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stuck for a scheme
Old 05 Feb 2007, 02:12   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default stuck for a scheme

Well I'm currently making some of my tyranids that i got in a battle force and right now I'm really stuck on a scheme. i was looking for a nice contrast with a dark carpiece(sp?) and a light skin. can anyone help me out? picture and links would help heaps.
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Default Re: stuck for a scheme

well personably i was going to start tyranids but i saw the tau so meh

any way i was going to paint the open bits of my tyranids with a bright warm color e.g. yellow then the places like vains and small parts with a dark warm color e.g. purple or marroon to be different but i dont know wether this has helped ??? but i sudgest if your doing the carapiece dark its good if you higlight the edge with a bit of lightness to make it stand out :-\
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Default Re: stuck for a scheme

There's a Vallejo color called Field Blue, that's sort of a dark blue/green (mostly blue, llike a dark ocean color)
I paint(ed) my Tyranids with a Space Wolves Grey carapace and Field Blue skin, but you could reverse that.
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Default Re: stuck for a scheme

Paint the skin purple and the carapace orange. Highlight the orange parts red.
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