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Lizardmen Color Scheme
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Default Lizardmen Color Scheme

I have played a mimimal amount of fantasy before (only about 4 games) and my 1500 bret army was just kinda collecting dust so i was a little hesitant to play as a ringer when the local store manager asked me if i wanted to fill the blank spot in an RTT with his 2250 lizardmen army. I had a blast playing these fellas and i went 2-1 with the loss being extremely close. Had i paid the entry fee i would have been in contention for the over all = /. So i immediately decided to dump the boring old Brets and take up the lizardmen. Now i am faced with the daunting task of finding a color scheme. I hate the GW one and i want somthing completely original so i started looking up the colorful denziens of our own planet. The poison dart frogs in particular cought my eye so the plan is to do each different unit up like a different color scheme of frog. To unify the whole army and keep it from looking like a circus i am gonna use the midnight blue base that i used on this guy throughout each scheme. (It is alot brighter than irl...lots...)

Here is the inspiration for the first unit


For the skinks i think i am going to go with frogs similair to this one and just vary up the bright colr in the pattern between the different units. Hopefully when its all done it will kinda have a tropical fish feel to it. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated and rememebr the saurus is painted to a tabletop standard to try and keep the paint time down on the whole army.


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