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*OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign
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Default *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

I am starting this thread so that we can have an ongoing story, from the Tau perspective, on the upcoming campaign. That means only Tau players should post here!!

I want the story to go in chronological order, and bascially history our efforts during the campaign.

Right now we are only in the planning phases, so your stories should reflect mobilizations, troop training, or character development. I will be asking certain Cadres to perform missions before the start of the campaign, and those narrative battreps can be added. If you are unsure if the content you want to post is appropriate PM me. So, I will start it off.

************************************************** *********

He sat patiently; motionless as he waited to be summoned. His eyes scanned the room for all pertinent information; the location of the exits, fire lanes, defensive positions, and the disposition of everyone that passed. He was a Shas’O, the highest rank attainable to one of the fire caste. A warrior bread to fight; unfamiliar with being in a city that was not aflame.

It had been many Tau’cyr since his last visit to T’au, and it was exactly what he needed. During the last few rotaa wandering around the city, and rekindling old friendships. He remained him of why he fought for the Greater Good, for the Tau’va. All the death and destruction would be worth it if all would accept the guidance of the Tau, and live in peace.* No doubt, he thought, the reason he was here was not of a peaceful purpose.

He stood before the door opened, as he heard footsteps approaching from the other side. The many medals on his chest jingled when he snapped to attention while a pair of carbine armed fire warriors stepped from inside the room, and motioned for the Shas’O to enter.

The room was a buzz of activity; he glanced to the side and saw holomaps lit up with a star system he vaguely recognized. In front of him was an empty seat at a large round table covered in maps, flight plans, and unit strength reports.

“Shas’O Dal’yth Tal’Vor’an Uash’O Gol’go’tha, please take a seat, we have much to discuss”, stated Por’El T’au Hal’li.

“Uash’O Gol’go’tha?” questioned the Shas’O

“Yes, that will be your new title, if you will have it.”

“I will do whatever I can to further the Greater Good. What do you need of me?”

“Over the last kai’rotaa there has been increased activity at the fringe of our Empire, near the planets Tale’ath, Cha’Mont’Yr, and Guarn.”

“What kind of activity?”

“It seems that tensions in the area are growing, and it is attracting the most vile of races. We have intercepted communications from Be’gel, the tainted Gue’la, and what we believe to be Y’he. They are all descending on the Tau controlled Imperial world of Gol’go’tha, like carrion to a slaughter. The ambassador to Guran has gone missing, and there are whispers of deadly creatures lurking in the Underhive of Gol’go’tha. It has been determined by the Shas’Ar’Tol that a large force shall be sent to quell the dissent and protect those loyal to the Empire. You will lead that force Commander Scoutfox.


Commander Scoutfox and Por’El Hal’li labored over the vast amount of information strewn about the council room. Little by little an overall plan was formulating in the Commander’s head. As each new piece of intelligence was read, a puzzle-like battle plan began to come together in his mind’s eye, and soon he would be able to see the tactics needed for victory clear as day.

He was not used to operations of this size, and Hal’li had asked if anyone had come to mind for leadership positions.

His first thought brought him back in time to the cleansing of a Tomb World, on the Northern fringe. It had been a long and deadly struggle with the Mont’ray, and could have just as easily been a disaster if it wasn’t for one Shas’El in particular; Shas’El Lyi’ot. Four Cadres, including the Commanders, had been surrounded and were doing their best to hold of the endless hordes of metal warriors. The newly appointed Shas’El Lyi’ot volunteered his Cadre to spearhead an assault through enemy lines and bring much needed supplies and ammunition to the stranded Shas. They were not only able to hold back the Mont’ray but caused them to phase out of existence. Then with renewed vigor all five Cadres delved deep into the ground and destroyed the Mont’ray Lord.

Next to come to mind was Shas’O Bork’an Tau'kki, famed for holding a Tau outpost from Eldar raiders, while sustaining almost no casualties. His masterful use of the Deathrain XV8 configuration would come in very handy in the coming battles. Distant to some, but a father figure to those in his command, Nyrk’ki would make a fine addition to the command staff.

Lastly, Scoutfox needed someone that had experience dealing with the Gue’la. He could think of no other better suited for the task than Shas’O Ksi’m’yen M’yen’ka Savon’shi Mont’yr, or Commander Stryker. Troops under his leadership had the uncanny ability to almost appear from thin air, devastate an enemy, and then vanish without a trace. Any forces of the Imperium that dared resist the Tau would feel his wrath.

Yes, those would be the members of his command staff, and with them Commander Scoutfox was confident of a successful campaign.

With the decision made Scoutfox walked to a secure datapad, entered his id, and transmitted an encrypted message to each of his three Shas. He would not wait for a conformation, as he knew each of them would do whatever it took to protect the Greater Good. With that done he then activated the recorder for an all Sept bulletin to be broadcast throughout the Empire, which every Shas’O and Shas’El would receive. “This is Commander Scoutfox, secure verification code A2383B3, impending conflict Golgothan Sector all available Cadres report to rendezvous point Vash’ya…..end transmission.”


Like insects, dozens of Tau warships buzzed around the waystaion Morning Light; a swarm of activity as they prepared for war. It had only been thirty rotaa since Commander Scoutfox had sent an all Sept broadcast, and in that time many had responded to the call to arms.

As the Commander looked from the bridge of his Explorer class starship, he saw Sept markings from all across the Empire. Some of them he knew, like the famed five Cadre Tio’ve from his home Sept of Dal’yth lead by Shas’O Castris, the Spears of J’kaara, and the Baro Hunter Cadres far away from their volcanic home base. Many were new to him, but he could see ships from Vior’la, Sa’cea, Dal’yth, D’yanoi, and several others. With so many answering the call, there was no way they could fail.

It had only been a short time since his ascension to the Golgotha command, but in that time much had happened. New buildings were quickly being erected on the Tau controlled worlds, by the finest Fio engineers, to deal with the new situation. Por’El Va’Doran was speaking with an ambassador from the Inquisition, in an attempt to form an alliance against the tainted Gue’la enroute to Cha’Mont’Yr. The Fio scientists were busy with a new discovery that could save millions against another impending threat. Scan drones picked up signs of a new race of sentient creatures deep within Spirow; perhaps they will join the Greater Good.

With the ship now docked; Commander Scoutfox boarded the Waystation with his entourage. Kor'o Shor'lin'Vi'King, who would lead the Tau fleet, stood in the gangway along with two of the command staff, Shas’El Sa'cea Lyi’ot and Shas’O Ksi’m’yen M’yen’ka Savon’shi Mont’yr. Commander Scoutfox exchanged greetings and the asked, “where is Shas'el Tau'kki? I haven’t heard from him since he accepted the position in the command staff.”

“Nor have we Commander,” said El’Lyi’ot, with a concerned look on his face.* The group turned and walked down the hallway none paying attention to the magnificent architecture, as they had scene it all before; the way the floor melded seamlessly into the wall, or how the luminescent light appeared to come from no source. They stopped in front of a rounded door, and the Commander too a breath as he walked into the Shas’ar’tol where numerous Shas’O and Shas’El, from across the Empire, awaited instruction.

This has LeeStars say so.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign


* As countless ships continued to arrive, Elan'Eoro pondered The last several rotaa and his new mission. Ever since his his return from T'au he has been up to his waist in work, filing recommendations, gathering fleet registries, and planning the duties for the crew of the Morning Light. With a wave of his hand, the viewscreen at his desk flickered to life and he continued to toil away at what would be many more rotaa's worth of work. As the viewscreen finished loading his personnel files, the room's intercom sounded,

"Master Aun, sorry to interupt you from your important duties, however commander Scoutfox has arrived and is currently addressing the Shas leaders. he will be with you momentarily."

After thinking about his remaining work, Elan'Eoro decided that meeting the commander was a more constructive use of his time.


* ** As the Shas command meeting went on, Kor'O Shor'lin'vi'king and his sub-commanders waited patiently in the antechamber, gazing over the vast armada. The faint hum of a lift slowing caused them to avert their gaze just in time to see Aun'O Elan'Eoro walk into the chamber. They all gracefully fell into attention. With a swift Motion with his hand, Elan'Eoro set them at ease.

"How Goes the Meeting, Commanders?"

"The Shas are going over final preparations before we move out, Master Aun"

Elan'Eoro gave a slight chuckle and strode to the observation bubble next to the antechamber, gazing out over the newest arrivals.

"come now, Shor'lin'vi'king, we've all known each other all of our lives, formality is one thing that we can loosen up a Little, wouldn't you say, Friend?"

After thinking for a second, Shor'lin'vi'king moved over to where Elan'Eoro Rested on the guard rail.

"true enough, however, when all the Shas'o's and 'el's finish their meeting with Commander Shadowfox, remember that they Expect the Master of the Morning Light to be cool and professional, Not relaxed and calm."

* Moments later, the Grand doors opened and Elan'Eoro was motioned* inside by the honour guard.

..."fair Enough"

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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

ATTENTION: If you are going to post anything that will affect anyone other than just your own Cadre, I need you to PM me, so that I can pass it on to the Campaign Committee for approval.

So, feel free to post character development stories, Cadre mobilization stories, or anything about your Cadre. The Committee does not want a Medusa asteroid, or a character assassination without permission.

Update: Remember this campaign happens ~125 before the Medusa Campaign, according to the GW timeline.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Commander Scoutfox
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Morning Light

He turned the corner and saw her. Saw her on the ground, totally surrounded with no way of escaping. The Shas’el looked on at his comrade, a concern etched into his face. He threw his hands up, shook his head, and laughed, “Luk’boo is this the only way you can get organized, by making a huge mess?”

“Actually it is, Shas’El* Dal'yth Mont’fio” she said as she looked up from the floor, where she sat cross legged. All around her, in perfect piles, were intel reports, aerial images, and schematics. “We can not all be gifted with your photographic memory, so those without that talent must study, and plan. The life of my Cadre depends on the knowledge I bring to battle, and if I am ill prepared then my Shas will pay for my laziness with their lives.”

“Sorry I did not mean to insult, and don’t be so formal, just call me Mont’fio.” He knelt next to her and grabbed a stack of radio communications. “So, what are these?”

“Well then Mont’fio, that is the transcript from a radio communication that was intercepted just a dec ago. Seems that there will be more than just an Imperial presence in Golgotha, and the Orks will not let the chance to join a fight pass them by.” She snatched the papers from Mont’fio and placed them exactly where they were before, taking an extra moment to ensure they were flush with the papers underneath.

Luk’boo stood, and carefully stepped from her circle. She walked toward the window, and glanced out at the distant stars. “What are your plans when we reach the Golgothan Sector?”

“I’ve fought the Imperials before; they are a predictable bunch. I will follow Commander Stryker into battle, and do whatever is necessary to protect the Greater Good. All the planning in the world cannot prepare you for what will come. It is only through training and the adaptability and ingenuity of our race that we will persevere.”

“Perhaps you are right,” said Luk’boo, though her tone told a different story. “I am going to sit in on the Shas’ar’tol and see what the other Shas have come up with.”

“The war is still too far away. I’m sure it is all talk now.” With that Mont’fio left the room and headed to his chambers.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Cicero and Castris had been talking for the better part of two decs. So far the Y'mont'he had been progressing well, with successful missions all around, but Castris was worried about the Y'he response.

"So far we haven't had any of the Y'he turn on us," said Cicero. "The ATW and the Crystalline Cannon are progressing well in development. The team has yet to lose significantly. Why are you worried?"

The Y'he have been are known for their strategic accumen. They move in perfect coordination with each other. Why would these vanguard organisms be so unsupported?"

"Ah, I see where your worry lies now. It seems that the creatures are purposely sent out by themselves to infest the planets, and guide the rest of the fleet to where life is most abundant."

"But Cicero, the underhive of Golgotha is not a place of great life. It has many gangs and such, but why do they not infest the residential areas?"

"It seems that they know we are their, and that our technology would notice them far before they could get close to a sizable portion of the populace. They know exactly where we are weak. It is why the revered Shas'mek decided to put me in charge of the Contingent for the campaign. He knows you are too agressive to lead a force this size."

"My aggressiveness has let me prevail over any foe. My losses are few, and when I do lose, the shas are able to get out effectively. There is nothing wrong with my command."

"Be at peace, Castris. I know you're record. However, these are not the Be'gel. Even you cannot prevail against these creatures in close quarters. It will take cunning, not force, to defeat these creatures. I fear that in the end, we will have to beat them at their own game. That is the purpose of the Y'mont'he, and the plans. You know what I speak of."

"Very well, Cicero. I know in my mind you are right, but something doesn't feel right to me. Maybe in time it will pass. However, for now, I ask for free reign to use my cadre as I see fit."

"It is granted, Castris, but be careful. There are more threats to us than simply the Y'he in the underhives."


Yes this is mysterious and cryptic. It's meant to be. Those that understand are meant to understand. I just fealt like writing a story.

"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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Shasocastris, since my return to these boards, nothing has made a bigger impression than you and your views.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

The Waystation "Morning Light" was a hive of activity. Dozens of mighty capital ships floated alongside her, wave after wave of shuttles bouncing between them as the Shas'ar'tol was gradually assembled.

Aboard one such vessel was Shas'O Sa'cea Suam'sha'is Ar'tyr. His face was blank, almost souless, but those that new him well knew that a bright fire burned behind those eyes. Flanking him were two of his comrades, Shas'vre who would have been his bodyguard had not they not chosen to pilot seperate types of Xar'Vesa Battlesuits. They were the veterans of many campaigns, and it was for that experience that they had been called to be part of the Shas'ar'tol.

The air hissed as the airlock linking the vessel and the Waystation opened. The Shas'O had only taken a few steps out of the pod when a elaboratley dressed figure stepped around a corner to meet him. After a moment's stunned hesitation, the Shas'O fell to one knee, his armour ringing on the metal floor. The Shas'O felt his bodyguard following suit as he began to speak.

"Blessed One."
"Rise, Shas'O. You have arrived later then we expected, and there is no time to waste."
The Shas'O frowned as he rose. The word of the Aun was truth, but he was sure.....
"Your pardon, Blessed One, but I was told we would not arrive at Cha'Mont'yr for several rotaa......."
"The Tau'va has other plans for you Ar'tyr. Shas'O Cicero has chosen you to partake in a...special mission. He requests your presence immedietley."
"By your will, Blessed One."

The Shas'O began to leave, but stopped briefly. His bodyguard remained on their knees, not having been told to rise. The Aun'vre seemed to understand.
"Cicero requests your presence alone, Shas'O. There are facilities on this station to ensure your soldiers are comfortable."
The Shas'O bowed, shared a brief glance with his escort, and walked away.

There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. Guilty.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Shas’O Ke’lshan M’yen Mal’coar sat in his quarters aboard the “Suam’T’shi” pondering the campaign to come. He held in his hand a list of cadres that have so far committed themselves to the insurgency. He could see many familiar names. They were not familiar in the fact that he knew them, but of their reputations. The Tau’va was resting in capable hands. There was also some degree of insecurity. He was the youngest, least experienced Shas’O to have committed his forces.

Over the past kai’rotaa he had witnessed what seemed like thousands of vessels coming and going from the “Morning Light”. This was the largest war contingent he had ever layed eyes on. This both scared and excited him. He would have such a great opportunity to learn from all his fellow Shas and prove himself to be a great commander. However, It also indicated the scale of this campaign. “If the Tau could raise this many numbers then what of the Imperium? The Orks? Oh gods…What of the Y’he?”

The “Suam’T’Shi” was one of the first vessels to reach the “Morning Light” as the fleet just happened to be in the area at the time of Commander Scoutfox’s message. This gave the Trailblazer cadres many opportunities to try out the holo-rooms and in most battles to claim victory. This also gave him ample time to plan out strategies against all of our adversaries. “Why do we struggle against the Imperium to such an extent?” he thought. “Surely our greater numbers and heavy fire power should tear them down easily…Yet they always manage to …” Before he could finish that thought his commanders entered the room quietly, trying not to disturb his thoughts, but alas they did nonetheless.

“Ah. It seems you are early yet again.” He said with a chuckle, trying to hide his concerns.

“You know us all too well” jests Shas’El Ken’shi, his most senior Lieutenant and childhood friend.

“Indeed I do, friends. So tell me. Are we ready? Have we done everything we possibly could to ensure our lives and the lives of our fellow Shas?”

“You know that is not a question we are able to answer, brother” Shas’El Da’vu offered. “But we have indeed done our best. And once we know exactly what role we will be playing we can adapt our strategies to our needs” Da’vu looked at his older brother in admiration. He would willingly go to his death to defend the Tau’va with the people in this room.

“Indeed.” States Shas’El Ma’tra Va, seeing right through his commanders guise. “You are concerned, friend, and I can understand why. You are in a position where the weight of our existence rests on your shoulders. But know that you are not alone. We share this weight with you... As do all Tau.” He rested his hand on the Shas’O’s shoulder.

“Alas you are correct my friend. The Tau’va shall prevail and in time the galaxy will be one empire, working together. No more war or suffering, but a great time of peace. And I know that with your support we can manage to play our part. Thank you, friends. Your support is all I need at this moment in time”

With that he bid his friends farewell and went for a walk to observe the holo-battle occurring between the greater good and a seemingly endless flood of imperial guard.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Morning Light

Having finished the last briefing for the day, he sat alone in his room. It was only here that he could relax and try not to think of the coming engagement, and the lives it would cost. Even now the fleet skimmed into and out of the Warp, racing toward a great conflict. But, here he could relax, and get the dec or two of sleep that he needed.

The intercom buzzed to life, of course he thought. “Commander Scoutfox, it is Shas’El Luk’Nok. May I enter?”

He hesitantly depressed the talk button, hoping for good news, but fearing the worst. He was still so worried about Shas’O Tau’kki. No one had heard from him since he responded to the initial call. “Enter” was all he said.

The door noiselessly slid open, and the Shas’El quickly came into the room; a stack of paperwork in her arms, and an excited look on her usually somber face. “Sir, the latest test results from Shas’El Lyi’ot’s research scientists. I think their theories are right. Every test from the first to the last ends with the same result. They always find them, no matter what we put in their way. The Fio still don’t know how, but even the Gue’vessa volunteers are tracked. It appears they will go after the hybrids as well.” Said Luk’Nok quickly.

“What of the scanners? Do the new instruments detect the taint?”

“So far yes, but only in the later stages. They assure me that before we have to implement the machinery it will be able to locate even the smallest abnormality.”

“Excellent. Inform Castris. I’m sure the news will please him, and summon Shas’El M’yen Shas’is I would like to know the progress of the Eldar negotiations.”

“Of course sir. For the light.” With that she turned and left; the door closing behind her.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Brought to you from the imaginative mind of 40kenthusiast; some collaborative fluff. Enjoy.


Throughout the Morning Light the order has been sent out. Cadre leaders are to rendezvous and receive a briefing. Many suspect that this briefing may have something to do with the discovery of Commander Taukki's flagship, the Solemn Duty, about which rumors have been spreading.

The briefing room is packed, its membership solemn and determined. The leaders of a dozen and more Hunter Cadres are here waiting for the information which has been promised. To the surprise of many the one who is to address the assembled Shas is not one of their own. A member of the Fio caste, clad in the somber garments appropriate to a builder of cities, makes his way to the front of the gathering.

He looks out of place in the current company, and not merely because his stature is slight and his posture hesitant. It isn't even the fact that he is garbed in the snug work-harness of his caste rather than solid carapace armor which truly makes him stand out. No, it is the fear. Every other member of this august assemblage is marked by a calm certainty, a warrior's trademark stoicism. This is a man nigh-broken, and the strain of his recent experiences has bent his spine and caused his head to tremble on its neck.

He has no need to gesture or prompt for attention, every eye is fixed upon him. The fact that one of the Tau under their protection should experience such raw terror is cause for quiet anger, and the tension in the room mount until the bureaucrat begins, haltingly and with a vast trepidation, to tell his story.

" I have the honor" he begins " to be Ui'Satimta of the Fio Caste. Seven decs ago I was ordered to begin the analysis of the information which the drone squadrons had recovered from the vessel."

It is obvious to one and all that to speak the name of the Solemn Duty would take more courage than this poor man possesses at this time, but no one doubts what ship he is referring to.

"5 Decs ago I..." he pauses and then continues in a great rush " I went to the ship myself, unable to bring myself to believe the reports I was viewing. They are all true."

Ui'Satimta visibly steels himself before going on. "The drone reports show that the vessel was filled with signs of battle. The scoring of energy blasts and strange, flat, sharp projectiles cover the walls. The exterior of the vessel is scarred and pitted with grapple marks and..."

After a long pause he simply begins his story in a different area, jumping topics with a forced and unnatural deliberation of manner. " The battle damage is consistent with a 2 phase boarding engagement. Commander Taukki's vessel was apparently first engaged by piratical Eldar forces who assailed it in an attempt to take its crew as slave. They caught it unawares in the aftermath of its arrival in the Yessamat system, en-route to Golgotha. The initial battle with these raiders was fierce and swift, with the valiant" He stops again, the word "valiant" seemingly the cause of some massive and unknowable distress within him.

After a moment he rallies and continues "valiant Shas warriors rallying and bringing their foes to a stalemate through a series of pitched battles within the hull of the Steadfast Duty. The Tau casualties of this earlier section of the engagement are intact save for their battle damage, and show none of the...dessication...of the later losses. The piratical Eldar casualties, from this and the later battle, have disappeared, along with the Eldar vessel."

"Records created by the chief Kor officer indicates that the battle with the pirates had reached a deadlock when a Mont'ray vessel, larger than any ever recorded, appeared almost on top of the locked ships." Ui'Satimta shakes slightly as he recounts this. "The vast Tomb-ship bore upon it a sepulchre of prodigious size and ominous aspect. The appearance of this vessel utterly broke the spirits, and perhaps even the sanity, of the attacking slave-raiders. The piratical Eldar were immediately repelled, falling back in a panic. Over a half a dozen cases of suicide were recorded, with the raiders choosing to take their own lives in animal terror. Tau morale, on the other hand, was bolstered by spirited oratory from O'Taukki and his deputy. It is possible that the well-known greater sensitivity to warp energies of the Eldar may account for our forces ability to avoid the dread which crippled their attackers, or it may be as simple as the fact that the Raider vessel was between the Steadfast Duty and the Tomb Ship's sepulchre. Whatever the reason, the terror which struck down the Eldar left them unable to manage their slaves, who apparently initiated a catastrophic integrity failure, destroying their ship entirely. It is also possible that they initiated this self-destruct on their own, rather than suffer the Mont'ray's boarding action.

Knowing of the Mont'ray's superior portal technology Commander Taukki left the infantry to defend themselves within the passages and corridors they had so recently bled over, and brought his Broadside and Crisis battlesuits to the vast and empty cargo hold. It is my belief that he was attempting to decoy the armored elements of the enemy strike force into a situation where the longer ranged weaponry of the battlesuits could be used to its best advantage. It is not to be held against him that it was to backfire so horribly..."

"Commander Taukki took this calm before the storm to record a message, discovered within his undamaged armor, which he wished to be read to his comrades within the Cadre. The first part of his recording was only for the ears of his Bonded circle, and has been sent to them by private channels. The remainder I'll read now. Fellow Shas, it appears as though I shall not be joining you in the battle to save the Golgothan sector. The mass of the vessel which now assails us is an order of magnitude greater than the Steadfast Duty and the captain has informed me that the damage inflicted to the propulsion systems by the Eldar slave-raiding band will require decs to repair. I take this moment then, to recommend Ui'taulat, the commander of my Cadre's prime Fire Warrior unit, be awarded the Silver Knife in recognition of his unit's stalwart defense of the Kor crew quarters. His unit held off a squadron of strange beasts of prodigious size and ferocity, which were herded against him by an Eldar beastmaster. Unsatisfied with a static defense of his position, he led the foe through an ingenious series of traps, culminating in slaying the Beastmaster and driving the creatures back in confusion. My recommendation having been made, all that remains is to exhort you all to strike a blow in my name in the coming battle. Let my last service to the Tau'va be to inspire you all, my brethren, to new heights of zeal. For the Tau'va!"

The message having been read, Ui'Satimta continues with his grim recitation. "As the elite elements of the Cadre waited within the cargo hold the enemy forces brutally and efficiently destroyed the remainder of our kinsmen. " Strangely, this does not seem to tax the poor Fio any further. In fact recounting the last stands of the Shas'la and Kor'la seems to renew his failing courage and the next few sentences positively ring out within the packed briefing room. For a few moments he tells of the surveillance systems recordings of clawed Mont'ray bursting from the morgue, clad in the skins of their victims, and strange hovering spiders flooding entire hallways. When he has described the fall of all of the static elements of the Cadre he returns to the discussion of the cargo bay. "At this point the visual sensors on the cargo hold failed, so what I recount from here on out is merely the deductions that can be drawn from the evidence left behind within that accursed chamber."

"Mont'ray warriors surrounded the chamber, sealing each exit by melting the outside and permitting the doors and walls to fuse together. The Crisis suits and Broadsides were surrounded by an unbreakable cocoon of steel. At this point the mass measurer of the cargo bay records the sudden and inexplicable arrival of several tons of inorganic matter. Plasma fire scoring on the cargo bay walls indicate that the Crisis Suit pilots opened fire on something emerging from a point on the wall located directly between them and the sarcophagus on the Mont'ray vessel. Energy levels indicate that the Broadsides fired 2-3 times each...before..."

It is long moments before Ui'Satimta brings himself to continue. "They died. Without a mark, without an explanation, they expired within their battlesuits. Their bodies are perfectly intact, their armor is unmarked. The cargo bay walls are unbreached, save by one errant Railgun blast. Striking at something unimaginable they simply...expired. The mass measurer duly recorded the mystery metal's disappearance shortly after the last death."

Seemingly aware of the scrutiny of the assembled commanders Ui'Satimta struggles to put his thoughts into words. "When I went there...when I stood on that ground, I could feel it. An endless, endless, scorn. Disdain struck me like a hammer, a dismissal that flowed through me and fixed itself to my bones. It has been for a million million Tau'cyr, and it will be for a million million more. Commander Taukki and his cadre were annihilated not so it could feed on him, although it did feed on him, but because in time beyond time this is its answer to the riddle of existence. For all eternity it has roamed, slaying as it chooses, because that is all there is. IT is all there is. Ending others rather than ending oneself, devouring the terror and the fear of the weak, crushing and consuming those who thought themselves strong...this is all there is. It is the Bringer of Night. Its forces are the Armies of Sunset. Its thoughts are the Mont'va...the Greater Bad. It-"

Commander Scoutfox cuts him off, striding forward and speaking forcefully into the listening silence. "It does not matter. This Mont'ray commander crouches atop the technological peak that our Fio caste climbs, but it crouches fixed nonetheless. It possesses great strength, but it is a hollow power, one that knows nothing of growth or change, indeed it denies the very possibility of change. It possesses also a poisonous nihilism, an arrogance of the spirit which cripples it forever from embracing the Tau'va. It positions itself squarely before our Empire's path, and like all that do so it shall become sand in that path, kicked aside on our march to Empire! That is our answer. That is THE answer. That is our only answer. Hope against its hunger, the Morning Light to answer its Armies of Sunset, the Tau'va's enlightenment against its hollow and idiotic conclusions, change and understanding against its arrogant presumption of perfection, at the last, our lives against its death."

With that, Ui'Satimta is ushered out, and the conversation begins to buzz as the assembled Cadre commanders mull over that which they have seen.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Morning Light

Shas’El M’yen Sha’is walked side by side with Commander Scoutfox, both in mourning over the loss of Commander Taukki. Once the news was heard, the mood in the Shas’Ar’Tol went from hurried excitement, due to operational planning, to a somber time of grief over the passing of O’Taukki. They all knew that many other Cadres would suffer the same fate before the end of the war, but none expected the losses to start so soon. Plans were quickly devised to deal with the early blow, and Shas’O Castris was named the new Commander of the Doran’Ro Kavaal.

The two Shas left the war room as they exchanged the newest intelligence. Commander Scoutfox placed his hand on the back of Shas’El M’yen Sha’is, and said in a comforting tone, “We will all miss him, he was a great Commander.” The Commander’s voice then took on a more authoritative element, “Now is the time to look to the future and secure or presence in Golgotha. How are the negotiations with the Eldar coming?”

“I fear not well sir.* Por’El Gal’lin Dor’is reported that the talks with the Eldar leadership have yielded not so much as a non aggression pact. Dor’is said there were a few wiling to listen to reason, but the majority brushed him aside as if speaking to a Gue’la child. They still do not respect our Empire, and I believe that conflict is inevitable.”

“That is a shame. They are the one race that I feel the Tau could have the best relationship with. There is no reason for our two Empires to fight, and we could learn much from each other. For now the Shas’Ar’Tol has decreed that the Eldar are not to be specifically targeted, but if they get in our way……”
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