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Tau Firewarriors Help
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Default Tau Firewarriors Help

Hey Guys,

I wanted to get some help to see whether the steps list that I came up with is a good idea or not. The look I am going for is Crusdaer-like, specifically, Knights of the Templar: red, white, silver, black.

I did about two sets of FWs and I hate them, mainly because this is my first time painting and everything is chunky, so I think I am going to strip them and start all over. As far as colors go, the Tau emblem will be silver, all cloth, helmet, and the shoulder pad will be blood red (the pad being red contrasts better with a silver emblem than white), and the armor plates will be white.

I've been reading the Citadel How to Paint guide, and I am not sure whether to start with a black or white undercoat. I am thinking white because the armor plates are white and are the hardest to paint, especially since white always looks like toothpaste, but here are the steps that I made for a Tau Firewarrior using the Eldar and Blood Angel examples in the book.
  • Black undercoat, since this is used for both models and will leave all the creaveses black. Dry.
  • 1:1 Blood Red/Skull White on all cloth, helmet, and shoulder pad, except Tau emblem. This is too lighten up the black and to prevent the blood red from looking brown. Overbrush the shoulderpad. This should be pink in color. Dry.
  • Fortress Grey over all areas that will be white (armor). This is to lighten the black and to make the corners darker than the applied white will be later. I assume overbrushing would be the best way to do this while keeping the creveses black. Dry.
  • Cover pink areas with Blood Red. Dry.
  • Boots and backpack painted Chaos Black. Dry.
  • With 1:1 Chestnut/Red Ink, cover clothing portions to fill creveses and to make the ripples in cloth stand out. Dry.
  • Cover Fortress Grey portions with Skull White, again, overbrushing to keep creveses black. Dry
  • Emblem and rifle screw overbrushed with Boltgun Metal. Dry.
  • Emblem and rife screw overbrushed with Mithril Silver. Dry.
  • Matt finish.

The biggest problem I am having is keeping the creveses in the white armor black and keeping the white from not looking so chunky. I am hoping that using the Fortress Grey and layering it will allow me to use a slightly thinner white that may make it look better, but the biggest problem is the black creveses. Any tips or hints would be most appreciated.

I haven't done the steps that I listed above, I just wrote them out and posted them to see if this method is a good way to achieve this look.
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Default Re: Tau Firewarriors Help

First of all:

WHITE IS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO PAINT ! ( not because im or you are a noob, it just sucks to paint ) I'd switch youre cloth to white ( easier to paint ) and youre armour to red.

Second ( the tips ):

making youre paint look less chunky: Water down the paints. With white this will results in loads of layers but it will look nice and flat.

Keepin the black lines: water down black after painting the armour. Water it down a lot. Than just put a drop in the creeves and let it run down the creeves. ( easy trick I use it 8) ) Only thing is that you will have to touch up the sides of the creeves with white. But this isnt hard to do. Because the black is very thin and small area ( if youve done it right )

Hopes this makes sense and helps

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Default Re: Tau Firewarriors Help

If you want to paint white, I'd try mixing white and codex grey in a 50/50 mix for a basecoat, and then layer white on top of that.
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