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The Inquisitor
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Default The Inquisitor

A mysterious figure of the Inquisition, seen on many an occasion in league with the marines of the Bloodied Hand, little is known about him, although rumors abound that he was at the Chapters founding, but this would make him at least 2000 years old

Comments? Critique?
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Default Re: The Inquisitor

He looks like a Space Marine with a hood, not an Inquisitor. Seems like you did a fair job on the highlights; I'm not a fan of the baby blue but that's just me.
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Default Re: The Inquisitor

I really like the model but I'm not so sure about the paintscheme. It is still WIP so I realize there is more to be done. I would have gone with darker colors, maybe a midnight blue. The model looks sinister but the paintscheme doesn't. :-\

What are you going to arm him with on his right hand? I think he could use a big sword.
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Default Re: The Inquisitor

The flash is a tricky thing, the armour is infact a little darker then the picture suggests...

As for weapons...he is also armed with a Plasma Pistol in the holster
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Default Re: The Inquisitor

bad colors go with a darker blue
but good model

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