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Anyone tried P3 paints?
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Default Anyone tried P3 paints?

Supposedly they're pretty good. They use a liquid pigment and cover very well.
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Default Re: Anyone tried P3 paints?

I have the menoth set sitting on my desk right now and they're great. Very good, smooth coverage. Just add a little water. Haven't broken out the reds yet but the whites blend very well. Best stuff I've used so far.
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Default Re: Anyone tried P3 paints?

Definatley excellent stuff. I've been using it since a little while after it came out, and I honestly don't have many problems with them at all. They're very smooth, durable, have a great variety of colors that, to be honest, are damn hard to find anywhere else (although I'm sure VMC makes them somewhere). They also have the best coverage of any paint I've used, and have a rather long drying time that makes them ideal for blending. They also thin exceptionally well due to their liquid pigment, and, contrary to what many have been saying, they still mix just fine with solid pigment paints (ie, Citadel and Vallejo, etc).

They do have a couple issues, though. For one, they're deceptively thick. Not any more so than Citadel, really, but out of the bottle they seem a lot more fluid than they really are. You definatley need to make sure you thin them down a little (having some water on my brush generally works well enough for me). They also don't taste particularly good, or smell like anything but paint (unlike the sweet smelling VGC). This probably won't make much of a difference to most of you, but it is a bit annoying to those who lick their brushes. Finally, they take a bit of getting used to, due to the long drying time.

Personally, I love the things. They have their issues, but, in my opinion, their advantages more than balance out their problems.
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Default Re: Anyone tried P3 paints?

Sounds good. I've been meaning to replace my C paints (13 coats for a smooth orange? Why don't I just dunk it)) and it looks like these cam around at just the right time.
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