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The Chronicles of the Vaedir- Craftworld Iyanden
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Default The Chronicles of the Vaedir- Craftworld Iyanden

Legacy of the Ghost- Craft

All along the Eastern Sector of the galaxy, the major forces of all races gathered and swelled in power. Among them, the Children of Isha, the last of an ancient empire, known to the Imperium as the Eldar. Fighting for control of the secret Webway tunnels artifacts, and the worlds themselves, the Eldar fighting for Golgotha aimed to make their presence known, their might felt.

All except for one, once largest of craftworlds. The home of the Shrine of Asuryan, the Light in the Darkness. Craftworld Iyanden.

For although the Eldar gathered from all corners of the galaxy, it was the path of Iyanden that intersected this major galaxy conflict. Considered by many to be a dying craftworld, it is feared that any major involvement by the Ghost-Craft would certainly be the nail in the coffin for the once mighty defenders of Asuryan.

So instead of contacting the Eldar conclave and committing to war, the Fleet Admiral of Iyanden and its Council of Seers sought only to slip through the eye of the storm, with as little direct involvement as possible. This was Iyanden’s resolve, brought on by its desperate situation and the need to survive in hopes of one day restoring the Craft to its former glory.

No…the main of Iyanden would not commit to the Golgotha campaign. Only the vanguard fleets, including the Remnant of the 11th Fleet- the Vaedir, would perform the necessary military action to ensure Iyanden’s safe passage through Golgotha.

It was to the Vaedir, led by the newly ascended Seer- Correllon Starblazer who would pave the path of safety, and survival. This is their story…

Farseer Correllon took a moment to rest, sitting with his legs crossed in the Dome of Crystal Seers, gazing at the approaching Golgotha in space through its translucent Dome. At his living touch, the grass seemed to warm his seat- the tiny flittering spirits dancing through a stream of solid crystal to greet him. It made the crystal shimmer and writhe, like running water.

It warmed his body, and chilled his soul. The spirits Iyanden’s departed- which were very much a living part of its Warhost. These spirits made even a potent seer like Correllon feel insignificant and weak. For unlike most battlefield Seers on Iyanden, Correllon had never taken the path of the SpiritSeer. Most of his core were living Eldar, which made them unusual for an Iyanden host.

He gazed at the rune in his open palm, the rune of the Vaedir that the Seers had cast for his assignment- his personal war to protect the fleet. Closing his eyes, he felt the weight of the rune leave his hand, as it danced in the air before him, making more of the wraithbone trees and their spirits wake.

He felt the cool touch of long, slender fingers slide across his pauldrons, and a figure slowly moved to sit beside him. It was Sarielle, his predecessor. She was near to her final days and spent much of the time here in the Dome of Crystal Seers, in the dream-like state she is destined to never wake from. Correllon noticed how cool and clear her skin was, and he could even see the blood in her now translucent veins starting to slow and crystallize. It would not be long.

”What troubles you, Vilaire?” She asked. Vilaire was her name for him, which meant ‘Angry Little Comet’.

Correllon looked briefly at her face, and noticed her once green eyes have gone opaque. She was now blind.

“My lady,” he began, “Have you made the right decision? Should the Vaedir remain with Yriel while we traverse the storm?”

She shook her head slowly. “Nay,” she said, “Let the Scion command the other fleets. He has enough of them to worry about. The Vaedir is in capable hands.”

Correllon conceded. “Very well. I will take any action necessary to get us out of here alive.”

“Do so quickly,” she added. “Surely there is nothing but peril for us if we linger. Move your fleet ahead. Strike quickly. Leave no trace if you can.”

She paused for a moment, while more spirit lights surrounded her. “There is a presence in Golgotha that I know all too well, and if it knows we’re here…”

“I think I understand,” replied Correllon. The Farseer gently kissed Sarielle on the cheek before quickly rising to his feet. “I will depart with the fleet immediately.”

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Default Deployment.

Farseer Correllon kicked over a half-burned corpse of a dead Imperial Guardsmen. His face grimaced underneath his ghosthelm. Even through the intricate Eldar psyche-filters and processors he could smell their stench. The familiar, repugnant stench of humanity. This is what war smelled like with the Mon-Keigh. Underneath the body of the human, he made out the familiar flowing robes and runes of someone else who had fallen, someone of his own kin. Removing the helmet from the warlock, he saw the fixed stare of the female seer. The bloodlust had not even left her eyes, even upon death. As he reached out to remove her waystone, it pulsed and warmed at his touch, and suddenly his ears rang with the shrill death cry of the seer…

The Farseer woke from his dream-like trance, clutching a bag of runes as if to cast some terrible spell. He awoke to the inspection of the Spiritseer Vaeia.

“Are you alright my lord?” She asked. He nodded, still gripped with anger and terror at his waking dream. The transport hull of the Vampire Raider felt so cold and haunted. He could see from the sensor crystals that the craft was clearing the embattled airspace, in its effort to silently deploy the Vaedir on the rim of the Golgothan system. Just behind them- the forces of the galaxy were deploying for full scale battle over Remi Marinus. This was their brief window to deploy away from the main conflict, and guard the flank of the main Iyanden fleet for safe passage.

A sharp, splintering pain ran through his skull and down his spine. Correllon was angry..but why? His eyes briefly rolled as he sorted out the feelings of vengeance and anger that flooded his very soul, as if he were already in the midst of battle, but rather than his one soul screaming with rage, he felt like several souls, all screaming at once. It had disrupted his psyche. He glanced across his left shoulder and Vaeia, who clutched her witchblade and kept her eyes shut, silently mouthing a chant of consolation.

Correllon looked across the hull and noticed the room beginning to warm. Across him were the terrifying ghosts and Lord Pheonixes of Iyanden, in their robotic wraithguard shells. Their soulstones pulsed and glowed bright red, reflecting across the smooth, empty faces of their wraithguard bodies. Correllon felt his fingers shake and muscles twitch, as if the spirit-kin were willing him to tighten his grip on his runes, provoking him to don his Ghosthelm, and assume his role as their warseer host.

He could hear a thousand voices, all at once. Chanting…screeching…crying…the culmination of several centuries of nothing but war, of the Kraken Cataclysm, and the return of Yriel. Correllon’s jaw dropped in horror, and his face paled as the spirits shook his psyche with the raw, unbridled, unresting anger of the once greatest of Craftworlds. It was nearly more than he could bear.

Vaeia opened her eyes and gripped Correllon’s hand firmly. And even though he seemed to calm, his hand continued to shake in hers.

“You are not so accustomed to being with them, are you my lord?” She asked.

“No,” he replied. “I’ve always deployed with our jetbikes, and I have never known the ghost-seers. Typically they ride separate in my host.”

It was no wonder the rest of his living men had taken refuge as far from the wraithguard as the Vampire allowed.

Vaeia removed her hand, and cast a rune in the air. “They will not let you rest, my lord. They are demanding war.” The words caused Correllon’s blood pressure to spike and for him to breathe out of his mouth.

Despite what was agreed upon with the Council, Correllon knew that he could not keep these spirits away from the battlefield. He only wondered- how he would ever get them out once they were deployed.
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Default Landfall

The Vampire ship breeched the atmosphere of Remi Marinus on the South pole of the planet, to circumvent the major fighting that was just beginning to break out over much of the surface.

Correllon watched through the view crystal. Flashes of light reflected across his face were indicative of orbital bombardments, and the fierce struggle below. Each time he could see an explosion, he saw a green mist quickly consume it, evidence of the strange warp mist that composed much of the atmosphere.

The craft set down on a cool, meadow field, with virtually no visibility. If it had not been for the crystal-lit landing zone prepared by Yriel’s Lading Team, the craft might have plunged into the darkness at the peril of its crew.

The ramp lowered and a bodyguard of Dire Avengers quickly surveyed the area before signaling the okay for Correllon to step down. As his feet met the surface of the land, he felt a tiny mist swirl between his legs and then rise to his face before it scattered into the air.

He stretched out his hand, palm faced down and spread his fingers with his eyes shut. The large crystals that made up the landing zone grew bright and warm. As soon as the scene lit- a small entourage of cameloline cloaked Eldar revealed themselves. They gave the typical exodite greeting of a simple head nod.

One of their members removed her helmet, revealing long, silver hair. She opened her hand to reveal the rune of the Outcast, which Correllon lifted out of her hand with a wave of his own. With his other hand he reached into his rune sack for the Vaedir, which he floated in the air next to hers. He bowed his head and spoke.

“Correllon, of the Vaedir, Craftworld Iyanden.” He spoke. She imply replied “Yen-nai”-
Mournings and consolations. It was typical of any polite non-Iyanden Eldar to greet in this manner, which elicited the typical “Yen-wei” from an Iyanden representative- acceptance of the condolences.

“Deneril, formerly of Glasyir,” she replied. Correllon knew she once walked the path of the Seer, but as an Outcast it was too perilous for her to use her full powers. Correllon gave the signal for the crew to begin landing the rest of the fleet, to set up camp here and being the major preparations of war. He walked with Deneril to a private dome setup so that the two could speak in private.

“I understand we paid a terrible price to stage here. Where is my lord?” asked Correllon.

“We have the weepers attending to him now,” she said. “He was wounded, very badly, but your seer believes he will survive.”

“Briallyn has seen him sustain horrible injuries, and belives that he cannot die until Iyanden is saved,” replied Correllon. “We will send him back to the fleet once it is safe to transport him.”

“What must we do now, Seer of Iyanden?” asked Deneril.

Correllon used both hands to clasp both ends of his robe at his side. “The Vaedir will stage here. And you and I must prepare for a meeting.” With that- Farseeer Correllon left the small hut and escaped into the green misty evening.

Deneril spied two runes in his hands as he swept past. One a serpent, the other a goblet.
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Default The Scourging of El'Nen

Farseer Lothariel recounts the scoruging of El’Nen, Remi Marinus:

Our scouts detected the presence of an Imperial Guard armored fist battalion –the 99th Arcadian Armored Corps, led by our old nemsis, Col. Bruno DeGrassi.

I deployed the host against the Mon Keigh, and marched the wraiths in a wall against the armored battlegroup.

Two of our falcons penetrated their flanks, joined by aspect warriors and harlequin troupe members. Amid heavy fire- they plunged deep into the enemy lines.

The Warp Spiders pledged themselves to a death mission, destroying many imperial tanks.

At the height of the conflict, the Harlequin troupes launched a precision backfield assault on DeGrassi’s personal guard. For reasons unknown to me, they let DeGrassi flee the field. I believe this was done so that DeGrassi could report to the other mon-keigh the level of resistance they face by remaining on Remi Marinus.

The fighting grew fierce as more and more Imperial tanks fell to the Vaedir. It is well known that the Arcadian Bulldogs will fight to the man when cornered, and they are trained to face our assaults with suicidal courage.

Many of our wraith-kin fell to the massed Imperial fire, yet it was not enough to stop our lines from reaching their main line of battle tanks.

Again, the stalwart 99th seemed to wish death upon themselves, even when facing off with our wraith-lord Bellyrius.

By the time the sun was setting on the bloody fields of El’Nen, we brushed past the armored wrecks to destroy the last of the mon-keigh infantry.

The last of the Imperial Tanks- a Leman Russ Demolisher variant, refused to leave and had to be purged with pulse laser fire from the falcons.

With the destruction of the Arcadian 99th, we believe the Imperial Forces have been weakened substantially.
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Default Re: The Chronicles of the Vaedir- Craftworld Iyanden

Correllon let his mind slip out of consciouness, clutching the rune of the Vaedir. It was here where he could escape his body, to seek the strands of time and fate. He felt his spirit float into the air like a mist, and carry him to other places, other times.

Aboard his mother craft of Iyanden, he chased the spirit of Sarielle. Her body continued to crystallize, and she spent much of her time communing with the dead, as she felt sure to join them soon. She found comfort in that, as well as the main fleet ever gaining towards clear space. Still- there was a part of her spirit that Correllon could not tread. Sarielle had masked it within her psyche, hiding something behind stories of a charioteer of old, who wore a skull for a helmet. In the ancient days this being led the predecessors of Iyanden to victory, and it is said that the armor he wore returned once to Iyanden, in the days of Prime, and then somehow lost during Kraken, possibly on a maiden world long forgotten. Correllon was not sure why Sarielle had hidden something behind this old legend.

But still, the fleet was safe for the time being. Correllon’s mind found the Corsair Prince, the scion Yriel. The pain and the terror of the Twilight Spear meant that Correllon could tread no further than to see a smirk on Yriel’s face, as the Prince continued to cut a swathe through old-fashioned Imperial Troops.

And finally, Correllon sought out his friend and rival Lothariel. Old of heart and somber of spirit, Lothariel marched a silent march across the fields of El’Nen, as if a wraith-kin himself. How terrifying it must be for the humans to die to our glorious ancestors. Their blank faces. Their unflinching march into fire. Their warp cannons. Lothariel marched a funeral procession with a silent dirge, and death on both sides. And Iyanden was safe, for now.

Correllon’s consciousness drew closer and closer to his own body. It flew through the armored wrecks and the piles of dead humans at El’Nen, it crossed the scarred and blackened cities of Kyrell, and through the maiden plains of Tybosh, where Correllon plotted the migration of the fleet North.

He opened his eyes and let the material surroundings ground him in reality once more. He returned the rune of the Vaedir to a pouch along his waist. Sitting with his legs folded over one another, he gazed at the rune atop the short, elegant wraithbone table before him. It was the rune of the Cosmic Serpent.

A few days earlier, Corellon had met with Shadrinar, who as predicted was disappointed with the Eldar conclave. He reported to Correllon that there was a great deception in the Conclave, and that while we have crushed many on the ground here at Remi Marinus, that some Eldar had resolved to attacking each other in space. Correllon and Shadrinar felt a common disgrace that their Eldar kin would be so naïve and weak-spirited as to be deceived so. Shadrinar was doubtful that he would return to the conclave, and that he must spend more time slaughtering those who defy the glory of Clan Beldaren. Shadrinar left, to fight the Tau on other continents, and spread death in the name of his clan.

As for himself, Correllon found himself torn between the wishes of Sarielle, and the ghosts of those who fight here. He felt the weight of the spirits on his back, holding him firm to the soil of Remi Marinus, not satisfied that the main fleet would be safe. The wraith-kin wanted to fight. They were not ready for Correllon to leave. He felt as if a prisoner to the ghosts. And yet Sarielle beckoned him to flee.

It mattered not. Iyanden was safe, for now. Remi Marinus might be won already, had more craftworlds taken to the tactics of wanton slaughter that Shadrinar and Yriel had taken to. We were not done here, yet.

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