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Ninja Tech paint scheme
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Default Ninja Tech paint scheme

I've yet to paint my tau army except for a couple of base coats in traditional t'au colours. But I've been hit by a desire to do something different and using the DoW army painter to experiment quickly and easily before making a final decision.

Basically I was inspired to do a sort of hitech ninja paint scheme, since I liked the idea of something japanese influenced, like the tau's own anime-mecha inspired background. But I figured samurai style would be hard to paint and too ornate for the clean lines of tau technology.

So I've used a predominantly black/grey colour, with cherry-red highlights.

I've put screenshots from DoW on flickr, any idea how to embed them here so you can all criticise it?
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Default Re: Ninja Tech paint scheme

Yes. Go to the part that gives you a chunk of HTML code that basically says "http//:yourpic" or something like that.

Copy it, paste it in a post, and use the img tool under the toolbar to make the pics show up.

Failing that, type the following to get it to show up
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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