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Build first or paint first?
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Default Build first or paint first?

So yeah. I'm working on a few models each way so I can figure it out...

But what do you guys do? Do you build the model and then paint it, or paint all the pieces and then build the model?

Do you do some combination of the two?

I'm making the most progress with my "painted first" models, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the plastic cement. It tend to turn the primer in the joints into nasty white jelly that runs all over, and the pieces take a LONG time to bond. It's easy enough to paint over the mess, but is there a better way? I don't think it's going to be possible to paint all the details on my "built first" models, but they are the easiest to assemble the way I want them.
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Default Re: Build first or paint first?

This question has been asked before (quite recently, if I remember)

I build the model first, because the paint messes with the glue (at least for me) and vice versa. The paint makes it harder to glue together, and the glue sometimes melts the paint (which spreads) and really screws you up.
The only problem with assembling first is hard-to-reach-areas, but usually if you can't paint them, you can't see 'em
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Default Re: Build first or paint first?

I'd say it depends on the mini for Firewarriors I do a partial assembly legs torso and head and backpack all get glued together and I leave the arms free gluing them on when donewith the arm shield hiding any opses

The same with kroot but that may change it depends on where you place all the cool kroot gubinz

For my Chaos warriors for WHFB I assemble them fully prime and paint even marauders and beastmen but again it may depend on the poses you have your minis in too
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Default Re: Build first or paint first?

This is my personal opinion, but the reason I don't paint first on most of my models is the fact that most of the time the glue messes up the paint. The only time I don't glue first is when I'm making models like tanks where you don't really notice to glue lines.

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