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Mixing metallic paints?
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Default Mixing metallic paints?

While I have time Warhammer wise on my hands I have converted up a Iron Warrior Lt/Champ and I am now moving into the Painting side of him (nearly) and need to know if mixing Boltgun metal for xample with Chaos Black (for shading reasons) works.
I am hoping it does seeing as I only have Tin Bitz and Boltgun metal, im out of my others.
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Default Re: Mixing metallic paints?

It will work, its a bit duller to the eye, I would recommend dry brushing it. Mithril Silver is usually a highlight to Chainmail or Boltgun silver. But if you only plan on having it dull metal color it will show up.

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Default Re: Mixing metallic paints?

it makes it look better i think as its not as shiny as there are less metallic particles just mix them like normal paints

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Default Re: Mixing metallic paints?

Yep, it definitely works and looks pretty cool as well (like mixing, say, blue with silver.)
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