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Black Lining Pen
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Default Black Lining Pen

Hey all,

I got a small problem. My wife got me a Sakura Micron .05 Black pen for Christmas. I've used it mostly for dotting eyes and recently for lining my Tau Fire Warriors. Problem is, it just stopped working.

I've only used it for 8 Fire Warriors and maybe 5 or 6 eye jobs. I've had the thing less than a month! Anyone have any guesses as to why it stopped working?

These things are not cheap and if I can expect them to be like this every time then I won't be buying any more that's for sure.

Any help with fixing the problem or words of advice would be helpful.

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Default Re: Black Lining Pen

I've had the same probablem using my fine-tip sharpies for black lining. I agree, could someone please say what's going on :huh:
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Default Re: Black Lining Pen

I used to blackline with a cheap $3 Blackline Pen and it lasted me about 1 year, I never had any problems with it and it was cheap.

But its a dirty habit (besides, it cheating!) and I've since stopped :P

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Default Re: Black Lining Pen

This might sound odd but it's come to my attention (I won't say how) that dipping a pen in water and then rubbing it gently on the sole of a leather shoe help it work again. If this doesn't work then I don't know what will! ;D
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