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Default Assistance

So, here in the coming weeks im going to be adding kick ass bat wings to some seraphim, and a celestine model and then start painting them. The Seraphim will be easy(ier) as they will just be matching the rest of the army with Black armor outlined in chainmail with purple robes. However i want the celestine model to really stand out as its going to be the center piece of the army on the table (and in the fluff). My problem is (for lack of a better term) i suck at painting, have no idea how to pull off what i want. Ill run down what i want to do and then if you guys have any suggestions on how to do it ill be more than willing to listen.

1. I want the armor to be silver, but not horribly shiny (just enough to make it look tarnished).
2. I want the armor to appear as though its bleeding (oozing) black.
3. Paint some cool looking fire on her sword, probably in purples and blues.

The first one probably isnt that hard, maybe dry brush silver over the black base coat? The second i have no idea how to even attempt. And the third im looking for suggestions how to, as i tried on another model and it came out fairly iffy.

all help is welcome.
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Default Re: Assistance

My suggestion for the armor is to paint it metallic and then use one of GWs washes to tone it down. A black wash should work fine. GWs old Ink washes would be stronger but you'd need to water it down a bit before using. On the other hand you could use one of the brown washes, or even green washes for the tarnished look. I donno if you might want to water them down even more, or if you should try to selective paint areas or just wash the whole armor, you'll have to experiment and see for yourself. Building up the wash in certian areas probably can get you the oozing effect too. As for the sword I donno, flame effects aren't something i've tried yet but you might be able to find a tutorial somewhere given how often people like to paint flame effects on things (cars etc.).
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