then FOD win the day, and the planet will be reduced to a Daemon World; creating a dangerous warpspace/real space rift in the golgothan system. If There are more purity counters, then the world is held and both the Eldar and the Imperium begin to fortify it against future incursion. In the case of a tie, the planet is in strife, as both sides continually war upon it’s surface looking for domination.

I can’t swim! - The waters of the lake are impassible to infantry and ground effect vehicles, so there is no forced disembarkation from a watercraft. (This will also apply to skimmers, and amphibious vehicles like the Imperial Chimera) If a transport on the water takes a penetrating hit, roll for each model aboard, wounding them on a 4+ as normal. If a Transport is destroyed (sunk!) on the water then the squad aboard is lost.

Boats: There are 4 “Wraithboats” on the lake shores. These boats are grown from “trees” that appear to be made of an organic psycho-plastic similar to wraithbone. Each boat is treated as an open topped transport with the following profile:
MV: 6 AV: 11f 11s 11r BS: NA
Special Rules:
Crewless: The Boat must be boarded to be crewed.
Row Row Row your Boat: The squad aboard the boat may choose to use the Fleet universal rule rather than firing.
Fish in a barrel: Rather than firing at the boat itself, the squad aboard can be targeted in stead; though they get a 6+ cover save.

Terrain and cover saves: Bunkers = 3+ fortification save . Wraithbone Core, and Standing Stones = 4+ cover save for shots form the outside. Hilltops, and forests = 5+ cover save.

In order to make the battle more manageable, we broke down the forces into 500p blocks. The rules were simple: The block could be no more than 500 points +/- 1%, (5 points) the may have one (1) HQ choice but no more than one. They must have one (1) compulsory troops choice. Below are some examples. It shuld be noted that there are more than 3000 points in blocks/side. This is to allow for variety as players were allowed to change their blocks between sorties.

Battlegroups for the Battle for the Altar of the World King:

Forces of Order:

The Inquisition: 500p
1) Inquisitor Sian Kytonus and Retinue - 150
-Inquisitor Kytonus (Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, Bolter, Excruciators, Frag Grenades)
-Gun Servitor (Heavy Bolter Servitor)
-Gun Servitor (Heavy Bolter Servitor)
-Gun Servitor (Plasma Cannon Servitor)

2) Callidus Temple Assassin

1) 6 x Inquisitorial Strom Troopers (2 Meltaguns) - 80
2) 6 x Inquisitorial Strom Troopers (2 Plasmaguns) - 80

1) The Emperor’s Hand (Lance Strike) - 70

The Sisters of Battle: 500p
Canoness Teefa Landers (Adepa Sororitas Heroine - Canoness, Jump Pack, Book of St. Lucius, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Blessed Weapon) - 102

1) Battle Sisters x 10 (Meltagun, Flamer, Sister Superior) - 140
-Mounted in: Rhino (Extra Armor) - 55

Serephim x 7 (Twin Hand-Flamer x 2, Sister Superior with Evicerator) - 203

The Warriors of Craftworld Paragon: 498
Soyokaze Solarr, Warlock Lord of Paragon (Farseer, Fortune, Doom, Spirit Stones) - 130

Striking Scorpions x 9 (Exarch: Scorpion’s Claw, Stalker) - 176
-Mounted In: Wave Serpent (Twin Shuriken Cannons, Underslung Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones) - 120

1) Dire Avengers x 6 - 72

The Wind Serpents of Craftworld Paragon: 500p
1) Ged of Paragon and his Wind Serpents - 401
-Ged (Farseer, Jetbike, Fortune, Mind War, Spirit Stones, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding) - 153
-Wind Serpent of Flame (Warlock, Jetbike. Destructor) - 55
-Wind Serpent of Frost (Warlock, Jetbike. Destructor) - 55
-Wind Serpent of Thunder (Warlock, Jetbike, Singing Spear) - 48
-Wind Serpent of Spirit (Warlock, Jetbike) - 45
-Wind Serpent of Sand (Warlock, Jetbike) - 45

1) 6 x Dire Avengers (Exarch, Bladestorm) - 99

+ 2 500 Point Blocks of Imperials?

Reserve Eldar Blocks:
Eldar Kill Team:497p
1) Ard-Exarch Kurom-Togath “Wyvern” (Autarch, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters, Powersword) - 100

1) 5 x Fire Dragons (Exarch, Dragon’s Breath) - 92

1) 5 x Pathfinders - 120

1) Falcon (Scatterlaser, Holofield, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones) - 185

Eldar Support Detachment: 495p
1) Artillery Spotters (Pathfinders x 5) - 120

2) 9 x Dire Avengers (Exarch, Dual Catapults, Bladestorm) - 140
-Mounted In: Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, Twin Brightlances) - 145

3 x Shadow Weavers (6 Crew) - 90

Paragon Cavalry Detatchment 1: 492
1) Guardian Squad x 10 (Scatterlaser) - 95
Mounted In: Wave Serpent (Twin Brightlances, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines) - 160

1) Shining Spears x 5 (Exarch, Starlance, Withdraw, Skillful Riders) - 237

Paragon Cavalry Detatchment 2:
1) Guardian Squad x 13 (Scatterlaser) - 119

1) Swooping Hawks x 6 (Exarch, Skyleap, Intercept, Sunrifle) - 173

2) Warp Spiders x 8 (Exarch, Extra-Spinner, Withdraw) - 208


Emperor’s Children Cavalry Squadron: 500p
Baron Damien (Chaos LT, Mark of Slannesh, Steed of Slannesh, Personal Icon, Bolt Pistol, Daemonic Strength, Power Weapn, Doom Siren) - 126

6 x Noise Marines (Free Aspiring Champion, Doom Siren x 3, Powerfist) - 159
-Mounted In: Chaos Rhino (Extra Armor, Warp Amp) - 75

5 x Mounted Daemonettes - 140

The Lost and the Damned; Terminator Nightmare: 500p
Baroness Sonia (Chaos Lord, Mark of Slannesh Terminator Armor, Dark Blade, Combat Drugs, Daemonic Strength, Sonic Blaster, Doom Siren) - 170

5 x Chosen Terminator Retinue (Free Aspiring Champion, Free Icon of Slannesh, 5 Marks of Slannesh, 1 Powerfist, 4 Lightning Claws, 4 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster) - 270

6 x Doom Bats (Gibbering Hordes/Nurglings) - 60

Emperor’s Children; Fire Support Team: 499
1) Artillery Spotters: 6 x Noise Marines (5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster, Free AC, Free Icon) - 149

2) Las/Plas Team (6 x Noise Marines, Lascannon, Plasmagun, Free Icon and Aspiring Champion) - 175

Defiler (Heavy Flamer, Reaper Autocannon, Battlecannon, Indirect Fire) - 175

Emperor’s Children, Land Raider: 497
6 x Noise Marines (Infiltration, 5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster, Free AC, Free Icon, Powerfist, Daemonic Mutation) - 197

1) Chaos Land Raider (Warp Amp, Daemonic Possession, Blasphemous Rune) - 300

The Lost and the Damned; Chimera Assault: 498
1) Doom Bats x 6 (Gibbering Hordes/Nurglings) - 60

1) 12 x Traitor Guard (Flamer, Missile Launcher) - 114
-Mounted in: Chimera (Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, HK Missile, Multilaser, Heavy Bolter) - 105

2) 12 x Traitor Guard (Flamer, Missile Launcher, Icon) - 114
-Mounted in: Chimera (Extra Armor, Dozer Blade, HK Missile, Multilaser, Heavy Bolter) - 105

The Lost and the Damned; Artillery Train: 496
1) Traitors x 15 (Autocannon, Heavy Stubber, Agitator, Combibolter) - 158
2) Traitor x 6 (Autocannon, Heavy Stubber, Icon) - 78

1) Basalisk (Indirect Fire, Extra Armor) - 130
2) Basalisk (Indirect Fire, Extra Armor) - 130

RESERVES: Forces of Disorder Units:
Emperor’s Children, Daemonbomb: 502
1) Keeper of Secrets (Gift of Chaos, 1 Minor Power) - 170

1) 6 x Noise Marines (Free Aspiring Champion/Daemonhost, Damon Chains, 6 Noise Marines, Infiltrate) - 152

2) 6 x Daemonettes - 90

3) 6 x Daemonettes - 90
[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

The Battlefield and Forces of Order Turn 1:

-The Forces of Order won the toss for first turn, but were shocked to realize that this meant that they were stranded in the open with new targets. Whooops! Should have chosen to go second, huh guys…

The East –

-In a surprise upset: Tyranids armored in blue and white appeared from the warp and hurled themselves against the forces of Disorder alongside the Imperium! Here you can see the view from the NE quadrant: The Hive Tyrant came screaming from the warp alongside it’s lesser brethren in the North-East corner of the map (Bottom-right) In the center, you can see the Altar of the World King which is already held by the forces of Disorder’s Traitor Guard. (Lets hear it for Infiltration!)
A Wave Serpent from Paragon (Laden with the Warlock Lord, and his striking scorpions) spearheads the assault; followed closely by the Grey Knights under Brother-Captain Walker, the Storm Troopers of the Ki’Rin bastion, and the Sisters Sororitas under Canoness Landers. The “finned” structures at the corners of the Lake are “Wraith-Boats” that allowed for water travel and naval combat. The Inquisitor himself is located in the SE Quadrant (Top Right) and was set to lay down suppressive fire with his retinue.

Seeing the Tyranids materialize, Inquisitor Kytonus turned to his Pariah, a genestealer hybrid named Tobias who had been cut off from the hive-mind by his blankness, and indeed caused pain to the tyranids that he neared, “Tobi, follow those genestealers and herd them towards the enemy. While I like the idea of our enemy falling on the Xenos’ claws, I don’t like entertaining the possibilities if even one should escape the battlefield.” Tobias just nodded, and ran fast and low to the ground.
An Imperial priest, Brother Jacobs, walked forward to confront the Inquisitor, “This is madness my Lord, you are sending him home to them?!? He is a foul abomination and should be destroyed by our own guns along with his retched kind!” The young Inquisitor shook his head, “He is useful, and he seeks absolution for the crime of his birth in death at the hands of the Emperor’s enemies; you should be so blessed in your own faith and ambitions Father; now grab a weapon and take his place, we need all the help we can get.” The priest looked towards the oncoming horde with disgust, and nodded. He picked up a large, promethium-lit torch, and followed the Inquisitor and his retinue to battle.

NOTE: “TyranidPlushie” plays ‘Tobias the Hybrid’ in a 40k RPG that I run every other week, and it was my pleasure to see him used as her Broodlord in this battle.

On the other hand… Forces of Disorder Turn 1:The West:

-West Side…

-Here you can see from the corner of the NW quadrant. The Plague Marines of Lord Poxicola’s Death Guard, (Played by Mack) backed by a Land Raider and Noise Marines from the Vampire Knights. (The CSM element of my own House Bellemuerte LATD)
-The Mid-field has been dominated by the Traitor Guard elements from the LATD artillery Train Block. No only do their Earthshakers have a strong hilltop position, but their large 15-man squad infiltrated in (as noted above) inot the objective to score the first “Corruption Point” of the game.

Lord Poxicola stretched to his full sixteen feet and bellowed a cry of joy as the twilight glistened from his corrupted flesh. With his one good eye he looked across the battlefield and saw his chance for glory. A hoary blue-white dragon of a tyranid awaited slaying. He cared not for what the colorful servant of the weak pleasure-god said, today was a day to spread his pestilence, and he would start by taking the head of that magnificient beast!
His followers echoed his battlecry as they shambled across the field, escorted by the gaudy Land Raider and the lesser marines of Slannesh…

-In the far SW we see Baron Damien Bellemuerte and his “Emperor’s Children cavalry” block alongside the Daemon-Bomb Block, and another unit of Poxicola’s Death Guard led by his unnamed LT. For reasons I do not understand, the remains of the Traitor Guard took point to shoot the Klkn out of the enemy. (Sadly, they failed their night fight check…)

The Baron looked around him. His Vampire Knights moved to take the field, and his heart swelled with pride when he saw that his own mortal followers had already set up a fire-base on the Altar. He would see it become an altar to Slannesh, and this world become a great portal to the warp through which the untold glories of it’s denizens could make themselves manifest.
He peered through the darkness and saw that one of the enemy’s commanders, some fool with an Inquisitorial Seal, was commanding from across the field. Perhaps, thought Damien, he should pay his opposite number a friendly visit before setting out for the Altar. He called to his warriors in a voice augmented to melt bones, “To Arms! Forward for the Glory of the Prince of Excess, forward to battle, YEEEAHH!!!”

The first turn was marked by a total lack of fire and fighting due to the night-fight rules for our dawn attack, and the long ranges involved. :

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

TURN 2 - Forces of Order (Score: 1 Corruption Point/0 Purity Points):

-Spearheading the assault on the Altar of the World King, Eldar Striking Scorpions led by Warlock Lord Soyokaze-Solarr took the fight to the Traitor Guard Troops that held the center. Combined small-arms fire form the Scorpions, the Storm Troopers, Battle Sisters, and Grey Knights wiped out the entirety of the 15-man squad!

-The Callidus Assassin Zephyr materialized behind the noise marines that were supporting Lord Poxicola, and began to lay waste to the colorful servants of Slannesh.

-Under the watchful eye of their Tyrant, the Gaunts of Hive Fleet Arctic swept towards one of the nearby wraithboats, Kreeing their hunger and their eagerness to taste the flesh of their foes; as the Storm Troopers under Lt. Green looked on in horrified fascination.

-Tobias the hybrid drove his Genestealer Brethern forward to assault the hapless traitor Guard in the SW quadrant. Here a “Cup’o’Dice” wielded by TyranidPlushie is readied to cause mayhem…

-…and shatters under the power of the Genestealer assault!

-As their turn ends, the momentum of the attack has broken the Forces of Disorder hold on the Altar, and no points are scored this turn.

Turn 2 – Forces of Disorder (Score: 1 Corruption Point/0 Purity Points):

-In the SW quadrant the counter-attack begins in earnest as the Keepr of Secrets “Lady Sophie” emerges from her Daemonvessel, followed quickly by a squad on Daemonettes. The Baron summons his Mounted Daemonette “Ladies in Waiting”. The Chaos Rhino “Jr.” moves forward to bring the Genestealers into a crossfire of Doom-Siren Badness with the Baron’s own vocal “Doom Siren”. Tobi, seeing this decend upon him and his, had this thought:

-Shooting took it’s toll on the Genestealer swarm.

-Followed by a vicious assault that lost the Chaostic forces two Noise Marines, and wiped the Genestealers clean off the map. Tobias vanished using smoke Bombs, (Defeated in combat) and sped off to find another swarm of ‘Stealers’ to wrangle.

-Having defeated their enemies, the baron, the Keeper, and their followers moved in on Inquisitor Kytonus, angling for the kill. Meanwhile a squad of Plague marines slowly advanced behind the Slanneshi vanguard.
-“Lord Blah”, the Chaos Land Raider, quickly downed the Eldar Wave serpent that had been supporting the striking scorpions in a barrage of light and sound!
-The Basilisks pummeled Soyokaze’s Scorpions with punishing earthshaker rounds, killing 6 of 9 before they could reach the safety of the Altar.
-In the NW, Lord Poxicola moved towards the Hive Tyrant, escorted by his warriors.

This round had seen the utter annihilation of the genestealers in the south, and the destruction of the Striking Scorpions as a Viable unit. (along with the destruction of the only real Armor supporting the F.O.O. advance)
The downside is that the F.O.D. (Forces of Disorder) failed to capitalize on their gains, focusing more on killing the foe than taking the objective. (No Points Scored!)

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

TURN 3 – Forces of Order (Score: 1 Corruption Point/0 Purity Points):

-The F.O.O. (Forces of Order) made a concerted push on the objective this round as Storm Troopers and Dire Avengers boarded the SE Wraithraft, Serephim under the command of Canoness Landers and Sister Superior Cassandra used their jump-packs to land in the center as Grey knights from Brother-Captain Walker’s unit poured in with the remains of Soyokaze’s Scorpions. This placed 2 F.O.O. scoring units on the objective.

-This would prove to be the pivotal moment of the battle, as few FOD forces were available to move these formidable soldiers from this hardened position.

-Sister Superior Flare’s battle Sisters boarded the NE Wraithraft, as Lt. Green’s Meltagunners crept forward towards the Chaos Land Raider, using Hive Fleet Arctic’s gaunts as a screen.
-Supported by it’s Zoanthrope, the Tyrant cautiously moved through the forest, sensing it’s impending life-or-death struggle with Lord Poxicola.

-Meanwhile Inquisitor Kytonus and his retinue destroyed the Mounted Daemonettes in a wash of heavy explosive bolts, and blue-white plasma. This left the Baron painfully close to the hapless Inquisitor and his staff however…

This turn would be the most important of the FOO forces, as they had been able to take the center with two tough scoring units and One Independent Character: The Serephim, the Grey Knights, and Canoness Landers) Only two points were scored because the FOO commanders forgot to detatch her from the squad so that she would count separately. (Hey, I’m just the ref… )

Turn 3 – Forces of Disorder (Score: 1 Corruption Point, 2 Purity points)

-As Lord Poxicola closed with his prize, he called upon the nearby Slanneshi Land Raider to destroy the great Tyranid’s escort. Lascannon-fire “freemed” and explosive bolts danced as one of the Tyrand Guard was blown into a fine blue-white mist. The great tank pushed heedlessly through the attending gaunts as a great battleship parts placid waters.
-meanwhile the Imperial Assassin continued to fight against the dogged noise marines, slaying one of their number.

-The Deathguard boarded the NW Wraithraft as the Basalisk thundered it’s anger against the Grey knights and Seraphim, slaying one of the former and two of the latter!

-Using a rare opportunity, the three-doom siren Noise marines squad bathed the closely packed Dire Avengers, and Storm troopers on the SE Wraithraft with bone-melting sonic death-metal.

-The Baron, supported by the Warp-Amped Rhino surged into Inquisitor Kytonus’ retinue; cutting down the heavy Bolter Servitor and slicing Jack Burton’s heavy bolter in two. Between the ravages of the Warp Amp, and the baron’s fury, he and his henchmen were forced to flee the board! (OMFG, I ran aways!!! :sadandshocked: ) Fortunately I managed to beat him on the pursuit roll despite his high I score and his Warp Scream.

Inquisitor Kytonus recognized the multi-hued Arch-Heretic just as he cut Servitor 004 in twain from crown to crotch, while catching jack’s heavy bolter and reducing it to flinders on the backswing. “Fall back, all of you! Fly!”, he screamed. Channeling his Ferro kinesis through the fragmentation grenades on his chest, he forced all six of them airborne, pulled the pins, and detonated them; using all of his considerable mental discipline to force the fragments away from his allies. The smoke, and the metal storm seemed to enchant the Slanneshi Champion for a moment as the sound, smoke and shrapnel glanced off of his ancient ceremite armor, and in that moment the young Inquisitor ran for all he was worth; covering the retreat of his trusted allies with short snaps of bolter fire.
“There would be other opportunities to take the monster down”, he thought, “But it will be at a time and place of my choosing, not his”. Cursing the name of Baron Damien Bellemuerte, Inquisitor Sian Kytonus moved to regroup with his companions.

-Having Swept the SE corner of all enemies, the Baron and his Slanneshi forces prepared to surge towards the center via the SE Wratihraft.
-Note that with the defeat of Inquisitor Kytonus, this block has also lost (In fluff, so in fact) it’s orbital strike form the Emperor’s Hand

-In the NE Quadrant, Lord Poxicola swept into battle with his quarry, ready to rip apart this abomination to his Grandfather Nurgle. Continued fire from the Land Raider was all but ignored by the Blue-White “Dragon” as it set to receive the Nurgle Lord’s charge.
-At their Lord’s command, Plague Bearers hurled themselves into battle against the Guants that were busy swarming the Land Raider.

Lord Poxicola bellowed his joy through wretched, tattered lips, spraying black corruption and writhing maggots from his putrid maw. These tyranids spread like a plague, through spores, and through infection; but they were an abomination. Rather than offering Nurgle’s gift of life eternal and strength through suffering, they brought nothing but death and dissolution. They did not even allow proper decay, digesting their wounded to spawn new creatures…
They were a blight upon all good, honest pestilence and disease, and this chitonus monstrosity was the root of their evil in this world. He would have this beast’s head, and fill it’s brain with a thousand poxes and maladies, each more painful than the last; and he would have it stay conscious through the entire affair that it might broadcast it’s torment as a warning to it’s insipid Hive Mind, “Die beast, and know eternal suffering and damnation by the merciful hand of Grandfather Nurgle!”. Somewhere in his scabrous bulk, a nurgling giggled at the oxymoron.

-Sweeping forward, the mighty Nurglite Lord wounded the fell tyranid Tyrant.

The forces of Nurgle had finally joined battle with the Tyranid horde, and the Inquisition had lost it’s field commander to the ravages of the Slanneshi Arch-Heretic; while the Basalisks continued to rain death on the center unchecked.
Through all this mayhem, the objective was still in Imperial hands, resulting in another pair of purity points for the FOO despite the FOD’s gains.
[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

TURN 3 – Forces of Order (Score: Corruption 1/Purity 4)

-Sister Superior Flare’s Sororitas had taken some damage from Nurglite shooting during round 2. They quickly willed their Wraithraft into action for vengeance; floating in front of the Death Guard they bathed them in the glorious trinity of the Bolter, the Flamer, and the Meltagun. Several Marines were “cleansed” and made “pure” again in the fires of absolution…

-The Battle continued to rage on in the North as the forces of Nurgle continued to clash with Hive Fleet Arctic. Somehow the Plaguebearers were holding their own against the hordes of Gaunts that assailed them, and Lord Poxicola continued his deadly dance with the Hive Tyrant as the Deathguard looked on in fascination.
-Meanwhile Lt. Green and his men crept forward to bring their meltaguns to bear on the Obnoxiously Colored Chaos Land Raider…

Stormtrooper Corporal Vance cried out in alarm as a blue-white termigaunt brushed past him as it charged towards the pestilent Daemons of Nurgle that claimed the high ground. Lt. Green reached over and placed a hand on the younger man’s plastron, “Steady lad, they’re more interested in devouring those bloated pus-men than they are in us”, he motioned towards the daemon infested, “danger-orange” land raider that had destroyed their Eldar ally’s grav tank, “That’s what we’ve come for. I don’t mind that he burned the Xenos, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him destroy any of Canoness Landers’ Armor this day!”.
Cpl. Jack, and PFC Road had low-crawled into position, and trained their Meltas. They weren’t at optimum range, but even from this distance they might be able to hit something vital. Jack looked back and gave the Lieutenant a thumbs-up. The officer punched Vance in the shoulder and gave the man a smile before declaring, “Fire!”; moments later the daemon within the great armored vehicle cried out as it’s flesh was cooked within it’s armor like a fresh steamed Crab…

-…and blew it apart with a lucky shot within 12” but above 6”!

-The Grey Knights had decided not to take the collapse of their left Flank lying down, and plunged forward into the SE quadrant. They combined their fire with that of the Inquisition Rhino that was supporting them to sweep the Noise Marines and Daemonettes from the SE Wraithraft.

-Meanwhile Paragon’s Dire Avengers, seeing the Inquisitor put to flight, moved in to put down the Baron before he could do any more damage. A storm of mono-molecular shuriken blasted into the Arch-Heretic, but not one managed to wound him in a way he didn’t enjoy…
-Without hesitation these brave warriors stormed into combat with the multi-hued Champion of Slannesh, their hatred for his kind knowing no end. They managed to break through his Leg armor, and shredded his shin. The Chaos Warrior fled!

Intoning his Mantra, “From the Warp we come, and to the Warp we return…” Baron Damien faded from sight to inform his mistress of the situation, and call up more reinforcements .

-The Baron and the Chaos Rhino opted to retreat so that a fresh 500p chaos block could be brought in next round.

-Utilizing the modified infiltrate rules: Tobias the Hybrid drove another swarm of Genmestealers form the warp and into the waiting arms of the Death Guard who now ruled the SW quadrant.
-Because the Tyranids had appeard within 8” of the Nurglites, they immediately got off a round of shooitng that riddled several of the Genestealers; but driven by the pain of Tobi’s pariah-presence (Tobi acted as a Broodlord, and thus a “hive node”) they drove on towards the corrupted marines….

-…and devouring them as their plague LT looked on!

-This is a good assessment of the North side of the map at the end of the top of turn 3: The Land Raider was destroyed, The Nurglites and the Tyranids were heavily engaged, and in the far left side you can barely see the Noise Marines still engaged with the Callidus Assassin.

-Here you can see the middle at the end of the top of 3. Ged of Paragon himself (Team of “Wind Serpents” on the water) has arrived to oversee the Eldar component of the battle, while the Grey Knights and Serephim continue to hold the center.
-Brother Captain Walker himself stands triumphantly on the bridge and watches with pride as his Grey Knights take the SE Wraithraft.

The top of 3 was good for the FOO. The Land Raider destroyed, and all northern Chaos forces tied up; Southern Chaos forces put to rout by the Stealers and Grey Knights; and the center still firmly entrenched. Two more Purity Points for the FOO!

Turn 3 – Forces Of Disorder (Score: Purity 6/Corruption 1)

-In the North: The Plaguebearers continued to keep up their amazing defence against the hordes of Gaunts as the Storm Troopers under LT. Green look on in fascination, slowly moving in on the nearest Traitor Basilisk.

-A new force was stirring in the West: Under command of Topbanana and The Kid, a new strategy was unfolding to retake the objective. The LATD Chimera Assault unit was sent in. Two Chimeras, escorted by a swarm of Doom Bats arrived and strafed the center with their multilasers and heavy bolters; as the twin Basilisks shelled the tar out of the stalwart imperial defenders.
-The Grey Knights were all but wiped out, and the Serephim took a pounding despite their prayers to the spirit of the Martyr.

-The Death Guard on the NW Wraithraft took the fight to the Battle Sisters on the NE Wraithraft, and crushed them in desparate melee; violating the tender flesh of the soroitas with pestulent knives and shells.

-The then dived into the lake-water to escape fire from the defenders in the center. (Retreated to allow Mack to bring on more troops next turn)

-Lady Sophie, the Keeper of Secrets, slammed into the Dire avengers. She transformed one into a cute pink Chaos Spawn that she called “Snugglebumps” and slew the rest in combat.

-In the far NW, the Callidus Assassin Zephyr managed to finish of the Noise Marine squad she had engaged, though she was wounded in the fray; and opted to retreat from the field to allow more troops to be brought on the following turn.

-Damonettes rushed to aid the Plague LT as he was set upon in the SW quarter, but only managed to snag the corner of the Genestealer Horde. Destroying a small ripper swarm.

-With a last mighty blow, Lord Poxicola slew Hive Fleet Artic’s tyrant, and smote his ruin upon the mountainside! Seeing that his work was done, the Plaguelord called upon a great cyclone that swept all the the gaunts and Nurglite forces from the field!

The Corpulent Giant stood with his mighty Cleaver in one hand, and the Tyrant’s head in the other; and bellowed, “Good luck you Slanneshi fools, my work this day is done!”
A great rift seemed to open beneath him and both his followers and the northern forces of hive-fleet arctic were pulled screaming from whence they came!
On the Chaos Cruiser “Cenobyte”, Baroness Sonia Bellemuerte roared in anger, “Lord Poxicola has betrayed up and pulled out his forces! Prepare my Terminators for battle, and have them meet me in the transporter chamber!”, as she fumed, her Daemon-Axe “Archangel” hissed in anticipation…

-Actually, Mack wanted to go to lunch, and TyranidPlushie wanted to bring in some new forces… :

-Noise Marines, which had moved up to support the LATD’s assault on the center, shredded the last of the Grey Knights in a fullisade of deadly fire; A deadly battlecannon shell from a three-headed beast: A nearly fully Daemon Chaos Defiler, struck Ged and his Wind Serpents, slaying one of the Winged Seers in a cataclysmic explosion over the Lake.

This then sums up the bottom of Turn 3: The FOD had rallied and brought a lot of firepower to bear on the center in high hopes of pushing back the stalwart FOO’s that protected it.
Lord Poxicola and theNorthern Tyranid Swarms were out, changing the entire dynamic of this battle.
The Grey knights had fallen in the center, and the Serephim were under terrible pressure; but Teefa had now separated from her squad still allowing the FOO two points!

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

TURN 4 – Forces of Order (Score: Purity 8/Corruption 1)

-Garrett (DH player) came up with a new 500p block on the fly as we borrowed one of my Stormtrooper squads to allow him to bring on his Grey Knight Terminators!
-I’m not sure how or when it happened, but apparently the Keeper of Secrets got a second use of it’s “Gift of Chaos” psychic power against the Grey Knights and turned one of them into a spawn. We call thjis one “Syd”. (I guess that folks didn’t fully understand that GoC can only be used in the Chaos Shooting Phase… Oh well)
-The Grey Knights were joined by Brother-Capatain Walker who had been slowly moving towards the action.
-In a mighty surge of combat, and despite several losses, the Grey Knigts, Termies, and Bro-Captain did what they do best: They slew the Keepr of Secrets and sent her screaming back into the Warp!

-Another wave of Tyranids, led by the fearsome Warriors Broods of Hive Fleet Arctic, arrived to continue the fight.
-Inquisitor Kytonus had taken just enough time to re-equip Jack, and grab another Gun Servitor before returning to the front line along with…

-A pair of Exorcists as seen here from a Traitor basi’s gunsight view!

-Ged cast Fortune on his Wind Serpents as they closed on the hated Daemonettes of Slannesh. The wicked she-daemons quickly evaporated under two Destructor Templates and a wash of fire from the Serpents’ twin-linked shuriken carbines.
-Meanwhile Tobi drove his Genestealers into the South basilisk, and watched with satisfaction as the Chaos Artillery Track was ripped to shreds and it’s crew devoured!

-Seeing the Traitor Guard of the LATD preparing to take back the center, twin Exorcists from the Order of the Noble Unicorn struck one of the Traitor Chimaeras with a missile barrage. The Chimera was completely destroyed, but it’s attendant infantry squad managed to get out without any losses.

-Adding insult to injury, a volley of Frag Spore-Mines landed among the attackers, causing minor injuries and general nuisance.

Though many reinforcements had arrived for the FOO this round, they were unable to do much damage to the FOD forces. The only good news was the scoring of 2 more Purity Points.

TURN 4 – Forces of Disorder (Score: 10 Purity/ 1 Corruption)

-Now the Forces of Disorder struck back, and struck HARD with a vengeance! Another Chaos Land Raider had arrived, and Lord Poxicola had returned with his Death Guard. (He had taken a quick lunch break, and came back to continue the fight.. All he really wanted was to tick off Barnoess Sonia… )
-The Traitor Guard swiftly cruised across the lake in their amphibious (!) Chimera as the Remaining Basi, the Defiler, and the Noise Marines joined them in sweeping the Altar with fire!
-All of the Serephim were slain, leaving Canoness Teefa landers alone in the objective!

Teefa threw herself flat against the smooth wraithbone of the Altar as shell after shell detonated, leaving only Sister Superior Cassandra and herself alive. As the smoke cleared she saw the back-hatch of a chimera swing open directly ahead of her.
Men wearing flak armor caked with dried blood, and corpse-hued faces poured from the darkness within; and the air filled with Buckshot from their assault weapons. One of them aimed a grenade launcher at her, and with a *pf-oot* a Krak grenade hurtled towards her face, only to be intercepted by Cassandra’s cybernetic form.
Time seemed to slow as she gazed into “Cassie’s” optics for a second before the grenade ripped the female combat cyborg apart. Moments later, they were on her; ripping at her armor and trying to bring her down through sheer body-weight.
Her breath was ripped from her body as shotgun rounds fired from point-blank range, crushed her body with kinetic force even through her power armor. They cast her from the ledge…
As she crashed into the water, her flailing fingers closed over the helmet that was the last vestige of her life as a combat pilot years ago. Though numb with pain, she pulled it over her head and the only reason that she could tell that it had sealed was that her lungs were not filling with the icy waters of the lake. She sank into the dark waters alone, numb from shock, blind from pain, and deaf from the shelling, falling… sinking… dying.?.

-The LATD had succeeded in taking the objective again!

-Here you can see Mack and The Kid discussing the fate of the two Exorcists in the foreground…
-lascannon-fire from the Chaos Land raider reduced one of said Exorcists into a smoking Crater as Lord Poxicola Laughed in delight!

-Let it not be said the TopBanana doesn’t know how to throw a party! Here he brings in a unit of 15 Traitor Guard, a Squad of Six Traitor Guard, a Squad of 6 Infiltrating Marines, and turns on the IG disco-lights (Read: Lasguns) on Tobi and his attendant Genestealers.

-He also brings back the Other Basilisk on the North Side of the board!

-Sadly for him he does little damage to the Stealers despite overwhelming firepower. The dice gods are fickle beings far beyond the understanding of our kine! :P
-Still looks imposing though.

The end of Turn 4 sees another corruption point at last thanks to brilliant tactics from TopBanana and The Kid! Lord Poxicola has decided to join the fray at the front, and things are looking generally “up” for the FOD. Wheeeee!!!

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

TURN 5 – Forces of Order (Score (10 Purity/2 Corruption):

-Not to be outdone by the blistering FOD offensive, FOO forces moved quickly to counter. More Grey Knights arrived to take the East bridge, Raveners from Hive Fleet Arctic surged onto the repositioned NE Writhraft, and both Grey Knight terminators and the newly arrived Battle Sisters stormed onto the SE Wraithraft. Combined fire from these worthies killed all of the Traitor Guardsmen in the center, and once again the Altar was unclaimed.
-In the NW quadrant Inquisitor Kytonus and several Stormtrooper teams moved carefully through the foliage to seek a better position.
-Ranged fire from the Exorcist failed to do any real damage to the Land Raider.
-The Eldar Kill Team Block arrived: One Falcon with Autarch and Fire Dragon Team; and 5 Pathfinders. The falcon set across the North side at full 24” speed while the pathfinders set up in the south.

-In an unlikely team-up: Ged and his wind serpents utterly annihilated the 15-man traitor squad in a wash of Destructor and shuriken-fire; While Tobi’s Genestealers swept up the 6-man traitor squad. Nasty!

Tobias had been born a Genestealer Hybrid, but as if that was not a cruel enough twist of fate, he had been born without a soul! His very presence drove away his pure-strain brethren, and he could not hear the hivemind. For years he had sought someone to take care of him, and his prostitute mother as they fled the cleansing fires of the Ecclesiarchy and the Ordo Xenos. He hated himself, he hated the Tyranids for what they had done to his mother and himself, and he hated the Imperium for it’s callous ways. Only Inquisitor Kytonus had shown him kindness, and had given him a chance to make his life mean something.
He drove the Genestealers into the Heretical warriors of the dark gods, and laughed the pure laugh of the mad and the damned. He ripped into them and feasted on their corrupted flesh as he drove his estranged brothers ever onwards; his chainsword slashing as quickly as his talons, and his frag grenades bursting the foe apart in a pleasing shockwave of red mist and raw meat.
This was his place, his purpose, his religion; the cry of the prey as it fell before his ferocity, the panic of the Genestealers, the slight disruption of the strange flying Eldar as his powers brushed theirs. One day they too would feed his soulless hunger! For his vengeance, for his madness, for his hunger, for his mother, and yes… for the Emperor!

The FOO had attempted to retake the middle, but had merely succeeded in clearing it off. The FOD still had a clear shot!

TURN 5 – Forces of Disorder (Score: 10 Purity/2 Corruption)

-In another masterful move, the FOD moved their now-empty Chimera to block the East Bridge, keeping the FOO from advancing to the objective on foot, and bottling the Grey Knights between the Cimera and their own transport!

-In a complete Deluge of fire the SE Wraithraft was “sunk” resulting in the total loss of the Grey knight Terminators and the Battle Sisters that had been aboard.
-The NE Wraithraft was swept by fire that killed all three of the Raveners that occupied it.
-Both of these rafts regenerated at their starting point.
-Shooting from the CSM team in the SW killed another of Ged’s Wind Serpents!

-Desparate fire from the Noise Marines and defiler in the north failed to down the Eldar Falcon, but did succeed in shaking it up and preventing it from firing.
-Meanwhiel Doom Bats rushed to take the line, as Slanneshi Terminators let by the Baroness Sonia Bellemerte, who attempted to deepstrike onto the objective, instead appeared beside the downed Chimera on the Western Shore.

This turned out to be end-game. Though we did fight a 6th turn for the FOO, there was not 6th turn for the FOD, so it had to be discarded. :`(
[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)


The battle for the Altar of the World King ended with victory for the Forces of Order: 10 Purity Points to 2 Corruption points. A 5:1 win, or “Victorious Slaughter”!!!

Inquisitor Kytonus watched as the tyranids chased the forces of Chaos back into the warp through a strange rift in space/time that seemed like drifting mists. He had just pulled the nearly lifeless body of Canoness Landers from the lake via his psychic gifts, and even now the sister hospitaleers were trying to save her shattered body.
Brother-Captain Walker stood nearby in stoic silence as what was left of his men were recovered from the Altar, and the Eldar Witch known as Ged performed the ceremonies necessary to shield Remi Marinus from further corruption.
Contact had been lost with the Imperial outpost, and now that the Altar of the World King was out of the Grasp of the Great enemy, it was time to find out the why of it. He glared at the Eldar Witch-king with suspicion…


-Left to Right/High to Low: Ged, Farseer of Paragon, Canoness Teefa Landers, Brother-Captain Norris Walker, Tobias the Hybrid, Inquisitor Sian Kytonus, The Hive Tyrant of Hive Fleet Arctic!



-Mack: Lord Poxicola and his Death Guard!

-TopBanana of Tau Online, and his Borrowed Army: The LATD of House Bellemuerte!

-“The Kid”, and his borrowed Army: The Vampire Knights of Slannesh!


-TyranidPlushie: Tobias the Hybrid and the Hive Fleet Arctic!

-Garrett: Brother-Captain Walker and his Grey Knights

-Inquisitor Sian Kytonus (Ged): Inquisitor Kytonus and his Golgothan Expeditionary Inquisition!

-When the Campaign Committee tells me, I will tell you.

Questions, Comments, Considerations?
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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

An awesome job! I really liked the juxtaposition of well-written fluff and humor!
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
I picture the Ethereal looking out the window of the Devilfish from his seat: "Hey this isn't the way to Applebee's?! Where are you guys taking...Aw man, a battle?! Aw, you guys are total dicks, I swear! I'm still wearing my bathrobe! Can I at least have a gun? What do you mean you don't have any extra? What should I do, hit Khorne Berzerkers with my symbol of office? Man, you're gonna be sorry if I die... dicks."
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Default Re: Histricon 2007: The Battle for the Altar of the World King (PIC Heavy)

YES! Glorious victory to the Forces of Order!

An absolutely awesome report, Ged! The pictures, the fluff, the sheer and utter carnage unleashed on both sides....all in all, worth the read! +1 Karma for your efforts.

(Realizes he cannot actually give karma, and runs away before the Mods can lynch him)

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