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Kroot Warrior
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Default Painting

wat are some cool ways i can paint my tau and how?
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Default Re: Painting

shouldnmt this be in the painting section?
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Default Re: Painting

I don't think so. It's not a painting-specific question, while it is a question about Tau in general (In this case, how they do or can look, for those who don't follow).

However, the question itself is a bit too vague. There's a lot of interesting things to do to make random Tau models look great, so singling out a few is more up to opinion than anything else ...

My opinion is, and probably always will be glowing XV15s. They just look right.

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Default Re: Painting

In my opinion Tau should be painted using a camo patterns or two contrasting but camouflaging colours for the armour and vest.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Painting

I've seen a number of different way of painting tau armies. But basically they are either some variation of camouflage or flashier "parade ground" scheme. My army is the later of the two but ultimately it's up to you. ;D keep in mind you'll have to paint a good bit of mini's so you'll want to find something that won't get boring.
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Default Re: Painting

I like the Bork'an Sept paint job (Codex Grey cloth, Space Wolves Grey armor), but I think a "Storm-Trooper" from Starwars would turn a few heads(Chaos Black cloth and Bone White armor with a head conversion. maybe one of the Lego guys). That's what my Shas'ui Firewarrior is sporting atm. (I think it's similar to the S'acea Sept)

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Default Re: Painting

I love the Bor'kan sept as well, and I'd do them if I weren't already painting my tau something else :P
At first I did the T'au scheme, and then I moved on since I thought it was too ordinary. I then painted them chainmail and black, and I liked that, but now that I'm more advanced of a painter it is really easy...so now I'm doing them Bleached Bone and Graveyard Earth.

Tau would probably pick very tactically good armor - sticking to more of a clean camoflauge look (I don't have dots and stripes in mind with camoflauge, that's not clean, and IMO not very tau. I'm thinking more of something that would fit into their surroundings, and not many contrasting colors)
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Default Re: Painting

Odd question time I remeber posting in this thread but my posts Ive seen to have entered the warp and not come back out ???
Originally Posted by Raksha
:P Captain Obvious strikes again!
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