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My friend and painting.
Old 14 Mar 2007, 01:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default My friend and painting.

So I have a friend who plays 40K Eldar.

And he's a VERY slow painter. Very, very slow. He paints each model bit by bit, and each bit has to have it's layers and layers. It's almost OCD, but up 'till now I really haven't minded.

Up until now, of course...

About 5 Months ago, he finally finished painting a Falcon, 5 Banshees, 5 Fire Dragons, and a Farseer. All this time he'd been mowing lawns, doing yard work, extraneous chores, and it was adding up to a lot. His parents, who support "creative activity" pitched in a little and he bought the Eldar Army Box!

And that's where the problems started. Immediately after leaving the shop and coming home, I, being a natural converter, was itching to open up the boxes, assemble some guys, convert a few... etc etc. But noooo, that wouldn't be happening. As a matter of fact, he established a border of 1 foot between myself and the Army Box, and wouldn't let me come any closer. He then carefully proceeded to open it up and yelled at me when I got too close. He didn't assemble or paint anything, in fact he only opened up two boxes, peeked inside, and closed them.
I know he's an only child and used to getting what he wants, so I let the matter slide, assuming he just wanted to have some time alone with his $200 worth of models, which is understandable. I assumed he'd get down to painting soon, and we'd be able to have proper battles with his Eldar at long last.

Well, 5 months later, present day, he's managed to start the Heavy Weapon thingy-ma-bob, two guardians, and a Dire Avenger. He hasn't assembled anything else, and I'm getting tired of it. All we can play is about 500 pts, and that's with ridiculous proxies (including a painted snowman, which really ruins the atmosphere.) The worst part about is they don't even look very special. They're slightly above what I would consider table top worthy but it's not worth the wait. He won't accept anyone helping out with the painting, or any tips to speed up.

That was slightly a rant, and I'm sorry about it. The point is, I'm getting fed up with it. My two other friends who play 40k have okay armies, good enough, and everything is assembled so we can use it. We all want this guy to either speed way, way up, or assemble his models before painting. He also lacks the ability to "sit down and paint" that is crucial in finishing an army, even when he has friends to help him along.

My question to you, then, is how to get this guy to do just that. Any reasons why painting while they're unassembled isn't necessary, and any tips to help him paint faster are very appreciated.

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Old 14 Mar 2007, 02:30   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Honestly, there's really nothing you can do in this kind of situation.

You can't force a person to assemble/paint all his stuff. Some people are just like that. But, obviously, he doesn't put much care into 40k.

The best you can do is keep nagging him to build and paint his stuff, and tell him that it's a crime to spend money on something he isn't enjoying. 'S it.
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Try to paint with him. Invite him over to your house, tell him to bring some models, and sit there and paint together for a while (you painting your own of course).
Being with a friend would probably motivate him to paint for longer periods of time, and although there isn't much you can do to get a friend to assemble/paint faster, at least you can try to motivate him to do it more.

What does he say when you ask him to assemble his models before painting? How do you ask him?
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 03:24   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

I have him over to do "painting sessions" a lot.

The thing is, he doesn't like to paint unless he truly "feels like it." So he never actually wants to paint, even when he has a perfect opportunity for it.

What I said to him when I ask if I can build his models is: "Hey, [his name], do you want me to start cleaning the flash off your Dire Avengers?"

He said: "[My name], don't touch that! DON'T!" He then proceeded to try and twist my arm. (He failed, I might note.)

And after that I don't really ask him anymore.
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 03:33   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Give it one last go, and tell him. "(his name), you worked really hard for the money you made, and you spent it on this. Look at what you've done with theme since you bought them!" Then if he still procrastinates, just abandon hope of him and 40k.
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 04:49   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Heh.. nothing you can do.. He'll get to it when he gets to it.... Hell, it's been about a month and I still only have my captain assembled and painted.. I still need to put together my space marine armies and get them painted...
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 04:57   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

What to do? Stop playing with him. Period. Go find some new people to play with.

Or, if you feel like a bit of a jerk, you could do the former and then tell him about how much fun you had.

You can't *make* people do anything, including painting an army. He either will or he won't, forget about it and move on.
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 21:10   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Honestly, he sounds like a bit of a baby if he screams at you when you want to look at his stuff.

I'd sit down with him and talk to him about it. See if he is really that interested in 40k. If he is tell him that you and your other friends are tired of 500 point games and you won't be playing anything less than 1000 point games. If that doesn't get him motivated then probably nothing will. But stick to your guns, don't play smaller games just to accommodate him.

Or, if you really wanted to, buy some magnets so he can assemble his models and easily pull them apart when he is ready to paint them. Although that might be a tough sell since he apparently doesn't like people touching his stuff.
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Old 14 Mar 2007, 21:14   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

Based on the age of Colonel sanders, I'm pretty sure his friend is the same age. Sitting down calmly to talk things through when you're 14 rarely happens... Feel free to try it... but with teenager-to-teenager communications.. that doesn't happen much.
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Default Re: My friend and painting.

why don't you just tell him to stop painting and start assembling that way he can just spray them black and you can start playing bigger games
Its what i do if i get a big box i prime them all and play with them as im a slowish painter though i can paint quickly sometimes

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