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I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-
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Default I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

Well I just finished some of my first guys. Jarran Kell, A Techpriest, and 6 of my firewarriors. Please tell me what you think. I'm new to this. I forgot to mention I'm having some trouble with the god damn faces, I've applied elf flesh with some highlighted areas, then flesh wash (an ink), and did the eyebrows, mouth, teeth, eyes, and pupils. What the hell am I doing wrong? It does look cool to me, but it looks like he just came from a battle lol!

For the flag alone, I think I used over 3 inks, 5 metallic paints, and 5 regular paints.

Post your painting stations here:

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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

Ok, no one else has given any feedback, so i will. I'd say you are off to a good start, but i'll give you a few basic tips to help you out:

1: Thin down your paints. this will keep them from clogging the detail on your model, which will help your stuff look cleaner. also, if the models details show up well, it can hide painting mistakes.

2: thin down your inks as well. they are probbably what led to your trouble on the face. ink is very strong, so a little has a big impact. Also, ink tends to dry splotchy, which i see on the back of the banner.

You have done a nice job on the banner, and it is always tricky starting out. the best advice i have, actually, is to never test a new scheme or technique on a hero/commander/standard bearer. Always stick with the rank and file troopers for that stuff, since they aren't noticed as often. They are good to test out new things on.

Just keep at it. the more you paint, the faster you learn.
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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

i like the IG, but follow the advice and it'll get even better!

i don't like the tau though
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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

be sure to leave the darker colors in he cracks of the FW armor. it does SOOO much to akme em look better. and then jsut thin your paint adn you will be good.

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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

less enamels and paints with sheen to them, the flats can bring out a lot more detail on cloth and armor alike. I like to use the flat and then throw some gloss or meatalics on top of it to show definition between the different materials/ cloth to metal and such. And yeah lighten way up on the paints and ink it looks like you have quite the setup of paint there when you get a bit more experiance you should be able to do some cool effects, keep at it.
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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

Looks almost the same exact pattern as mine... with the golden symbol on the shoulderpad... Meh, I need to work this webcam so it can take pics... It's a old lego studio camera XD
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Default Re: I think Im done, how do they look? -PICS-

I like the silver on white ;D and the banner's eggcellent
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