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Swooping Hawks paint scheme question
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Default Re: Swooping Hawks paint scheme question

I think the one on the left has a better "flight suit" look. They both look pretty good. I'm not a fan of drybrushing eldar (or what appears to be drybrushing from the picture) but your color choices are very original. I say go with the squad on the left I like them the best.
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Default Re: Swooping Hawks paint scheme question

You are correct, they are drybrushed to a degree for highlights after I painted them their base color... any reason you don't like drybrushing eldar? How would you suggest painting them (I'm new to this, so I'm not sure of the best method)?
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Default Re: Swooping Hawks paint scheme question

I like the one on the left.

For the wings, I would enhance the pass with Skull whit on the tips, rather than the Ice Blue, that you used, I would extend the Ice blue on the tips a bit further back, then pain the very pointy tips white. This adds a third color to the wings and it will make them stand out more.

Dry brushing is a neet effect, but it also blends the colors to much , as well that it does not allow you to work on highlights for robes or armor. It does help draw out contrasts. I would try to enhance the edges of the armor plates with a skull white, mix with your root color, or make it really stand out with some scorpion green.

blending is a process, its difficult to master, but you can get some better results with some Medium thinner, and some retarders. These are not something that GW sells, and you would need to buy this stuff individually.

Have a look at this stuff:

What you do is add a single drop to a 2 drops of paint, this allows you to work the paint, or the edges of the armor to blend the paint better to form a transition. You cant do this with water. You will see some stunning effects by working with this. A small bottle is about $5.00 (US) you could pick it up at most art stores.

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