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Painting The ancient One (Hive-Fleet Xeno tutorial)
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Default Painting The ancient One (Hive-Fleet Xeno tutorial)

the ancient one is a important creature in the Xeno fluff,so i saved him to make this tutorial. it can be used for those who like the old one eye scheme, or want to paint old one eye. or just interested in general.

the ancient one is converted using 4x rending claws and cut of the upper arm on two of them,joining them togheter with the other rending claw to make two dual claws. the age-details was simply flock or sand glued to the model.

What do you need?
-good drybrush brush
-detailing thin brush
-Chaos black (spray recomended as basecoat)
-codex grey
-foretress grey
-Golden yellow
-Red gore
-Blood red
-Skull white
-Bestial brown
-Bleached bone
-matt varnish


after base coating the model in Chaos black, carefully drybrush all none-carapace details with codex grey. you can highlight by hand if you wish, but a carefull drybrush is faster and can be as good.


paint all claws in codex grey. then, to do this effct. use Fortress grey and layer stripes from the claw's top and all the way to the claws end. make sure that the stripes are more thin at the point where they dade to the codex grey. this can be quite hard and i admit i havnt fully mastered it, but it's ok.


this is a important stage of the model. as the Xeno fleet's major colours are Black and Yellow. paint all yellow markings with Golden yellow, and make sure it covers the black properly. then layer a mix of golden yellow and about 30% white mixed to it. finish of by highlighting the sharp edges with white, but about 25% golden yellow mixed to it.


the red markings is just two simple steps. start by using red gore,and then layer blood red. but leave a thin edge of red gore visible. if you want a even better shade,do the first step using scab red. the eyes are painted in the same way as the carapace red.


simply layer skull white on the teeth. if you wish a better shade you can layer stages of bone or grey first, but the skin drybrush of grey pretty much aoto-fixed that step.

Age Detailing

to paint this detailing, start with a coat of bestial brown. layer bleached bone on this. finish of with a thin highlight of skull white.

Finish of the model with matt varnish and paint the base how you wish.

The Result
Ancient one in all it's mighty glory!

see the whole fleet here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=44447.0

read the house rules for the ancient one here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=44451.0
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Default Re: Painting The ancient One (Hive-Fleet Xeno tutorial)

Nice guide, I love your scheme! Very cool.
I laugh at the fools who thought Tau Online Chat Op is hard work! :shifty:
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Default Re: Painting The ancient One (Hive-Fleet Xeno tutorial)

Scizor your name is Ron too!

Great tutorial also;D
Originally Posted by Raksha
:P Captain Obvious strikes again!
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