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Gathering of the Necrons
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Default Gathering of the Necrons

Amongst the stars is a place where no light reaches. A place where no life stirs, nor has ever stirred, but a place filled with horrid motion nonetheless. A place surrounded by Sepulcher fleets and Tomb Ships, where the nearby stars dim and fade out, victims of the malevolence concentrated herein.

In this place, this void empty of life yet filled with life's ending, the servants of the C'tan congregate, drawn by a summons graven deep within their mechaniminds, and echoing within the useless remnants of their souls.

Surrounding the asteroid in question are fleets innumerable, Jackal class raiders swooping in endless defensive patterns while the vast leviathan Cairn class Tomb Ships stand as immovable bulwarks against any outside influences. These vessels sit at rest, but not at ease, the machine spirits which compose their crew ever vigilant and ready to react to any threat.

The asteroid itself is crowded with the Red Harvest's elite. Pylons scan the skies, ready for any threat which might conceivably pierce the fleet defenses. Monoliths hover hither and yon across the barren landscape, providing instant response to any area which might require a concentration of force.

Between these hulking skimmers stride the Necrons themselves, the Death Walkers, the Mont'ray, the Skull-heads, the shining doom bringers of a thousand communiques and inquisitorial data-files. In phalanxes they cross the barren ground, gauss weapons ready to be utilized at a moments notice.

And yet all these defenses surround not a vulnerable core, or some manner of fragile command center, but a meeting place of the only things to be feared more than the warrior caste of the Necrons: its leadership. In the asteroid's barren center, before a great and ominous darkness, the Lords have gathered. Silently they regard one another, carrying scythe or staff, standing on two legs or floating on an elongated and hovering body, identical save for a quirk here or there, the only minds among all the gathered Necrons which are capable of decisive thought.

They form a rough circle, growing wider as the portals bring more and more of their fellows to this spot. This formation is not a defensive measure, that which they encompass is its own all-powerful protector. Nor is it a measured and considered obeisance to the one within, for it can feel their terror and requires no further proof of their fealty. Rather, it is the optimal configuration to exchange information. Those who wish to contribute will step forward, into the light, and those who are content to receive will remain basked in shadow. The fact that the transmission of information requires a Lord to stand beneath the eyes of their deity, within the reach of its dread scythe, is surely not a reminder to consider carefully the validity of their message. Surely not.

The circle's membership ceases to grow, all are here who will be here, as one the gathered Lords face inwards, and the first steps into the light to transmit...

Purpose: This will be a place to deliver tacticas, objective suggestions, etc. to your fellow Necron campaign players. Italics will be used to talk player to player, while the message itself delivers the fluff version.

Begin post with your Lord stepping forth into the light. (if you use a C'tan instead represent it with some manner of combat-Lord for this post's purposes. Describe it and the escort it brings, using this chance to give us an idea of what your Lord's specialties and list types are. Since Necrons don't talk the communication itself should be described as being "sent" or "transmitted" to all present. End your post with the Lord retreating from the circle of light for the next person to take the floor. Don't specify the Nightbringer doing anything, I'll only have it act if we reach some sort of deadlock and I have to exert my commander status. As long as we don't get sidetracked it'll just loom ominously.
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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

The Swarm Herald steps forth, a cape of tiny scarabs draped about its shoulders. A pair of massive Tomb Spyders hulks behind it, their silent bulk lending mute testimony to the bluntness of this harvester's methods. An arm emerges from the living cape, and the Herald holds its Staff aloft, the information crackling forth in a burst of photonic emanations easily understandable by those gathered here.

Contained within the burst is some of the collected battle data that it has accumulated in its battles with the infant race known as "Tau", who are to be the focus of this great reaping. Each of the infantry units that the Tau has to offer are assessed in terms of their potential danger to a Necron force, and the proper countermeasures are listed.

Tau Fire Warrior
Danger level: Negligible, 1 blast from their weapon has a 1 in 18 chance of damaging a warrior beyond immediate repair.
Countermeasures: Optimally, gauss blasters, in practice any Necron unit firing or assaulting them will yield victory

Tau Pathfinder
Danger level: Negligible, same as Tau Fire Warriors with shorter range, only notable improvement is ability to cause missiles to be launched which are capable of destroying a warrior.
Countermeasures: Same as fire warriors, additionally they should be kept on the move so that they cannot use their lights to bring missiles

Kroot warriors
Danger level: moderate, weaker guns even than Tau Fire Warriors, but dangerous if permitted to come to close quarters
Countermeasures: any, lack of armor renders them vulnerable to all shooting

Vespid warriors
Danger level: moderate, strong guns capable of defeating necron armor (but not repair systems) and swift movement means that this unit is not to be permitted to attack more than once
Countermeasures: any, low numbers and low armor strength imply that any return fire will be devastating. Assault is also recommended to silence their dangerous weaponry

As the gathered Lords absorb this information the Swarm Herald is already fading back, its bulk soon lost in the shadows as the circle becomes vacant once again...ready for the next Lord.

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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

The Lord known as Little Reaper emerges from the shadows, floating silently forward on a jetbike torso. With a gesture of its warscythe it uploads the conclusions it has drawn from its recent battles.

This data concerns the Tau race, and the foes of days gone by, the Eldar. Particularly, it concerns the mode of transit both have in common, the skimmer.

General notes:
Skimmers tend to lack the devastating wide-range ordnance necessary to defeat Necron infantry. However, all the skimmers discussed herein are capable of the devastating "Tank Shock" attack, which should be regarded as their primary means of attack. Typically, the first skimmer soars through a phalanx and positions itself to destroy any who are routed by the successive skimmers nudges. Necron infantry's programming is suitably robust against such tactics, but care should still be taken.

Tau Skimmers:
Tau skimmers are unable to prevent stunning hits. If prevented from moving they may be successfully targeted with particle whips or heavy gauss cannons, presuming no more appetizing targets present themselves. Note that Tau infantry are not a real problem, so the transport capacity of the skimmer isn't to be given credence.

Eldar Skimmers:
Eldar skimmers lack the volume of fire that Tau skimmers can lay down, but make up for it with increased durability and the ability to move until destroyed. The skimmer transports lack side hatches, rendering them vulnerable to jetbike stuffing. Note that Eldar assault troops are a legitimate threat to Necron infantry.

Eldar Fire Prism:
Role: Long range bombardment
Strengths: Extremely durable, able to combine fire with others of its kind
Countermeasure: Deploy enough gauss fire to shake the occupants and then fire on other targets

Eldar Falcon:
Role: Assault transport
Strengths: Extremely durable, holds 6 passengers
Weaknesses: Only one rear hatch for passengers to disembark from
Countermeasure: Jetbikes move behind to prevent enemies from assaulting in the same instant they disembark, allocate enough gauss to shake it

Eldar Wave Serpent:
Role: Transport
Weaknesses: only average durability, one rear hatch for passengers to disembark from
Countermeasure: Allocate gauss fire to it until it is destroyed, thereby entangling its passengers

Tau Devilfish:
Role: Transport/attack craft
Strengths: Indirect fire, 3 hatches
Weaknesses: Low range weapons, passengers are militarily insignificant
Countermeasures: Target devilfish with gauss weaponry if and only if more appetizing targets are not available

Tau Hammerhead:
Role: Long range bombardment
Strengths: 2 modes of fire, anti scarab and anti immortal
Weaknesses: low accuracy, only average durability
Countermeasures: Engage with long range fire or a Veiled warrior unit.

Rotating in place Little Reaper withdraws from its Master's scrutiny, losing itself once again in the darkness.
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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

Next to venture forth is the Weeper. The assembled Lords seem to draw back a pace, this one has been marked by the Star Gods for something special, and even their dim and malevolent sentiences are aware that such a being is to be shown the same deference as any other hazard of unknown proportions.

The Weeper comes alone, no escort is required to provide emphasis to its directives. All know who it is, and those who do not would do well to avoid learning. It raises its staff and sends out its transmission.

Its message is brief and to the point, providing a general set of directives which should enable the assembled Lords to prevail against every foe.

First Tier Units:
Immortals, Destroyers, Scarab Swarms

These units are powerful and deadly in proportion to the cost of their deployment, you will never regret bringing them to a battle.

Second Tier Units:
Warriors, Necrodermises, Tomb Spyders, Monoliths, Heavy Destroyers

These units have much to recommend them, and can be as effective as first tier units against the proper adversary.

Third Tier Units:
Wraiths, Flayed Ones, Pariahs, Necron Lords

These units are poor, and their roles can be better performed by other entities. Their participation should be minimized.

With that brief missive the Weeper fades back into the blackness, its Veil billowing as it sends itself back to the battle.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

The next to step into the light is Anubis's Prophet, a Lord of old becomings, Evan older than the others, as he steps the other lords avert their gaze as if looking away from some horrible crime. He stands a good head taller than the others and has a jackal like head, he is accompanied by strange looking pariahs with jackal heads held on their shoulders. As he reaches the centre his huge sword-like warsythe sweeps in a arc of gold and silver and transmits his information on the foot soldiers of the race known as the eldar

Weak civilian inducted troops, easy prey for warriors or even scarab swarms

Swooping Hawks;
Troops with jetpack like abilities easy prey for Destroyers

And with the passing of his information he steps back, and pushes his way through the crowd of lords to meet his next adversary
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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

Time has passed, in this place such an event is measured in hushed silence, in stillness and in the cold perfection of the Materium's slow decay. The first phase of the assembled harvest has come and gone, and the ominous assembly takes silent stock of the events which have taken place.

Bulky and gleaming, the Cyclopean Lord strides into the light. Nominally in command of the Pylons and Monoliths which defend the asteroid on which the assembly meets, he has been nominated to put to the assembly an important question.

Our forces rage largely unchallenged across Tale'Ath. It is hereby proposed that further battle be moved to Golgotha itself, where the expected enemy strong enemy presence is somewhat missing. All units are directed to present their impression of this plan in a private communique open to the scrutiny of the commanders of this Harvest, and to its grim Master.

Message delivered, the Cyclopean turns and stomps slowly from the circle, receding into the darkness from which it came.

Send me a PM with your choice as to the following:

1. Keep focusing on Tale'Ath.
2. Switch off of Tale'Ath and start attacking Golgotha as well

The NB will express the will of the majority on Aug 22.

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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

The unseen communications fly thick and fast, each side made several excellent points, but there can be just one policy for the Harvest Fleet.

In silence the Bringer of Night delivers his orders, declaring through channels beyond the understanding of mortals that his will is unchanged, his loyal acolytes shall continue to unleash death and destruction upon Tale'Ath, and the Tau will be taught a proper fear of the death that he brings. Golgotha is not relevant to this goal, and shall not be assailed at this time.
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Default Re: Gathering of the Necrons

The asteroid sits amidst the endless void, tranquil and still once again. Its center chamber is vacant, the menace which filled it a distant memory. Its surface is once again occupied only by craters and dust, the detritus and legacy of an existence bereft of the presence of an atmosphere.

The Mont'ray are gone from this place, folding into an unknowable distance. Have they retired in victory, or slunk hence in defeat? What is the status of the distant world which was their target? Have they sated the dread being which commanded their actions?

None can know the answer to these questions, none at this location anyway. If one could pierce the void and gaze upon the world of Tale'Ath one could determine the results of the Necrons actions. Soon, patient viewer, soon the battle's outcome shall be known.

Until then, let us consider the silently spinning asteroid as a lesson. Those who resist not the Harvest know only its tranquil passage. The scouring and suffering that the populace of Tale'Ath have experienced could have been avoided if they hadn't had the audacity to exist. Weighted against the malice of the Nightbringer, is not oblivion a far gentler end?
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