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Tau skin
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau skin

how do you paint tau skin?

I'm looking for the sort of bluey grey type, but any other colour is good!

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Default Re: Tau skin

Shadow Grey (I am allowed to name off the colors, right?)

Generally gives the traditional tau hue. I use it for all of mine, then drybrush with some sky blue color for highlights.
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Default Re: Tau skin

I suggest a base of shadow grey then heavily water down some regal blue and give the skin a wash. Let it dry and highlight again with shadow grey and then add fine highlights of space wolf grey.
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Default Re: Tau skin

I use a mixture of a few blue paints to achieve the duller blue, then drybrush with a light blue. Works for me.
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Default Re: Tau skin

i mix codex grey with one of the blues, ad a tiny amount of black - then wash with a slightly-bluish wash for shadows, then highlight with a mix of the skin paint mixed with more codex grey
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Default Re: Tau skin

Check out this thread from the ATT (Advanced Tau Tactica) forums about Tau Skin
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Default Re: Tau skin

What I use to paint my tau skin is a mix of codex grey and regal blue. I start with a fairly bluish mixture and just add more grey as I highlight my way up to almost a pure codex grey.
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Default Re: Tau skin

I use a mix of Codex Grey and Regal Blue for my basecoat (1:1)
Then, I highlight with Regal Blue and Space Wolves Grey (1:1)
Then, I do sharp highlights with Regal Blue and Space Wolves Grey (1:2)
Then, I shade with a wash of Regal Blue
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Default Re: Tau skin

I paint the skin with Shadow Grey. Then I pain the skin with Spacewolves Grey, leaving some shaded area with the Shadow Grey (lips, eyelids, etc.). Then I highlight it with a Spacewolves Grey/Skull White mix.
Here's the results:

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Default Re: Tau skin

The one and only Shas'El Tael has posted a tutorial on ATT. He has also posted a video on YouTube on how he paints them. Hope that helps!

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