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DkoK Paint Scheme
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Default DkoK Paint Scheme

Heres the idea I have for the paint scheme of the Death Korps army I'm starting.

For the overcoat...

Start with scorched brown basecoat

Graveyard Earth with a little more water than usual

Then graveyard earth with commando khaki (1,1) ratio

For the pants/bedroll...

Start with dark angels green

Catachan Green

Then Catachan Green with commando khaki (1,1) ratio

The helmet...

Dark angels green

Then Catachan Green

For the Masks/Gloves...

Start with dark flesh

Then bestial brown

For the Gun/Various Metal...


Then Drybrush boltgun metal

The first color is the base color and the other colors are the highlights unless stated otherwise.

Please feel free to tell comment on the paint scheme.


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Default Re: DkoK Paint Scheme

Cabomhn, the Painting board is for threads like this.
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