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Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

So do you like my dessert bugs?

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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

looks good, but a bigger pic would be better.

and its "desert"

dessert is for after dinner ;D
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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

Pretty hard to see.....so this is mostly based on speculation :P

Desert bugs are all well and good, however dont get caught into the trap of thinking "hey, desert is a cool theme, therefore ill have yellow bugs on yellow bases", you need something that contrasts the pale bugs from the pale sand, possibly using blues or purples in select places, or giving a mottled effect to the armour plates, using some different colours, to make your bugs really stand out on the table.
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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

Look at camo patterns from WWII, especially British ones in the North Africa Campaign. Some of the tanks were painted with light blues on their upper hulls to blend them in with the skyline.
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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

For bugs, try mixing in patterns to their skin to make chamo. Bigger pics! The Emperor's Stabby Knifes demand bigger Pics!!!
Originally Posted by Komrad
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General Stupidity
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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

You need bigger pictures! It's quite hard to see any kind of detail or patterns. If you do Desert, look at some of the Imperial Guard paint schemes for inspiration, there are some pretty good schemes there.
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Default Re: Color Scheme (Origional/Pics)

From what I can see, it looks great, but distance can be deciving, so closer pictures would be nice before i can make a final judgement. I really would like to see this thing closer up, cause it looks good from a distance.

Cheers, spacmarine2000
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