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need help finding Dork Tower Primer
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Kroot Warrior
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Default need help finding Dork Tower Primer

hey guys and gals

i'm searching around for the Dork Tower white and black spray primer. i know, GW puts out its own stuff. but i've used DT before, and found it to be REALLY good for 1/2 the price of GW. it ~was~ at my gaming store, til they moved to DS

so, if anyone comes across any websites that sell the DT spray paints, i'd really appreciate it! many thanks!

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Default Re: need help finding Dork Tower Primer

I didnt know Dork Tower has paints
Originally Posted by Raksha
:P Captain Obvious strikes again!
recruit gladiators
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Default Re: need help finding Dork Tower Primer

Yah i got some of that shit, but now i live in Chi-Town and spray paint isn't anywhere to be found. But if you are in columbus i am pretty sure the soldjery has them, i think hobbyland might too, but soldjery is cheap
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