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*OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

Golgotha – Near Zehlo

Vattra Bentu'Fio glided silently through the void, taking in all the data they could gather about escape routes for Tau ships in the area. Imperial ships from Zehlo had recently entered the area, and patrols from both races were warily facing each other. The nerve of the gue'la broke, and they angled for an engagement.

The four Lar'shi of the patrol group warmed up their spineguns, lacing the darkness with massive torpedo contrails. Barracudas and Mantas spilled from launch bays, preparing to meet the attack craft of the Imperial vessels. The imperial Lunar class cruisers continued to close, hoping to bring their broadside batteries to bear. From the darkness bomber squadrons made repeated runs against the large ships, damaging one one of them.

Weapons fire began to criss-cross the combat zone, space becoming a web of explosions, contrails and solid projectiles. The battle was short, a lucky volley from the lead Lar'shi crippling the lead Lunar, smashing its bridge with a well placed railcannon slug. The remaining Lar'shi concentrated on a nearby Gothic cruiser, the combined firepower reducing it to so much drifting slag.

The imperial ships began disengaging, not wanting to risk further damage until they could bring in heavier vessels.

Remi Marinus – Outside Dulusomortis' Orbit

Twice in two days it had happened now. Kor'ar'tol had suggested using the fringe of the Remi Marinus system as a staging area for the evacuation of refugees from Gologtha to Tale'ath, and from there to the Tau Empire. Kor'or'vesh ships had dived into the system, hoping to create a safe lane for the refugee ships. The Eldar, as Eldar are wont to do, took the dive into their space as an invasion, and began raids against isolated Kor'or'vesh ships, including a newly commissioned Guardian class battleship.

The first raid saw Eldar Hellebores and an Eclipse face off against a Custodian Carrier and it's Warden escorts. The battle was short, conducted at medium range, Eldar manoueverability and Tau railcannons evenly matched. In the end, both battlegroups returned to their parent fleets, awaiting a larger engagement.

The second raid was an attempt by the Eldar to destroy the recently created Guardian battleship. Their arrogance cost them dearly, losing them over a third of the raiding fleet they had sent to deal with the massive ship and its Protector squadron. The small Tau battlegroup sped up and hid in a flare remnant, all but invisible to the Eldar sensors, before angling for the primary Kor'or'vesh fleet.

With the attacks coming so fast, and always against isolated elements, the Kor'or'vesh decided to withdraw, leaving the Eldar to their inscrutable agenda, and advising Kor'ar'tol that a different evacuation waypoint would have to be found. Or made…
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

---Incoming Message---
Message integrity is confirmed.
Decrypting... Done.
Validating... Done.

Transmission from Third Fleet;
Commander Stryker; We have encountered an unusually large flotilla of hostile Eldar pirate warships in the space surrounding Zehlo and Golgotha. At the time of this transmission, most of their force has already been destroyed by exposure to concentrated battery fire.

Of course, we do not expect this to be of any particular concern to you at this time, but should the tides of battle turn against us, it was decided that you should be forewarned of their presence in the system.

We have included full scans of every ship encountered, as well as the usual system logs and backup files.

May the Greater Good guide us all +/?vi*--
Retrying... Failed.

Throwing his headset to the console, a Shas'ui yelled at his charge, "Get that transmission back, we may need those files!"

"Yaux'k. They've jammed it. There's nothing we can do, sir." the Fio'la operator replied.

One of the comm station's Shas'la sentries spoke up, "Shas'ui?"


"Perhaps you forget; we have overheard Commander Stryker speak of this happening before. It does not mean we have lost. Not yet, anyways."

"Very good, Shas'la," he replied, "Inform Commander Stryker when he returns from battle." He gestured towards the Fio'la, "In the meantime, see what you can get out of what we received from them."
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

++Personal log by Shas'o vin'sen Ch'en++

As I returned back to the base, I remembered the savagery of my attacks upon the Ravenwing squad. I am always one with a rather unusual cool nerve when it comes to shooting down my opponents in close range, but this time it is a different case. The stimulant injector have somehow increased my aggression level to extreme levels but luckily, it is able to get out of my system rather quickly as well. however, it have a rather pleasant feel about it when I have the chemicals in my blood. The Fio'els warning is very true and I can see ho I can be addicted to it if I used it too much.

Suddenly one of my Shas'ui comes towards me. He then whispered into my ears about an Imperial spokesperson who is opening a channel for communication, and that the spokesman requested me to speak to him. I then hurry towards the main communications centre.


"Greeting Commander Dragon Fang, I am acolyte Brown of the the Ordo Xenos of the Emperor's holy Inquisition."

I am alert alright. The Ordo Xenos had time and time again tried to assasinate me with their countless assassins for ages, and now that they are talking to me is a rather unnerving.

" I would like to inform you that my Lordship, Inquisitor Lord Lucas Ramsey would like to come to your base and meet you in a gesture of good will. He will be coming alone to your base upon an Aquila transport ship, so do not worry too much about us sending any assassins to murder your lot. He will be arriving to your base by tonight. I expect that you treat his Lordship with the respct that he desrves."

The transmission then ends with the sign of the Imperial Aquilla on the screen. Now another problem has arised. I then command that all the troops of my base and also those of the Cadres in the city of Seed to anticipate the arrival of the Inquisitor.

This is going to be a very busy day indeed.
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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* Tau Collaborative Story for the Campaign

++Personal Log by Shas'o Vin'sen Ch'en++

As the Aquila comes within sight of the Tau anti- air defenses, I wonder what is it that the Inquisitor have in mind. I have heard rumours that the Tau high Command had made a truce of sorts, but still the notion that the Inquisitor is still coming towards my base really unnerves me.

"Shas'o, the Aquila is now requesting to land. Your orders?"

I gave my shas'ui the green light to let them land. I then proceed to walk out of the command centre along with Shas'el Ranga and meet this inquisitor. But before that, I asked that one of the shas;ui to call Colonel Hamyln to come along with me. I expect that the Inquisitor is here because of the human auxilairies.


I see that the Inquisitor is a man of his word. He is alone, but something tells me that he is far more dangerous than anything I have encountered before. His form is rather stunning for a human, for he have the looks of the being that the humans call an angel. But seeing the reaction of my human aide, I know that he is not what he seems. The drone turrets are still aimed at the transport, and with a single fick of the button they will fire at the Aquila.

"Ah, Commander Dragon Fang. Or should I call you by your proper Tau name?" The Inquisitor's voice is as slippery and as cold as ice, and I do not like that feeling. And it seems that he is looking at Colonel Hamlyn with a subtle but strong disgust and Colonel Hamlyn is looking down at the floor. I need to release the tension of this situation, and I then kick in with my rather fluent Low Gothic.

"I am fine by whatever name suit your fancy, Inquisitor Lord Lucas Ramsey. I would like you to meet my human aide, Colonel Stark Hamlyn. Please follow me to the mess area. It may not prove much as to a high class restaurant, but rest assured that we will give you the best possible service that we can." The Inquisitor gave me a look of contempt...for now.


The tension at the mess hall is even thicker than those in the landing area. . I asked all my shas before that they should mind their manners and be respectful of the inquisitor a few hours before, but I can feel that they are rather 'disapproving' of the inquisitor, but still they obeyed my orders.

"Here you go inquisitor, a rather fine Ky'usha. I believe that this will be a rather exotic taste for you. I am inclined to serve a guest with the best we have." The inquisitor surprisingly take a gulp of the drink. I expected him to pour the drink at my face and ramble about how xenos beverages are inferiro to those of Humanity.

"I appreciate your hospitality. And i must say for a xenos beverage, it is rather strong spirit."

"Thank you Lord Ramsey. However, I must ask this question......why are you here? Surely talking to a xenos like me is against the rules of your Ordo?" The inquistor's gray eyes are now looking at me, and I can feel the sharpness of the stare.

"It had come into our notice that you do have human elements like Colonel Hamyln here in your army . I would like you to hand him to me along with the rest of the renegade Imperial Guard elements in order to administer the appropriate punishment for deserters." I knew it. He is not here for them.

"I see, but right now those Humans under our command are proud citizens of the Tau Empire and you know I can not give them to you like they are a common commodity." I try not to sound assertive or agressive in order to not infuriate the Inquisitor. But the Inquisitor is rather calm after what I had said. I will try to play along with him.

"I see. So they are now under the jurisdiction of the Tau Empire. But is it that simple to just say "I am with the Greater Good" and you are automatically inside the Tau Empire? Surely it takes more than that hollow slogan to...." I noticed that Ranga is already standing up, rage in his face. I then gave Ranga a stare, a stare that barks out the orders to stand down or suffer the consequences. Ranga heed my 'orders' and sit down, his eyes still in rage. The humans are not known to be tactful in negotiations. The Inquisitor coughs and continues on.

"I am sorry, but as I state before surely it takes more than that slogan for you to join the Tau Empire correct?"

"Yes, it takes mroe than that Inquisitor. You are rather observant about it." I am now playing a dangerous game of not making the entire camp trying to kill this human, saving the Humans under my command, and trying to understand the true goals of the Inquisitor.

"Yes, but I would like to make a proposition for you. I will call off all Imperial attacks upon your Cadre, and your Cadre alone and let your Cadre get out unharmed provided that you give us back the territories that your Cadre had taken along with the Human renegades under your command."

So....he is trying to buy more time for the Imperial forces to reinforce Zehlo, and also to enable the current imperial forces to focus their attacks towards the other Cadres all the while taking the ground to reinforce the entire defense of the city of Seed. That is part of his reason, but there are others as well. I will just have to poke around and find out..

"I am afraid I can't do that Lord Ramsey. I may be in charge of my Cadre, but the war effort is not mine to command. So surely you would understand a soldier's order. A person seldom desires enemies, but ultimately have little control over his own destiny." I put in some hints of my own to say that I will not yield anything.

"You are truly a soldier's soldier. If only you were human and and there are countless billions of you were fighting on our side, we would not have to deal with the likes of Genestealer cults or Chaos cults. In fact I am surprise why a person fo your calibre have o deal with the ponderous humans, while you can exterminate the taints of the Great Devourer and the Ruinous Powers." Something tells me that he is trying to say that I should be fighting Tyranids and Chaos and be used as a cannon fodder for the benefit of the Imperium.

"I have forces already fighting upon the worlds of the factions that you speak. I have not heard any news from them so far though. But you need not concern yorself with them. Anyway, I would like to learn more about why the Imperium dispatched you instead of a Human Bureaucrat like they always do, and why are you talking to me? Isn't matters like these are meant for the politicians and negotiators instead of us fighting men? I am guessing that you are a Psyker here to try and read my mind about the layout of this camp and also the codes needed to enter the camp. I am guessing that you are going to send a Callidus to assassinate me later, and then use the information that I have in my mind to strike a counter attack of great proportions upon the tau forces in the city of Seed. Am I correct Inquisitor?" I guess I nailed it, as I see that his cool is a little off for a moment.

"You are a very smart xenos, Dragon Fang. You have read me like a Psyker, and I am suppose to be the psyker here. But I am unable to read your mind. Why is that?" He then gave me a smile, not of friendship but of that of a wounded beast.

" I have asked the Fio to put in a technology that I have gotten from a Rogue Trader a while back....I think it is used to block mind-reading or something like that. I installed in when I suffered a rather nasty head injury fighting against the Orks. So I guess we are at a stalemate in negotiations, and that you are better off not sending in any of the assasins into my camp. My Shas are trained to seek assassins out, as alot of times I have been assailed by tons of them." I then stand up and lead the Inquisitor back to his Aquilla.

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Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
They're an insane bunch of reptiles...
I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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